Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “Everyone’s Got an Opinion” 2-9-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

02/09/2022 Everyone’s Got an Opinion

The Continuing Saga of “Major Players Making Deals Unable to Perform.”

This morning, Wednesday, February 9, 2022, the very day Iraq was planning to launch its globally revalued, New Golden Dinar, the IMF informed Iraq that they can NOT, no way, no how (in the most emphatic language), launch their new rate. Iraq ministers have been told in no uncertain terms this will not be allowed or supported at the (already agreed upon) rate of $3.20. Reason given was the Budget was not correctly prepared. There are discrepancies that must be corrected. How long will this take to accomplish? Maybe only few days, might be longer.

It’s widely known that Iraq has made huge changes over the past couple of years. It’s pegged the dinar to the China yuan. Paid off and been forgiven all debt. It has also unified with Kuwait (with the help of China), bringing Kuwaiti oil and gas production back under Iraq’s nationally negotiated global oil and gas sales. Iraq, working in concert with Kuwait as one entity, has negotiated, completed and funded contracts with China on 50% of their oil reserves, and is ready to perform scheduled on the Global Reset of Iraq Dinar – set to start today. These contracts have been lodged with the bank and money has moved to make it all happen. China has guaranteed to pay at this new rate, and Iraq has guaranteed to deliver. All backed with solid assets at a steep cost, at the new (budgeted) rate of $3.20/USD to 1 Dinar. This bank-coordinated Agreement, has been signed, sealed and delivered and the future earnings hypothecated and floated on the market, leveraged up. Now, the Chinese party, the signatories bringing the financial backing, are left without face and unable to deliver on these contracts as committed. How angry they must be.

How angry are the 30,000+ people with “Money-of-Account-on-hold,” also waiting for the “RV GCR” to be released? There’s no end of angry people feeling abused by the “System” controlling the destiny of millions and billions of people. It’s an epidemic of angry.

What’s it going to take to correct this Military Industrial Complex from making war and controlling every entity toward its desired goals? Not to be too dramatic here, their stated and even published goal is to ultimately own everything and enslave/control the entire human population – with a One World Order. This Agenda must be corrected now, not later and it’s no small thing. The only real question to ask is, “What possible outcome can One expect when a mafia-Gestapo-MIC obviously controls the financial/corporate world? They expect to have it their way, which means war in Europe and the Middle East continues. It’s business as usual.”

God Loves a Patriot

This MIC One World Order, is a false vision and will NOT happen. This MSM/government/MIC Agenda is something We-the-People are addressing. We can address it actively, by setting and holding a positive vision and a positive outcome, with our thoughts and conversation. We can also do the work necessary to manage correction of this Agenda, and the People involved, supporting those who are setting these acts in motion such as: – is supporting.

We can also be Aware and Awake

Whether or not Iraq had seated (new) presidents actually doesn’t matter. The CBI could still move forward with their currency revaluation, at the agreed upon rate of $3.20. The same rate that was posted in their White Paper. Iraq is now pegged to the yuan. IMF really has no jurisdiction over this sovereign country. So how long can this Revaluation be held up? An educated guess puts us to next Tuesday – 2/15. The IMF always likes to post currency rate changes on the 1st and the 15th. We can only wait and see what happens.

The World is watching and Awake and Aware of the Klaus Schwab, WEF/WHO/NIAIH/CDC Depopulation Agenda.

The lawsuits and protests are growing in size and the Patriots are winning in the push to DECERTIFY THE UNLAWFUL 2020 ELECTIONS. This will become even more evident throughout the next few days.

Further issues highlight delays. SpaceX lost 40 Starlink internet satellites due to a “geomagnetic storm.” The satellites launched on Feb. 3, only to be hit by the storm a day later. (HAARP at work, no doubt.) A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched 49 Starlink satellites on Thursday (Feb. 3) from NASA’s historic Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Up to 40 of the satellites will reenter or already have reentered the Earth’s atmosphere. Friday’s geomagnetic storm came on the heels of a sun eruption on Jan. 30 that sent a wave of charged particles toward Earth that was expected to arrive on Feb. 2.

It’s a crap-shoot and anybody’s guess when the RV GCR will officially begin. It’s tied up with FREEDOM and NESARA – GESARA and, all that entails. It’s the delivery of global Freedom from the corrupt, bankrupt corporations and Trump’s EO # 13818 – the pull-back of all assets accrued/held by any bad actors involved in child and human, or drug trafficking and money-laundering. It’s what we’ve been waiting for.

Yes, Iraq is the RV GCR lynchpin, the first domino to fall that launches all Rocketship’s of Desire. Iraq has contracts to deliver and this Will Happen. We can hold onto that truth and expect the chaff to fly from the wheat in this ultimate global clean up. The End Times are here now.

We’re witnessing the greatest Shift to Ever Take Place, with a Front Row Seat.


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