“The Destiny of Humankind Chronicles #119: Ra’an Message (108)” by Raanra – 1.31.22


Entry Submitted by Raanra at 11:23 AM EST on January 31, 2022


The Following INTRODUCTION is for Those Who Have not Read it Before.

RA’AN’s Message Follows. 


I’m in FREE-WILL Communication, Coordination and Co-Operation with RA’AN.

On the Morning of 30 September 2021, RA’AN and myself Talked and We came to the Mutual Conclusion that it Would be for the GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, For RA’AN to Talk To You Directly.

Those Who Think that this is All my Imagination, Feel Free To Do So!

In This Case Just Take it as My Opinion.

If You Like to Get More Information on Such Things As: “Who is RA’AN?,” “What is this All About?,” or “What is this Communication Line Between RA’AN and myself?,” etc, You could Find a Link at the End of this Post for More Information.



“The Following is a Q&A Between Raanra and Ourselves, Held in the Early Morning of 30 January 2022.

“Because the Information in It May Be of Benefit to Some of You, We Make it Public Below.

“To Give it Proper Context and to Lead Up to It, the Two Previous Messages were Posted, Which are:




“Here is now the Q&A Between Raanra and Us, of Early Morning of 30 January 2022:



” ‘In Less than ¾ Hours I have to get Ready and then Head Out for Work, – As You Know. So, Therefore, if Possible, I would like to Keep it Relatively Short, – If You Agree with This. 

” ‘I want to Thank You From All My Heart for Everything.

” ‘Is there Anything You Would Like to Say?

“RA’AN (Us):

” ‘Just that Things Are Moving Forward, – In The Right Direction.

” ‘It Does Not Move Forward as Fast as Many of You, Who are Awake, Would Like.

” ‘But Realize that This Is, – Comparably, – a Huge Puzzle Piece ‘Game’ and We are Limited by Humanity’s FREE-WILL and the FREE-WILL Requests of Humans, – In How Much We Can Do.

” ‘We Only Wish to ‘Interfere’ As Far As Humanity’s FREE-WILL Allows Us to ‘Interfere,’ as Then it is Actually Not INTERFERENCE.

” ‘By Contrast, the Humans Who are Part of ‘The Dark Side Of The Force,’ Have No Regard for FREE-WILL.

” ‘Therefore We are ‘Handicapped’ in a Sense in Playing and Winning this ‘Game’ for Humanity and The GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL.

” ‘But We are Not Literally ‘Handicapped,’ – We just Stick to the Best Course that is Possible by Respecting Humanity’s Collective FREE-WILL, and the Reason We are Doing So, Is, Because It Is The GREATEST GOOD for ALL THAT IS, to Do So.

” ‘Each Person Must Be Allowed to FREE-WILL Go His/Her Own Spiritual Path.

” ‘Each Group of Persons Must Be Allowed to FREE-WILL Choose and Go Their Own SPIRITUAL PATH as a Group, As This Is What Is The GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS.

” ‘The Reason Why We Can Give You These Messages Is, Because You Have Allowed These, Through Your Own FREE-WILL.

” ‘From All This You Could Immediately See, How You Could Effectively Speed Things Up.

” ‘Your ACTIONS in the SPIRITUAL and/or PHYSICAL Speed Things Up, as These Are FREE-WILL Actions/Manifestations.

” ‘Your Actions in the SPIRITUAL Could Include Asking For Our Help.

” ‘Your IN-Actions in The SPIRITUAL and/or The PHYSICAL Do Not Speed Things Up.

” ‘We Hope This Helps to Clarify This Entire ‘Puzzle Piece Game,’ and the Rules Under Which this ‘Puzzle Piece Game’ Are Being ‘Played.’

” ‘It is a Huge ‘Game’ of Huge Consequences and Every Single One of You Could Be A Hero, Affecting ALL THAT IS.

” ‘We Hope This May Be of HELP to Some, to Arrive at Their Own FREE-WILL Actions or In-Actions.’


” ‘Thank You So Much !!! !!! !!!






Note By RA’AN:

“For More Information on Us, –  RA’AN, – You Could Refer to the Link Below.

“This Link is Different Than the One Given In This Place up to RA’AN Message #89.

“It was Changed for the Purpose Of Making It Easier for You to Get to Know Us (RA’AN), Should You Wish To Do So:



(Relayed By Raanra)


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