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Entry Submitted by The Highlander at 5:21 PM EST on February 10, 2022


What is the definition of INTEL?

Cambridge Dictionary.

Short form of intelligence: secret information, for example about another country’s government, an enemy group, or criminal activities:


Useful information concerning a subject of interest (such as an enemy).

Nowhere do I see the word “guess” in any search for the word “INTEL.”


Intel is gathered information with substance and evidence that can be used to bring about a successful conclusion to a matter or situation.

In extreme circumstances, such as military matters, faulty or erroneous intel can cost lives. In some cases many lives.

There are certain posters who believe that it’s ok for the intel providers to continue to lead us down endless rabbit holes and perpetual next weeks without questioning the validity of their intel or sources.

For example:

“Those who complain about the intel being lies are simply followers of those leading them down to the highway to hell, the lower toned beings. It’s mob rule. One maniac can get many others to follow him down the darkest roads.”

How true that last sentence is. In the late 30s one maniac did get many others to follow him. We all know the disastrous atrocities that led too!

So, why should we follow the “intel” from any one of the gurus without question?  Most recently one particular guru even openly admitted they were “guessing” what was happening or about to happen.



“Remember no one knows the timing….we are all guessing based on what we hear from sources and world news”.

So, ultimately then, there are no gurus and there is no intel!

There is only a bunch of self appointed story tellers who are playing guessing games for their own pleasure, entertainment and EGO.

“EGO. Edge GOD Out” Dr Wayne Dyer

Ask yourself these questions: Did anything happen yesterday that was put forward in the intel? Did anything happen the day before, last week, last month or last year?

This is not meant to be taken negatively. However, IMO, it’s time for the gurus to step up to the plate and become accountable and answerable for the information they provide. They claim to have high up credible sources. They claim there is “much going on behind the scenes”. They claim they know things they can’t tell us. So where does “guessing” come into the equation?

Blind Faith is reserved only for GOD, not gurus.

Trust only  in the light and love of GOD.

The Highlander



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