“Response to Sierra (SB) about RV/Constitution” by Texastreeman – 1.31.22


Entry Submitted by Texastreeman at 5:21 AM EST on January 31, 2022

Good morning :Sierra

First thing am no intel provider or want to be. 

I very glad to hear from you. I remember 3,4 years ago you use to write on intel as well. 

You ask me some questions ( who are they ) 

You said now Texastreeman wants to step in. ( If I remember correctly this site was open to write ) 

Am in the same shoes you are in. After listening week after week for over 16 years. These intel providers are all wrong. 

So I started spending 11, 13 hours each day looking, reading, listening and doing my own research. 

So many people just want to sit on thier ( you know what ). And not put in the time to find their answer. 

There would be so many people more happy every day to the right intel if they did the work. But NO… People want to sit around and wait every day and evening to hear people tell them the answer. Then when the intel providers come up wrong. People get mad. Why didn’t this happen. Why! You said this ! 

After listening about the TRUCKERS convoy stories. How big it has grow around the world now. 


After watching Trump talk the other night. Show me ( They ) was not ready to move the GCR/RV out yet. 

Trump didn’t say nothing solid the whole time to make me believe ( They was ready ). 

You ask me who is they ( Alliances, world leaders, Trump, world military). 

Now I felt to write from my research on what I saw was coming. 

Sierra if I could say right now the real date. I would be a fool. No one knows the date. 

But right now. I say after the world Truckers get the job done. By stopping the vaccines, stopping the mandates. 

That will give more people time to wake up ! So the clock is still running. 

So let’s see it looks like the world Truckers may be done in 3 weeks. 

Remember they like for you to look over there at events. So it gives them time to fight over here. Right hand/ left hand.!! 

So now we are around the 23th, 25th of Feb. With the Truckers. 

Now it gives time for our military to work under their handbook of laws. I would say they are in meetings discuss how to use the constitution in their favor to get B. Fake one out of office. 

Now I recall the military saying they watermark the ballots. If that was true !! ( IF ).  They just won the game of chess. So they could just show the world and we could end this chess game. 

So that tells me that story was not true.. So now ( THEY ) are planning on using the(  military name) to go into each of the states and make them fold their hands to the fake votes, mail in ballots. 

So now it’s going to take ( TIME ) TO GET THAT DONE.. 

Now remember the CLOCK is running. So it will take the month of February to get that done.

Oh but wait.. The Truckers are still at their protest. 

The military’s of Russia, china, mid east is still at their games. That is all a chess move to put pressure on the deep state. 

Now the month of February we have the people standing up AGAINST the vaccines. ( So the people won their Freedom back) We have the military chess games going on. We have the military using the election votes story. 

( Sierra )  with my hard work trying to put the pieces all together. 

I had to step forward like I did as well as you did few years ago. 

I wrote what I feel was coming and not coming !! 

Till we take Mr.B out of office. The GCR/RV will not roll out. 

Now.. Now this can all change if ( THEY ) want to play hard ball with DS.  But they haven’t so far..

So I will go with my hard working long hours of my research. End of February to first week of March. 

That’s my clock time. Yes..YES. I could be wrong. Just like other people you name never comes out right, or intel providers. 

I don’t mind being wrong.. Why I did my homework..  I didn’t sit and wait every day at 10 am or every Tuesday and Thursday nights for someone to tell me ( What they are thinking when this will happen and been wrong for over 16 years and 18 years for you. ) 

I can sit back and say I got off my butt and did my own research. And not sit back and call people out for trying to help and give HOPE, FAITH WHEN WE WILL REALLY GO…!!

To all the new people in this project. Go to work. Call your old boss up and ask for your job back. 

For us old people who been in this over 10 years believe it was tomorrow, tomorrow. They going to payout this week. All of us have lost jobs, lost homes, lost love ones, lost cars, lot of people are homeless, living with friend, family member. ( BECAUSE WE WAS TOLD TOMORROW. THIS WEEK WILL BE PAYOUT.)




Thank you for your time Sierra. New people, our family here. 



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