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Coordination framework: The new government will be resolved within the next two days

The coordination framework, which brings together the Shiite political forces, confirmed today, Saturday, that the next two days will be decisive for the positions of the political forces regarding the formation of the largest bloc and the new Iraqi government.

The leader in the framework, Ali Al-Fatlawi, told Shafaq News Agency, “The next two days are decisive for the positions of the political forces regarding the formation of the largest bloc and the new government, and it will reveal the position of who will be in the opposition and who will be in the government, or everyone is in the government.”

Al-Fatlawi indicated that “important dialogues will start in the coming hours, and these dialogues and negotiations will decide the positions of the political forces,” explaining that “the results of these dialogues will be the decisive factor in the political forces going to the opposition or being part of the new government.”

Al-Fatlawi stressed, “The coordinating framework is still insisting on the entry of all its forces into the next government, and otherwise all the framework’s forces will be in the opposition, and this decision will never be reversed.”

And on Wednesday (February 9), the coordination framework, which includes all Shiite political forces with the exception of the Sadrist bloc, presented an initiative to end the political blockage in Iraq.

It is not the “first” political initiative, but was preceded by an initiative by Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani, which was put forward by Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani and Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi during their visit to the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr in al-Hananah last week.

Al-Sadr seeks to form a national majority government by excluding some of the forces with which he disagrees, including the State of Law coalition led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, while Shiite forces affiliated with the coordination framework insist on forming a consensus government in which all political forces participate, similar to the scenario of forming previous governments.

Earlier today, the leader of the National Coalition, head of the Civil National Front, Iyad Allawi, warned against forming an “powerless” Iraqi government because of political differences, noting that “Iraq has become a laughingstock to the world.”  link

Cabinet Secretariat: The 2022 budget will be the start of an urban revolution

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced, on Saturday, that the budget of 2022 will be the start of a comprehensive urban revolution through its orientation to re-work with thousands of lagging projects, and indicated that the Iraqi-Chinese agreement entered into force with the project to develop Nasiriyah International Airport, and then signed 15 contracts to build 1000 schools.

A spokesman for the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Haider Majid, said in a statement that “the budget needs to be discussed in the Council of Ministers and needs several sessions, and then it is voted on in the Council and referred to the House of Representatives, and it needs a month or two to discuss it after the formation of the next government.”

He added, “According to the vision and direction of the General Secretariat of the Prime Minister, and after it was assigned to draw up the ministerial program for the next government, what is distinguished in the next budget is the great trend to complete projects in the governorates, re-work with thousands of stalled and lagging projects 10 years ago, and prepare for new projects, and the year 2022 will be a new start. An urban revolution in all governorates.

And he indicated that “the Chinese-Iraqi agreement has entered into force, as well as other agreements signed with Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, and we have started signing the contract with the Chinese side for the project to develop Nasiriyah International Airport and then signing 15 contracts to establish 1,000 schools, and the vision and direction of the government and the executive management of the project in the General Secretariat is that Next year, the number of contracts will rise to 3,000 schools until we reach 7,000, and we need a lot of school buildings after the Ministry’s project number one stalled 10 years ago.”  link

13 paragraphs.. (Baghdad Today) publishes for the first time the text of the agreement between the Sadrist bloc and the Democratic bloc for Iraq policy

Today, Friday, Baghdad publishes for the first time the text of the agreement between the Sadrist bloc and the Kurdistan Democratic Party for Iraq policy.

The text of the agreement between the Sadrist bloc and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, as published by the Kurdish drw website:

It has become clear that Iraq has become a prisoner of corruption and dependency, and it is no longer possible to get out of the crisis inherent in the political process that controls its tracks without the concerted free will capable of laying solid national foundations, to save the country in the face of comprehensive change that would restore consideration to the higher national interests by completing the building of the state and its organs and its constitutional institutions and restoring its prestige in all fields and levels. This cannot be achieved without liberating its national will and liquidating everything that is outside its authority within the framework of the constitution and the principle of separation of powers, strengthening the role of each of them and non-interference in its affairs.

Proceeding from this point of view and the forces and requirements it requires, the following:

First: Opening up, after signing this document, to some political forces that are ready to adopt this document with its basic structures and what enriches its contents, provided that everyone accepts recourse to the constitution and what is embodied by the popular will in the legislative elections.

Second: Agreeing to form the government and a national unity for salvation and change whose base is a national majority that believes and adopts what is necessary to save the country from the scourge of sectarianism and racism by working jointly to enable a democratic transformation towards building the state and restoring its prestige and adopting equal and free citizenship as a basis for governance and decision.

The signatories to this document and those who interact with it are responsible for forming the government, ensuring its continuity, providing support to it, and holding it accountable within the framework of the constitution without directly interfering in its affairs, and they are responsible for its success, stumble and failure.

Third: Respecting the principle of the presence of a political opposition in Parliament that monitors government agencies and institutions in a manner that enhances its oversight role in accordance with constitutional contexts.

Fourth: Working to present a draft amendment to the constitution in Parliament in accordance with the constitutional mechanisms and their requirements within a period of up to one year.

Fifth: Supervising the implementation of the withdrawal of US forces in accordance with the timetable established between the two sides. Whether or not it is not, international norms and Iraqi law must be resorted to.

Sixth: Iraq’s commitment to the policy of anti-Zionism and the criminalization of normalization with Israel.

Seventh: Working on implementing the constitutional texts and laws that preserve moral values and prohibiting what spreads deviation and practices contrary to public and private morals.

Eighth: Respecting the prestige of the state and its institutions, in particular the judiciary, preventing the interference of political parties and blocs in everything related to the authority and its organs, confronting any external interference and criminalizing it, and protecting the borders and ports of Iraq from the domination of the outside and the parties and their extensions.

Ninth: Preserving the independence of Iraqi government decisions in its internal and external affairs from any external interference.

Tenth: Enabling the armed forces to prepare, train and arm, enhance their defensive capabilities to protect the country’s sovereignty and independence, support the official security forces and the required resources and supplies, and restore the prestige and readiness of their formations in accordance with the constitutional contexts and their development. Taking into consideration the necessity of controlling and organizing the crowd, purifying it of undisciplined elements, and limiting arms to the hands of the state.

Eleventh: Iraq is an independent, sovereign state, and in order to confirm this, the following is being implemented:

a) Regulating foreign relations and establishing the principle of reciprocity with other countries.

b) Strengthening the role of Iraqi embassies and enabling them to represent Iraq with the status and role it deserves.

C) Work to restore the status of the Iraqi passport document to what it used to be in prestige and respect among other similar passports.

Twelfth: Forming a higher committee with expanded powers and in coordination with the judicial authority to audit and investigate government corruption files from 2003 onwards and to hold the negligent and the corrupt accountable with strict and clear procedures. Where did you get this?).

Thirteenth: Presenting the necessary draft laws for the public interest and complementing the building of constitutional institutions and giving priority to draft laws (the Union Council, reconstruction, and oil and gas) to the House of Representatives for discussion and taking what is necessary for their approval and taking the necessary measures to activate and implement the Law of the General Authority to Ensure the Rights of the Regions and Governorates No. (26) For the year 2016 and Law No. (55) of the General Authority for Monitoring the Allocation of Federal Imports.  link

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