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The Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt confirms his desire to visit Iraq and open bank branches

The Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, Tariq Amer, confirmed his desire to visit Iraq and open branches of Egyptian banks.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, Tariq Amer, said during his meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb, that we have the desire to open branches of Egyptian banks in Iraq, as well as approval of the opening of branches of Iraqi banks in Egypt.

Amer added, that we want to facilitate the tasks for Iraqi and Egyptian investors  ink

Al-Obaidi upon receiving Tueller: Iraq needs to support the independence of its political decision and not to interfere in its internal affairs

The head of the political body of the Alliance of Azm Khaled Al-Obaidi, when receiving the American ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller and the accompanying political delegation, stressed that Iraq needs to support the independence of its political decision and non-interference in its internal affairs, while noting that the Iraqi situation lives under the umbrella of the demands and sacrifices of the October revolutionaries, he stressed However, the Iraqis are waiting for a government that represents their interests and has the ability to fight corruption and adopt a plan to absorb unemployment .

A statement from Al-Obaidi’s office explained that “the security and political conditions in Iraq and the parliamentary movement that took place to choose the presidents of the republic and the Council of Ministers were discussed . “

During the meeting, Al-Obaidi stressed that “Iraq is in dire need now to support the independence of its national political decision and to prevent any external interference in its internal affairs, especially as it is on the verge of a new stage, which we hope will be different from the previous stages . “

Regarding his vision on the duties of the next government, Dr. Al-Obaidi said that “the Iraqi situation still lives under the umbrella of the demands and sacrifices of the Tishreen revolutionaries, whose most important outcomes were changing a government, forming another, and holding early parliamentary elections. It is hoped that a government that represents the interests and hopes of all Iraqis and has the ability to combat Corruption and having the will to adopt an efficient national economic plan to absorb unemployment and solve infrastructure dilemmas in all governorates.

He stressed that “the upcoming government and parliament have great responsibilities to correct the situation and restore hope in the executive and legislative-oversight authorities . “

At the conclusion of the US ambassador’s visit, Dr. Al-Obaidi stressed “the need for continued cooperation of the United States, the international coalition and all friendly and brotherly countries, each according to his capabilities to support Iraqi capabilities by training and arming or providing him with intelligence information to reduce the threat of terrorism and its sleeper cells, especially since the sons of Iraq represented the advanced front for the judiciary.” On the takfiri criminal ideology in the region and the world . link

this is in Kurdish news    the more  I read this I  think  they put this out  to counter the politicians  that keep putting out they will not pass the budget  without changing the rate hmmm

Revealing his initiative to the citizens.. a new comment from the Central Bank regarding the dollar exchange rate

oday, Thursday, the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ammar Hamad Khalaf, denied the existence of any change in the exchange rate of the dollar, pointing out that monetary policy is the exclusive competence of the “bank.”

Khalaf said in a statement, followed by NRT Arabia, that “the rise in oil prices led to an increase in foreign reserves, and a significant growth of foreign currency was recorded last year 2021, and this year is unprecedented compared to previous years.”

He pointed out that “the growth was achieved thanks to the bank’s various investments and its management in accordance with the monetary policy based on the best international practices away from risks.”

He revealed that “there is close to starting to grant very soft loans to all citizens in order to provide decent housing for all.”  link 

I got my answer

The Iraqi Central Bank “disbelieves” political promises to change the price of the dinar

Today, Thursday, the Central Bank of Iraq denied what some political forces promised to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, stressing that the file is linked to the bank exclusively, amid warnings against exploiting the file politically.

The deputy governor of the bank, Ammar Hamad Khalaf, said in a statement to the official Iraqi newspaper, Al-Sabah, that “there is no change in the dollar exchange rate,” stressing that “monetary policy is the exclusive competence of the bank.”

The denial of the Central Bank of Iraq comes days after political forces raised the file of raising the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, within the movement to form the new government, which is still stumbling so far.

The last of them was the representative of the Coordination Framework, Ibtisam Al-Hilali, who said that “the framework coalition has started a move to collect parliamentary signatures to restore the dollar to its previous price.”

And she confirmed in a press statement, “The framework movement in this regard is still going on until the will of the Iraqi people is achieved, which was affected as a result of the high exchange rate of the dollar,” noting that “the government raised the exchange rate in order to supplement the 2012 budget, and now it has obtained additional funds following the rise in the price of the dollar.” oil”

The representative of the “State of Law” within the coordination framework, Dhurgham Al-Maliki, also confirmed that the new parliament will reconsider the decisions taken by the previous parliament, including the exchange rate of the dollar, stressing that “the coordination framework is moving towards the return of the dollar exchange to its previous price, and to correct mistakes and lapses.” caused by the previous parliament.

He added that “the financial abundance in the Central Bank, the stability of the economic situation in the country, and the high price of a barrel of crude oil, necessitate us to move towards this step, especially since the exchange rate (of the dollar) remains unjustified, and that the Iraqi citizen is the only one who pays price hike tax.

The successive statements about the exchange rate change affected the local market. According to a member of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce, Ali Al-Zubaidi, “the statements made by some forces regarding the exchange rate are among the attempts to make money, and they do not correspond to reality.” Al-Zubaidi explained to “The New Arab”, that “changing the exchange rate cannot be taken directly. Because this will have significant economic impacts, so any decision requires extensive study and calculation of its consequences.

He pointed out that “changing the exchange rate requires overlapping operations, arranged according to economic feasibility, not just political promises,” stressing that “those promises and political statements confused the market and affected price stability, and caused the cessation of many commercial operations,” stressing “the need for “Politicians are moving away from those promises, which are not really aimed at achieving the people’s interest, as much as they are statements of political gain.”

It is noteworthy that the file of changing the exchange rate, which was carried out by the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, at the beginning of its formation, as it adopted a new exchange rate of 1450 Iraqi dinars to the dollar, after it was 1220 dinars, as part of what it described as the government’s reform policy, and this affected the raising of goods prices in the local market.

The file was exploited politically throughout this period by some parties, especially during the election period, and promised to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar and return it to what it was, and currently the file is also exploited within the controversy of forming the government.  link

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