Dinarland Highlights for February 3, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 2.3.22


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[I am hoping all the currencies go at the same time, but,  on the off chance the dinar goes first…what would be the exchange procedure?]

If the dinar goes first the exchange process would most likely be very different. It would come out at a lower rate (Maybe a buck or a buck and a half) and be allowed to float. There would not be redemption centers and we would end up just going to a bank. We would most likely be able to do some negotiating and may need to wait until rates rise. I am certain some bank somewhere would reach out to our community and want to give us “red carpet” service because they would want our business.  If this would happen I would probably wait until the rate got above $3-$3.50 and pull the trigger and exchange all my dinar

They [sources] have gone under NDA. It is a very good thing that they are not sharing much right now. Things are very quiet. My Iraqi contacts still believe it could be anywhere from today to the 9th for their change of value on the dinar.

I had a couple conversation with contacts in Iraq throughout the day today .   Article out today of the CBI saying “No change in the dollar exchange rate-the CBI affirms”.   Keep in mind the same type of article came out in Kuwait the same day they changed the value of their currency…The day they changed the rates in Kuwait…they said they are not going to change the rate and a couple hours later….they changed it. Looks like Iraq may take a page out of Kuwait’s play book. 


Mountain Goat

…As far as Iraq and the reinstatement, we just need to realize that the Central Bank is going to move to conduct the project to delete the zeros and then to reinstate the dinar soon… If Iraq is to accomplish this economic growth and international trade status, they must reinstate the dinar on FOREX.


Two articles on this topic this period of excess oil revenue sharing to the peopleAre they really going to do this?  …they can not do this under the program rate. This would be suicide if they did. They must go international and trade the dinar to implement this proposal.


Sandy Ingram

Unbelievable income from oil exports in the first month of this year January 2022.

Ministry of oil:  Last month’s revenues amounted to more than $8 billion

At the beginning of the week crude oil reached $91.20 cents per barrel…world economists  are saying oil will reach $100 a barrel in the coming days…


Vital Brad

I heard during redemption you might have to sign an NDA.  Why?  What is an NDA?”

An  NDA is a non-disclosure agreement…there are particular groups that feel you’re gonna need to sign an NDA..I personally don’t see any reason why you’d need to sign an NDA…



You’re going to see the presidents being voted in.  Once they do that, what are we waiting for?   The prime minister and once he’s voted in it’s on like Donkey Kong.  All you have to do is put in a cabinet members and their government will be installed and it’s time to put these people into action


Frank26 (KTFA)

The line item in this budget IMO has a new exchange rate and that’s why they need the laws to pass it.  If it was not a new exchange rate they wouldn’t be passing the laws to open it.

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