“Zim Balabim (POOOOOOF)” by The Highlander – 2.2.22


Entry Submitted by The Highlander at 4:31 AM EST on February 2, 2022

Zim Balabim (POOOOOOF)

Well it looks like the gurus got it right for once. ZERO DAY.

Why? Because that’s exactly what did happen.

ZERO. Zip, Nada, Absolutely NOTHING.

Now for the clickbait. “By the End of the Week”

Oh Joy. This is our week.

Well not exactly. As you read on, what you find is…..

“They were told today that any updates to their paperwork-addresses, death certificates, payment options…..any of that …this all needs to be in by the end of this week…..and no later. Or they will automatically be moved to the end of the payout line.”

So the pump is already primed to tell us all by Wednesday or Thursday….. It will be NEXT WEEK. How Original!

Interesting to note, that someone asked if the Chinese New Year would push this out to at least the 15th in an earlier post. But, conveniently, this question went unanswered. How Original!

APPARENTLY: They having been practicing all day making payouts on the bonds. Seriously. After all this time. After everything being in place. All is ready to go. It’s IMMINENT…. They are still practicing??????????

I do not live in the US, nor would I pretend to know what is going on there.

What I can tell you is this:

For the second time.

The UK military IS NOT on high alert.

Supermarket shelves ARE NOT empty.

There ARE NO major supply chain issues.


There ARE NO planned demonstrations by truckers in the UK .

We HAVE NOT been hit by a solar flare knocking out power and the Internet.

From The UK MET Office:

“Space Weather Forecast Headline: Chance of G1-G2 Minor to Moderate Storms during day 1 (2nd February) from CME arrival. Chance Moderate-flares (R1/R2 Radio Blackouts).”

So, no satellites falling out of the sky. No massive power outages in the national grid. No mention of any mobile phones or the Internet being affected. Only possible radio blackouts which to my knowledge hasn’t happened either.

So, what’s next? How much is rumour and how much is total fiction?

Will Chicken Licken start running around telling us the sky is falling down?

Will the Tooth Fairy exchange Zim Notes left under our pillows tonight?

Zim Balabim (POOOOOOF)

At first glance, these might seem like ridiculous statements to make. But then, compare them with what we are being asked to believe.

Personally, I am beginning to find it rather offensive that these sanctimonious people think they can make up stories (unfounded, unverified and in some cases unbelievable) and pass that off as intel from high up credible sources. Maybe they are so high up, they’ll get fried by a solar flare. (Just kidding)

But on a more serious note….

How do we use discernment in all of this?

A good question which I cannot answer. Perhaps one of the gurus can.

Trust only in the light and love of GOD.

The Highlander


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