Dinarland Highlights for February 12, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 2.12.22

Mountain Goat

The financial advisor talks to “Nas” about the imminent end of the “Chapter Seven” era

When Chapter VII is finally closed, the US Treasury will have to lift OFAC sanctions off the Iraqi dinar. WE know it and the banks know its coming.  We all know what this means…  Iraq will be free to reinstate the dinar back on to FOREX. Iraq will no longer need the permission of the IMF and the World Bank to reinstate… Yes, they may want their advice and blessing. Then we go to the bank…

…article from November 2021..WOW!


...this article definitively tells us that the project to delete the zeros is linked to a revaluation and the reinstatement of the dinar…you can’t do one without the other. But why would they be discussing this topic if they were not serious about taking some sort of action to bring back the dinar to a higher value and get off the program rate. This is a recent article only going back to Nov of last year…these articles they tell us when they say” bring back the rate of the dinar to its previous rate”this is what they mean- to get off the artificial, suppressed rate and give the true rate to reflect the true value.


Frank26 (KTFA)

Iraq is actually stealing money from itself right now.  I’m not going to say that it’s Kazimi the prime minister and I’m not going to say it’s Mustafa [CBI governor].  What it is it’s parliament…What are the three things we need – three presidents, one prime minister and the laws to activate the budget. Where is it? Why are these people being so idiotic?

Because they don’t want to lose power…


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

we are are still in a sweet spot for this RI and end result to come. There is so much to support that we will see the end game they have in store for themselves and along side the world. Iraq, is out of Chapter 7, they are implementing the activation of electronic borders and ports for fees, customs and tariffs. They are to integrate all provinces in short order.



[via PDK]

…Redemption Center folks are on call…they have not been called in as of yet…Still some political unrest in Iraq as they work towards a conclusion. I did get some news from someone in Iraq late yesterday…They still expect their rate change within days or a few weeks. Politically they can reseat their old government if needed…But, the CBI has been adamant that they still intend to roll the rate back to its previous higher value…not the in-between rate.



We heard the rumors about the deletion of zeros happening about once every six months.  You’ll get used to it…all the time we hear…’back screens’ got numbers…people are on standby, the 800 numbers…there’s no 800 numbers.  There’s no redemption centers…unless they’re mistakenly labeling the exchange centers the redemption centers.  There’s no ‘redemption’ centers…I’m sorry I have to be the bad guy that pees on people’s Wheaties but I’m telling you the truth…take all the information…with a grain of salt, decipher through it and figure out what is BS and what isn’t.

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