Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update 2-15-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

02/15/2022 Update

In Benjamin Fulford’s update this week we read all about Biden’s fake war fiasco with Russia, now labeled by Putin as “Information Terrorism”. We the People can only agree. It’s all MSM-false-flag-information-terrorism.

We’re beyond ready to put this manufactured plandemic AND the (fake) war with Russia behind us. NESARA/GESARA makes that possible. NESARA is the restoration of the 1776 Constitution – before the Crown sunk their claws into the elected leadership and corruption became the Order of the Day. The evidence that this foul play took place has been widely shared and now, with the White Hats coordinated effort, formally, finally corrected.

God Save Us from all Greed and Evil.

This is The Plan. The culmination of twenty active years and almost one hundred years in total, developing measures and counter measures to correct the Bad Acts. Measures that can’t be stopped. This includes:


All of us had a part in this. All of Humanity, with our awareness and commitment to Energy, to Frequency, to Healing and to Positive Outcome; we did this together. We are now firmly in the Age of Aquarius and the Light is Shining and they have it all. Everything is known. Nothing can be hidden any more.

Iraq is stick-a-fork-in-it-done. They are celebrating and dancing in the streets in joy for their Sovereign National Wealth. With oil at $92/barrel, heading up to $120, it’s a huge amount. The Iraq People, with their commitment as a major provider of oil (unlike US…), they have a very bright future outlook.


Hard to believe with their stock up, but rumor has it that Deutsche Bank files for bankruptcy tomorrow. This bank has huge gold/assets off-ledger.

It will be interesting to see what Christine Lagarde will say when she speaks from her new position as President of the European Central Bank. Deutsche Bank is the most significant domino in Europe’s very shaky financial system. When it fully collapses, it will set off a chain reaction that nobody is going to be able to stop. A reaction echoed by Central Banks around the world. May they all fall into the chasm of HELL reserved for evil entities. Every Central banks in every (formerly) nation state needs to be held accountable for their bad acts like money-laundering. Especially supporting the trafficking of children and adults. How many Central Banks are guilty of stealing assets?

Quantum Financial System Knows Everything

David Wilkerson once warned that the financial collapse of Europe would begin in Germany, and Jim Rogers has warned that the implosion of Deutsche Bank would cause the entire EU to disintegrate. This is the implosion of the EU, the Committee of 300, Klaus Schwab, WEF/WHO, of all of the evil-brides of Satan, and to all that are focused on the reduction of the global population. You reap what you sow.

We are prepared for economic upheaval, the likes of which this world has never seen. The whole evil lot of them have an accounting to give. The Arrests, The Public Viewing, may it all begin right now.

February is a short month. This one is shaping up to have maximum impact.

RT (
‘West has been destroyed without a shot fired’ – Russia
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says February 15 will be remembered as the day Western war propaganda failed


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