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Jordan: The Central Bank is studying the issuance of a new digital currency

30th January, 2022

Central Bank Governor Adel Sharkas confirmed that the bank is studying the possibility of issuing an official digital process for the Central Bank of Jordan.

Sharkas said, during his intervention in the Parliamentary Economic Committee, that the currency will be supported by the dinar, different from the known virtual currencies.  LINK

Tivon » January 30th, 2022

IMO: Their thinking about it, their studying it, their looking into it, it’s their next priority, or they may consider other options etc. See how they keep looping you around their fingers?

This is why I said other components to this investment needed to be brought up to understand where you are at so you can unhinge yourself from the Iraqi theater that has become the Dinar.

Tivon Cont…..That way you can better understand the dynamics as to why this reoccurring theme they set up goes around and around and around. Even though you have gotten progressive information from the CBI it’s the US Military that will give the go ahead as to release the rate once operations have been cleared.

Why? Because as I’ve stated multiple times already that reinstating the Iraqi Dinar is an “Act of War”. And what do you do to prevent one? You remove the very people who would start one once the new exchange rate releases.

These people would be “The Rothschilds”. Their banking model was set up to ensure that we never return to the gold standard. As they belong to and serve “The British Crown Royal”.

Just read this report and you tell me what you think. The US controls oil sale revenue. D. Trump was telling Iraq who’s running the show. Because he knew the troops were/are needed to successfully release the new exchange rate without stoking the flames of war.

The New York Federal Reserve Account has been nationalized and merged with the US Treasury to remove foreign influence on American banks and citizens.


As I have studied there’s a reason they are holding off on the rate.

One is the new exchange rate will be used to finance “The New Republic”. By that time we would have gotten all the opposition removed domestic & foreign.

The list I created was to show that if any other trigger is pulled besides the reinstatement that’s how you know Iraq will release the new rate.

Especially when the stock market collapse. Evergrande (#-5) is one major factor to the overall plan to do so. Evergrande is connected to Bitcoin/Tether. Once it collapses (Any Day Now) that will force the Cryptocurrency not backed by natural assets like gold & silver to be removed setting the stage for a digital payment system where Iraq can utilize the BUNA platform (Which Is Multi-Currency) effectively.

See how this ties together with the XRP/Ripple Case with the SEC now? Which is #-8 on the list. Isn’t Iraq using ISO-20022? What do you think that is for?

To regulate Cryptocurrency/Digital correct? Along with Basel 3. Everything ties together. The only thing not active on the list is 9 & 7. That’s how close we are.

Iraq has to bite their tongue or speak out both sides of the mouth because they are walking a high wire. They know what’s at steke if they pull the trigger without the greenlight from the military protecting those at the CBI.

Guys do you see the many avenues you have that will lead to the new exchange rate? Once the military steps in (Publicly) it’s game over!

Well wishes to Frank and his family.

Tivons List:  

1. Iraq Dinar Reinstatement (Pending)

2. Russia & Ukraine Stand Off (Pending)

3. Queens Death (Pending)

4. 11.3/11.4 Law of War Manual

5. Evergrande Collapse (Pending)

6. 3 Gorges Dam Collapse

7. EBS Activation

8. The XRP/Ripple Case (Pending)

9. Death of Pope 

10. Starlink Activation 

11. Food Shortages 

12. Stock Market Collapse (Pending)

13. Government Collapse 

14.  Mainstream Media Lawsuits (Pending)

Now keep in mind. One of these events are critical enough to initiate all in conjunction to create a tsunami of events in one fell swoop across the planet. Especially “The Queens Death”. On January 19th 5g Rollout was supposed to speed up everything to happen before February 1st. Including The Reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar.

SCollie » January 30th, 2022

We’ll said.   Proof of work doesn’t work.  We are in the process of switching over from the prototype cryptos to the ISO coins.  Which I’ve heard have been running behind the scenes for some time now.  

We are waiting for a global event (black swan) to crash the markets and be turned back on with a new system….and new accounting with the Basel III backed currencies.  

We are oh so close.  Narrative is set…to expose all.  grab your popcorn the movie is about to get really good.  so it begins…

Samson » January 30th, 2022

In a week.. the Iraqi Stock Exchange traded shares worth 8 billion dinars

30th January, 2022

The Iraq Stock Exchange announced today, Sunday, the trading of shares with a financial value of more than 8 billion dinars during the past week.

The market said in a report seen by Shafak News Agency, “The number of companies whose shares were traded during the past week amounted to 43 joint-stock companies, while the shares of 40 companies were not traded due to the lack of convergence of purchase orders prices with sales orders, while 20 companies continued to stop for non-disclosure out of 103 companies.” listed on the market.

He added that “the number of traded shares amounted to 13 billion and 760 million and 930 thousand shares, with a financial value of 8 billion and 874 million and 677 thousand dinars, through the implementation of 2587 deals,” noting that “the ISX60 traded price index closed at 570.31 points, recording an increase of 3.26% from closed in the previous session.

He pointed out that the number of shares purchased from non-Iraqi investors for the past week amounted to 124 million shares, with a financial value of 178 million dinars, through the implementation of 53 deals, while the number of shares sold from non-Iraqi investors reached 205 million shares, with a financial value of 284 dinars, through the implementation of 180 deals. 

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Stock Exchange organizes five trading sessions a week from Sunday to Thursday, and includes 103 Iraqi joint stock companies representing the sectors of banking, telecommunications, industry, agriculture, insurance, financial investment, tourism and hotels. LINK

Iraq receives offers from 5 Arab countries to establish industrial cities

30th January, 2022

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals clarified, on Sunday, the importance of industrial cities in Iraq, while revealing that it had received requests from 5 countries to establish industrial cities in Iraq.

The Director General of the Industrial Cities Authority of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Hamed Awad Muhammad, said: “After the issuance of the Industrial Cities Authority Law No. 2 of 2019, the role of the Industrial Cities Authority was activated during the second half of 2020,” noting that “the authority was able to establish industrial cities in all provinces.

He added, “The establishment of industrial cities comes due to their importance in providing services and providing job opportunities for young people, as well as bypassing slums by building industrial cities with services that have been focused on and given great importance. Therefore, such cities were established in each governorate.”

He pointed out that “the first agreement for an economic city was signed with Jordan, and the procedures were completed for the purpose of declaring it,” noting that “those cities are of great importance, including their geographical location, which is located on the borders, in addition to some desert areas that may be loose in security and will turn into populated areas. population, production lines, and services to the country.”

He pointed out, “There is a tendency from neighboring countries to build industrial cities in Iraq, and we have received several offers from Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait,” stressing that “the next stage is the stage of industrial cities, which will be very important to support the country’s economy.” He noted that “during a record period, the first contract was signed in Holy Karbala for the construction of an industrial city specialized in petrochemicals and engineering within an area of 5300 acres.”  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » January 30th, 2022

Unprecedented Numbers Of Iraqi Oil Trucks Arrive In Jordan

30th January, 2022

The Anbar Governor’s Advisor for Energy Affairs, Aziz Khalaf Al-Tarmuz, reported on Sunday, the escalation of the pace of Iraqi oil supply to Jordan through the Tarbeel port.

Al-Tarmouz told the “Information” agency that “the Tarbeel border crossing with Jordan, west of Anbar, witnessed an increase in the pace of entry of trucks loaded with oil derivatives, to 1,500 trucks per day, after it was only 60.”

He added, “The next few days will witness an increase in the number of trucks to reach 2500 trucks per day, and this percentage is the highest since the central government agreed to supply Jordan with oil.”    LINK

After A Break Of Half A Century, Baghdad Hosts The International Conference Of “FAO”

30th January, 2022

The capital, Baghdad, is preparing to host and organize a conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations “FAO” next February, after an absence of nearly 54 years since the last conference organized by a country in the region.

The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations agencies in Rome, Safia Al-Suhail, said in a statement reported by the newspaper “Al-Sabah” and seen by “The Information”, that “the tripartite meeting, which was organized through an electronic circuit, reviewed all the necessary preparations for organizing the 36th conference of (FAO) in the capital, Baghdad. The Minister of Agriculture also expressed Iraq’s interest in hosting this international conference in the capital, Baghdad, after an absence of 54 years since its last organization in one of the countries of the region.

Al-Suhail added, “The Minister of Agriculture conveyed the keenness of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and the relevant ministries to provide all facilities and support to achieve a distinguished hosting, and during the meeting, the participation of countries, dignitaries, UN officials, international organizations and civil society organizations were discussed.” LINK

MilitiaMan » January 30th, 2022

The trucking increasing almost 42 times the volume in a short period of time looks to be telling a story of Iraq being at  international trade levels. That is a major increase in trucking, likes of that I have not seen before.

Then there is the International Conference starting in February 2022. Iraq is hosting the UN officials and international organizations with respect to the Ministry of Agriculture.. They have been absent for 54 years.

That too is very telling and supporting there is an international ascension going on. I would suspect the WTO, AYSCUDA and AMF may be some of the International Organizations that may be involved..  They’ll need the tax revenues.

 I’ll bet the borders will be ready to clear all that oil for a REER (Real Effective Exchange Rates) at some point now.. imo They mention the trucking went from 60 -1500 trucks and then increase in the coming days to 2500..

That is a lot of daily oil movement and a lot of money.. Exciting times ahead… Full steam too.. lol imo ~ MM

Samson » January 30th, 2022

Jordan : The Central Bank is studying the issuance of a new digital currency

30th January, 2022
Central Bank Governor Adel Sharkas confirmed that the bank is studying the possibility of issuing an official digital process for the Central Bank of Jordan.

Sharkas said, during his intervention in the Parliamentary Economic Committee, that the currency will be supported by the dinar, different from the known virtual currencies.   LINK



MilitiaMan » January 30th, 2022

There is a lot of fast moving parts to the CBDCs (Central Banks Digital Currencies) becoming a reality. The links above are informative. The BUNA platform is a digital platform that will clear digital currencies. Jordan and Iraq will be just a couple of them..

The UST has told us they intend and have on board 136 countries that will be digitizing taxation.

The borders will be automated or are now. Just think about the increase from 60 trucks of oil going across the border increased to 1500 a day and in the coming days up to 2500 trucks will cross each day. That will need electronic clearing and for the increase from 60 – 1500 says to me they are automated now.. Ready to go.

Fascinating time to tell us that Jordan.. What terms, mechanism and or price is the oil deal to need that amount of increase in trucking, 42x?

This is a big deal.. imo ~ MM

U.S. Department of the Treasury

Office of Public Affairs

Press Release:             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

October 13, 2021

Contact:                      Alexandra LaManna; Press@Treasury.gov

READOUT: Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen’s Meeting with G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors

WASHINGTON – Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen participated in an in-person meeting of the G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors today. G7 Finance Ministers applauded the historic deal between 136-nations that will reshape the international tax system and equip the global economy to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Along with her counterparts, Secretary Yellen endorsed the G7 Public Policy Principles for Retail Central Bank Digital Currencies (link) and the G7 issued an accompanying statement on digital payments (link). She also expressed her strong support for efforts to channel Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to further support vulnerable economies, including the rapid establishment of a new trust fund at the IMF to support economic transitions related to pandemic preparedness and climate change. G7 Finance Ministers also discussed the macroeconomic implications of climate change and the importance of resilient global supply chains.

Source: Dinar Recaps


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