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DoTalkToMe » January 29th, 2022

For an unknown reason it does not seem to be a driving factor that Iraq is losing millions of dollars in oil sales. For a long time now

Sir » January 29th, 2022

Good morning KTFA family, IMO on the surface it might seem that way, remember that in December of 2020 the budget for 21/22/&2023 were in the white papers.

2021 (test run) was to insure that it ( the budget ) was going to work properly prior to releasing it to the Iraqi people, this would allow any tweaking if needed. All the while a second set of books containing the new rate! ( 21-22 & 2023 budget )

So they did not lose but gained revenue and at the same time started teaching the Iraqi people about the changes to come. Get in and open accounts at your bank’s they told them we are going back to the glory days!

Sir Cont…..So much going on in Iraq and around the world today that indicates that there is no turning back. The Fed dollar is all but dead and more and more countries are turning to asset backed currency. Welcome to the new age, are you ready! 

IMO we will see this come to fruition before February 20th, yes I just said that!
My bank sent me hundreds of documents stating the changes that will go into effect on the 20th of February. I knew this was coming because of the merger of SunTrust and BB&T ( Truist ) that was announced a couple years ago.

This IMO is the last lap in this race and when we cross the finish line, it’s not just one that will win, we will all win, the world wins.

Reklaw » January 29th, 2022

IMO… time used to be on their side.  I believe it’s just the opposite now. 

Clare » January 29th, 2022


MilitiaMan » January 29th, 2022

Agreed!! Where have I heard that last bit before? lol ~ MM

Samson » January 29th, 2022

Iraqi ports confirm that no port in neighboring countries has any impact on Al-Faw

29th January, 2022

The General Company for Iraqi Ports warned, today, Saturday, against the rail linking of cargo before the completion of the Faw port, while indicating that no port of neighboring countries affected the Faw port. 

And the spokesman for the Iraqi ports, Anmar Al-Safi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The railway connection between Basra – Shalamjah, if it is at the level of loads, is a great danger, as the port of Al-Faw has not been completed until this moment. He expected that “the railway connection concerns travelers only, whether it is to Iraq or Levant.”

He added, “If this linkage is for cargo, it will disrupt the Faw port, and obstruct all ports, because the ports of the neighbor and nearby remain competitive with the Iraqi ports, so it will be unloading the loads of all those coming from the Middle East, Europe, Turkey, the Levant and other areas through these ports, and thus the goods you get outside of these cities, and that’s going to have a huge impact.”

With regard to the Iranian port of Jask, he made it clear that “the great port of Faw is not affected by any port near or far, as it is a link between East and West.” And he concluded, by saying: “Iraq is a link between East and West, and it is the shortest and best way for cargo carriers for merchants, because they calculate profitability issues for this issue, so the shorter roads are the ones that attract merchants,” stressing “there is no effect of any port on the great port of Faw.”   

MilitiaMan » January 29th, 2022

The automation of the port is going to be a money machine! Likely the next Dubai in context of bigger. Once they go international with their REER (Real Effective Exchange Rate) , the amount of money will likely compete with the oil revenues. All for the state, UST, AYSCUDA and teh WTO will be there to make sure there is transparency, imo.!! Iraq will have a sovereign wealth fund that will be massive in the future. They’ll be able to support their exchange rate easily.. It will be GLORIOUS.. Like the good ole days.. lol ~ MM

Samson » January 29th, 2022

I talked about the stage of “reaping the fruits” .. Chairman of the Investment Authority: We have prepared 70 projects for the state

29th January, 2022

Head of the Investment Authority, Suha Al-Najjar, confirmed, on Saturday, work to change the investment law, and while she referred to the return of 70 projects to the state, she considered that the next stage would be the stage of “reaping the fruits.”

Al-Najjar said, “Since we received the position, and for a period not exceeding one year and a quarter of the year, it is difficult to change the investment situation in this short period, but we laid a strong foundation and worked to fight corruption.”

Vacations are among the lagging projects, and this matter was not easy due to the legal procedures, but the authority was able to return 70 projects to the state.”

And she added, “The authority was also able to reduce customs exemptions by 80% in the year 2021, as well as for the features. In 2020, it issued 12,000 visas, and in 2021 it issued about 10% of the features only so as not to affect the work of Iraqi youth,” explaining that “The authority may accuse the procedures of slowing down, but this matter was studied, and it was confirmed that most of the features go to traders and brokers, so we fought corruption and planned projects in an excellent manner.”

Al-Najjar added in an interview with the official news agency, Mawazine News, that “the Commission’s plans are in the interest of the Iraqi economy and not relying on oil only, and the next stage will be a stage of reaping the fruits,” stressing that “there is work to change the investment law for the next stage, which parallels the investment environment.” In Iraq, the current law contains a flaw in the structure in addition to corruption and bureaucracy.”     LINK

MilitiaMan » January 29th, 2022

The next stage is not going to be at a program rate. The economy will not stand on oil sales alone. Again the automation of the ports and borders will bring in massive revenues!! Just as the religious tourism, the Liquid natural gas sales, other natural resources, etc., etc.. imo Apply the REER and let her sails to the wind!! imo~ MM

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