The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 2-10-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 2-10-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday February 10th  and you’re listening to the Big Call –Thanks everybody for tuning in again tonight wherever you are – all over the globe – we are excited to have  you here and we’re looking forward to having a really good call

Let’s go into what we have for intel tonight – this is an interesting time for us because we are getting a little bit here and a little bit there but let’s just go right into it –

The bondholders received emails that went out at 0400 which is 4 AM to you and me – and unfortunately they did not contain the timing that would indicate when they would have access to their funds so I think this email at 4 AM is a little bit of a dud –

They are expecting to get one after 4 PM tomorrow (Wed) – after the markets close in New York on Friday – they do some after work training for an half hour or so – somewhere in that 4-5 range bond holders should receive their email that gives them either (A) – access to funds or (B) – a time when they will have access to their funds – remember they can see their funds in their account – what they need usually in this last email is an access “code” to enter in – usually it is a new code – to enter into the systems and then they can gain access to the funds that they have exchanged for with their bonds –

Now – what is significant about that and why do I keep bringing up the bond holders? Most of us are not bond holders except for the fact that we have Zim – which the Zim is a bearer bond – – now outside of that – what it means is – when the bond holders finally gain access to their funds – even if it’s only for the first 90 days they get a certain amount and then they get the remaining amount – what it means is when they get that email – We are next

And it means that the system has gone and it’s working and everything is flowing and the money is moving in the direction that we need it to move – it’s not just moving to the bank – it’s moving to the people that have accounts at the banks – and that is what we are looking for – that is exactly what we need to happen because even though it may not be an actual shotgun start – it could be close – and we might get notified shortly after they get access to funds –

Now let’s go back and recoup that – remember on Tuesday’s call we told you that we had at least a 48 hour time frame where the bank systems were down and were getting set for a restart – a reset – like you do on your phone – ok – but much more complicated –

The bank systems are to work and be fully coordinated with the QFS and the StarLink System – of course we know that – but yesterday evening right before it’s time to leave the bank certain individuals at the redemption center were able to put in access codes and sure enough the system was back up – it had been down for – I am going to calculate.. for about 56 hours with no access no accessibility –

So it came back up and now it’s back up and fully integrated – I believe – now we have not had it verified to me yet but I believe that time down – and that system restart was to fully integrate the USN – our brand new currency – asset backed currency – into the QFS – remember other currencies have already announced that they are asset backed – like China – and Russia –

We are running last but that’s okay – we’re doing the timing I’m sure for a reason – so the system up and running and that’s a very positive thing –

Iraq has said that they have a new Iraqi dinar and a new rate – they are going to bring that information out as well as their new government – their new Prime Minister and President – on Saturday – they are going to “quote” “unquote” announce their new structured government – their new dinar and new rate – all of that on Saturday – two days away –

Now – they typically bring something like this right after Morning Prayer and I think First Morning Prayer could be anywhere from 5:30 am – 6:15 am – somewhere in that range – So right after that First Morning Prayer – which I think Iraq is 8 hours ahead of us – something to that effect – you do the math – that’s kind of late tomorrow night – Friday night –

Now – what does that mean for us?  Because if Iraq does that thing – they bring out their Dinar  – announce their government – they are ready to go boom boom boom – they are trading internationally – now – everything like that — they would probably start their trading on Sunday – their first business day –

We have been told from two separate sources unrelated – that we should receive our notifications for Tier 4 over the weekend – Now tomorrow is sort of the weekend – I don’t know that I’m going to put a whole lot of possibility into tomorrow because we are kind of waiting on Iraq to do everything on Saturday – so Friday would be a really??? I am not going to put any percentage into tomorrow – But Saturday is a new game –

Saturday/Sunday  is how we have always talked about the weekend – we always said Saturday/Sunday was the weekend — but what will happen as far as our notifications – if we got notified Saturday – could we start our exchanges on Saturday?  Could we set our appointments and start Saturday? Possibly –

If we got our notifications Sunday and we actually start setting our appointments we would probably start our exchanges on Monday – so without calling it – that’s what I’ve been told –

Remember I am only bringing information that we’re getting and I’m trying to do the best job I can to bring accurate information to you –

Some of you may have heard or read – that the Emergency Alert System will kick in after the Super Bowl – I seriously doubt that – anything is possible but are they really going to start that out at 10:30 / 11:00 at night on a Sunday night?? East Coast time??  I don’t know –

I do know that is the biggest television event of the year and a lot of people like to watch it – so I would say “doubtful” –

Now the Emergency Alert System is tested and ready to go at a moment’s notice – but they will probably only use it as needed – and I tell you one thing there’s a lot of change going on at even CNN – I can’t go into much detail – there’s a lot of things happening – probably there and with some of the other networks that may make them more conducive to bringing out the truth – and that is what we are looking forward to

Now – how soon can some of these things come out? I don’t know that I am going to look before the Olympics are over and I don’t know that I would look for it maybe after the Super Bowl over Sunday night –

I do not believe and I’ve been told this many times – we will not lose the internet – we will not lose cell service – and yes if the EAS comes on they use it to broadcast messages over the phone and TV – if they use it for TV – which they will – yeah we would be out some programming – they would supersede the programming that we might be use to watching – yeah – but our phone systems will not go down and neither will the internet –

Some of that happened already – to the Cabal – they took out their phones – their internet capability – that was designed for us – I don’t understand that – now – there’s probably a lot more behind the scenes than I can talk about – but realistically – what’s important to us is the idea of being notified over the weekend – if that holds up we are golden – even if it means we start Monday – we are all good with that – I’m good with that – and I think we’re all good with that

Isn’t Monday Valentine’s Day? So beware of that – Valentine’s Day Monday the 14th – so I am excited about the possibility of this weekend – and what that looks like for us – I want these bond holders to get their emails after 4PM tomorrow to tell them they have some liquidity – hopefully it’s right away having access to funds – I am excited for them and that moving forward and I’m excited for us and us moving forward –

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins:   41:54

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