Dinarland Highlights for February 2, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 2.2.22

RVAlready (TNT)

The Framework Announces The Move Towards Collecting Parliamentary Signatures To Change The Dollar Exchange Rate

Remember, this is just grandstanding.  A few things to think on: Parliament does not set rates.  CBI does. It does not matter to us what the dinar rate is in Iraq.  The US rate will be set in accordance with treaty and 50 year oil future projections.  The CBI asserted its right as the sole authority in setting rates just a few weeks ago



…We are in the end game of this war. There is a major war behind the scenes and until it is safe, the blessing will not be released. I had a phone call yesterday with the best news I have heard in a long time. We have heard so much good news in the past and then nothing happens. So I will wait patiently to see if we finally have crossed the threshold



I’m starting to almost change my opinion on where the rate change might happen.  Not an RI or an RV…but you might see a little bit better than…1190 dinars.  I believe the lower value that we’ve seen in the past takes it down to 1050 dinars for every dollar which would be a pretty good little drop…I know people are jumping up and down going ‘no we want an RI or RV Pimpy!’…Like I said you’re not going to get an RI or RV until they do something about not having to rely on oil as much as they do…I think you’re going to see the dinar increase in value but I think you’re going to see it somewhere between 1190 dinars and…1150 dinars…the lower the better.



[via PDK]

My Iraqi contacts are looking for it starting tomorrow (Thursday) for a change in value. That is the chatter going on over there in the streets. Everyone is still talking about this change. They think there is a window anywhere between the 3rd and the 9th right now to return to the old rate…meaning pre-war rate…which was $3 and something …the people there will be very upset with less then at least $1-$1.50 or more and then allowed to float. …but, the chatter from 3 contacts is they expect it to go back to at least over $3…. I am still hearing we will get more than that because of the “oil for dinar” deal.


Nader From The Mid East

If they do that  [put it back to ‘previous’ 1160]  it will be at like $3.00 in a month…if they put it back on Forex.  Because right now you cannot exchange it on Forex.  You cannot buy it at the banks.  You cannot do anything with it in the United States.  There’s only one or two banks accepting it and it’s very small banks…If they put it on the Forex I think we’ll reach $3.00 in a month but for now it’s not on the Forex and it’s not in the banks it’s toilet paper like you guys say…for now we wait.  We wait.  We wait...



Iraq will not be randomly changing the exchange rate back to some rate pre-war. Only with the success of Iraq’s private sector economy can the dinar go up in value. It’s not arbitrary or random and the dinar is not a lottery ticket.


Vital Brad

Community comment “Iraq is a sovereign country. No one is going to tell them when to revalue their currency.”  The Finance Minister  FMU has the ability to decide the rate of their currency.  The IMF was the one that decommissioned their currency. They’re the ones that removed them from the world market.  They have that power to bring them back on.  Iraq needs to meet qualifications that have been in the works.  If they can seat their government the Finance Minister would have that ability to set a rate based on…oil reserves and assets…


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

I believe Iraq is ready – I believe their Parliament is seated – I believe they do have their President and their leadership in check totally ready to go – just going to have to see how that manifests – We know that…Iraq sent the money up to Kurdistan and took care of their back pay and everything’s going well with that and I think we’re looking good...We were looking for a new rate to come out this past Sunday for Iraq – and I think now it could be any day…could be tomorrow – the next day and Iraq would have their dinar at a true international rate…

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