Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “Unleash the Economic Potential” 2-16-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

02/16/2022 Unleash the Economic Potential

Jared Kushner and Mike Pompeo made their historic Arab Tour in the early Spring and Summer in 2019. It was Project, “Breaking Down Barriers,” carried throughout the Middle East. The Plan was to provide as much as $50 Billion dollars to: “UNLEASH THE ECONOMIC POTENTIAL” as quickly as possible, bringing Free Trade and cooperation, and Peace Through Prosperity. What a great Humanitarian Project this is!

Today’s historic visit by Jordanian Central Banker, meeting with Iraq’s Central Banker to discuss their new Digital Financial System, is one benchmark in a long list of benchmark’s, highlighting the shared intention to work hand-in-hand, for Peace Through Prosperity. Here’s an excerpt from their Press Statement:

Today, Wednesday, the Central Bank announced that it has made significant strides in increasing electronic payment tools.

A statement by the Association of Banks, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that it “organized an Iraqi-Jordanian banking forum in Baghdad,” noting that “the forum was held in the presence of the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Ammar Hamad, and the Jordanian Minister of Digital Economy, Ahmed Al-Hanahida, and a number of Iraqi and Jordanian banks and payment companies.”

Iraq and every major bank in the Middle East is making every effort to open branches in each other’s country’s to support the evolutionary changes taking place. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, are all making great strides while waiting for the US and Tier 4 launch.

This has taken forever to achieve. Seems like it’s taken way too long, but truly, it’s just long enough. The changes that have been brought about by President Donald Trump, his Team of White Hats, the Military, and his genius, will be studied by business majors, discussed for decades, if not centuries. Donald Trump demonstrated to One and All, the benefits of supporting We the People.

• Bring business back to the US.
• Insist that all follow the Rule of Law.
• Make it attractive for Business to return to US.
• Close the borders.
• Make good jobs possible in every possible way.
• Make it as profitable as possible for small businesses to be in business, with reduced taxes and reduced oversight and legislation.
• Make sure that the US is the top oil and gas producing Powerhouse bringing inexpensive energy to everyone.

So many changes took place during these remarkable four years. Every single Trump act was always 100% for We the People and the Constitution. We finally had a President leading the Federal Government that we could trust. Where would we be without the “Trump Cushion” in place? We’d likely be Venezuela, or like Myanmar, overrun with immigrants, facing crime, war and vandalism; our dollar would be in the toilet. Trump saved us from this. It’s believable that Trump let us go through the past year and a half to “Wake Up the People that were still asleep, to bring about lasting change.”

Now we have a president who holds his middle finger up to We the People. We are the slaves and they are the Slave Owners. This abomination will not be continuing because those who have suffered under the boot of these bullies, are standing up for Freedom. Iraq, a country that has suffered tremendously, is leading the way. We’ve been told that Iraq will begin their announcement with international RV of the Iraq Dinar, during the month of February. They can’t be specific about the date for obvious reasons.

We have also heard all about the Quantum Financial System and the incredible changes taking place this month, that will completely change “The System.” The date we’re looking at is 2/22/22 for this complete change over. Once this date arrives we’re in a New System and it’s dedicated to The Rule of Law. Can’t be otherwise. That’s next Tuesday. Yes, it’s another Thursday, Friday, hype for Tuesday start. But is it really the same ole, same ole hype? No, it is not.

The evidence is in play with the Historic Bonds settling all over the world, in double-quick-time, to hit the target of 2/22/22. They are pushing this in earnest tonight, tomorrow, and all through the weekend. 100% payout of these “liquid accounts on hold” is targeted for Tier 4 notifications. Notifications are imminent. Exchange/redemption is imminent. We the People will be Redeemed and it will be the start of Peace and Prosperity all over this beautiful world.

We made that happen. We are the Reason for the Season of Grace and Abundance that is about to descend like a sunny day, bright, warm, and leaving you ready to get out and do something.

Congratulations to the Sovereign and Free People of Iraq.

May we join you in celebrating?


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