“Thoughts on Waiting” by Stefan – 2.5.22


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 5:51 AM EST on February 5, 2022

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

I start this article once with quotes, quite different from before, as they were sometimes read only at the end. Changes are the most constant thing in our life.

No problem will be solved if we wait inertly for
for God to take care of it.
By Martin Luther King

Many people miss the small happiness
while they wait in vain for the big one.
By Pearl S. Buck

Success comes only to those who do something
while waiting for success.
By Thomas Alva Edison

Both only harm themselves:
The one who promises too much and
the one who expects too much.
By Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Waiting for anything can be quite grueling, can’t it? Have you ever wanted to cook pasta, put a pot of water on the stove, and then waited for the water to boil? If we stop and do nothing else while we’re doing that, it takes endless time to put the noodles in boiling water, right? But if we do something else in the meantime, we are surprised at how fast it goes. The time that passes is always the same with identical energy input, only our perception of the passing time is different. It is the same with everything else, if I wait and am aware of the waiting, it takes longer than if I do not deal with the waiting and do something in the meantime.

So sitting down, hands in lap, and waiting for change, or for improvement, will take endless time. And besides, it makes for an unnecessary frustration, a daily disappointment, or a constant ebb and flow between euphoria and dejection. I know what I’m talking about, I lived through it for months. Waiting for an RV, waiting for an end to the FRG, waiting for freedom, waiting for change and advancement, waiting for improvements. And above all, waiting for a success with what I had done. I myself did not sit back and do nothing, I always tried to participate in actions as best I could. It was a balancing act, because many actions were also doomed to failure from the start. I have often written about the powerlessness that we have here in the country. So in addition to waiting for improvements, there was also frustration about the powerlessness. And disappointed hopes.

It’s also a balancing act because big changes, like an end to illegal corporate rule, can’t come without outside help or without the help of violence and weapons. And for that, we would also need support from like-minded people. We then quickly feel powerless again because we don’t want violence and because we can’t easily find other like-minded people. There is a simple solution to this feeling of powerlessness. A look back! Today, when I remember my problems from yesterday and the day before, I realize that I solved them or that I got help to solve them. I am here today, not having failed at the problems. How I solved them doesn’t matter, what matters is that I solved them. They are feelings of success that I quickly forgot. Why? Because I’m just waiting again! I focus on other things I want instead of being happy, even if only briefly, about what I have solved.

In the last three years, I’ve done a lot and learned just as much. If this had happened earlier, I’m sure I wouldn’t be here, but somewhere else entirely. Realizations came, especially in the last few months, especially a lot and especially fiercely. The most important realizations were that hoping doesn’t help and waiting without doing anything doesn’t help. A child who wants cookies that are on top of the cupboard also hopes that they will fall down, he also waits for them to fall down. But they don’t. The people who suffer hunger in our modern world also hope that they will not die, they also wait for food to come to them. People, and this is what we have raised them to do! We have taught them that there are aid organizations that provide them with food, clothing and medicine when they are unwell. Instead of showing them how to help themselves, we just “helped” them. Passing on knowledge would have been enough and cost little. “Help yourself and God will help you!” Do you know this?

If I just wait every day, not contributing anything myself, I will wait endlessly. I can’t do the same thing every day and hope or expect a different result. The most important thing to remember is that EVERYONE can contribute to making change happen. Everyone can contribute with their possibilities, their abilities, their ideas and thoughts to manifest improvements. Whether that is at the wheel of a truck, whether that is at demonstrations, whether that is a simple NO to something I don’t want to do or whether it is in the quiet chamber a constant visualization of a beautiful future. EVERY CONTRIBUTION COUNTS, no matter how small and may seem insignificant! We must realize how powerful we are at our core.

The cabal, the Deep State, the dark Ones have managed to program us humans to control ourselves, to restrict ourselves, to limit ourselves. They have basically educated us to wait and do nothing. “Let others do it, I alone can’t do anything!” “They up there are doing what they want, we are powerless against it!” “Please, Alliance, give us the RV so that we can finally get started with our projects!” Oh yeah? A lot of money makes me get off my butt and suddenly have power? And all of a sudden, because I got money, all the dark, evil, bad is gone? Is it really about me wanting to do good with the money, or is it about me feeling better, feeling more powerful with all that money? And then as a big benefactor I go to the people in the “third world” and save them from their poverty? So money gets me off the couch and all of a sudden I can save the world? Some time ago I also thought like that, get out and away from Germany, others need my help. In the meantime, I no longer think that way. My country, where I was born and raised, needs me soon. More than ever. The other countries, which are still doing very badly today, are all being upgraded. Through the mineral resources that these countries have. The Alliance will not allow countries to be different again. All countries will be equal, and they will respect each other. Germany does not have so many natural resources, but it has other values that can benefit the world. So I will help to bring us back to our old greatness, when all the evil and darkness is gone. And it will be a lot of work to repair the damage. Psychologically and physically. And for the future tasks, we’ll get help. Help to help ourselves. It’s been there for a long time, even if many don’t see it or can’t see it.

Look around you! In my opinion, so far was not a suitable time for the RV. If I had gotten my exchange, the money would already be gone. Because there are still Deep State stooges. There is still an IRS, there are still banks, there are still thieves, extortionists, robbers and bad people who can (and will) harm me if I have a lot of money now. So even an NDA wouldn’t help, because the money has to be deposited somewhere. And since the QFS is not 100% active yet, so my money would not be safe. That’s a fact! The RV will come when it is safe for all of us to exchange. SURE! At this point in time it would not be safe, because look around: Prices are skyrocketing in Germany, whether for gasoline, heating oil, gas or food. The remaining Deep State needs money and this will continue until it is completely cleaned up here. That’s underway, but it’s taking time. Do you want to further support these stooges with your exchange? By paying high prices that are only meant to put money in the pockets of the evil stooges? I don’t want that! So I see to it that I get along with what I have at present. To somehow get through the last days and weeks until everything is cleared up, and above all, to firmly believe that it can’t last much longer. Everything has an end at some point and we are in the final!

We can wait, but we should wait smart. Everyone can do their part to support this whole cleanup. Let’s be happy about every little success we are shown. Who now thinks that there are not these successes, should open the eyes and ears, OK? The remaining dark forces that have been “feeding” on our negative energies are losing one battle after another. Many people (and they are becoming more and more) are realizing their power, their power of thought. They are coming into action instead of just waiting. Our thoughts create our reality and they have tremendous power. The cabal underestimated us, they thought they could control us forever. But many people were imun and got others to exercise their power as well. And they had help, of course they had help, because the Creator does not help those who just wait, He helps those who come into action. He and all other helpers from the spiritual world, from the whole universe, stand behind us and strengthen our back. Certainly not if we sit and wait!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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