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Al-Bajari: Al-Kazemi Is Obligated To Implement The Federal Decision Immediately

17th February, 2022

The Former Oil and Energy Committee, Representative Zahra Al-Bajari, confirmed on Thursday that the caretaker prime minister cannot disavow the implementation of the federal decision regarding Kurdistan oil, indicating that the region sold its oil for 15 years without Baghdad.

Al-Bajari said in a televised interview, which was followed by “The Information”, that “the regional government has established the oil and gas law since 2007, as if the matter concerns it alone, and that the region is still receiving its share of the budget even after it has not handed over oil revenues to Baghdad.”

And she added, “The region has not adhered to the budget agreement on the delivery of oil revenues to Baghdad so far, and that the decision of the Federal Court was not politicized as described by the regional government, but rather it is serious.”

Al-Bajari indicated that “the law will not allow the Prime Minister to act politically regarding the sale of Kurdistan region’s oil, forcing him to implement federal decisions without circumventing them.”  LINK

MilitiaMan » February 17th, 2022

Prime minister has to play by the law. Sadr has done an excellent job of coordination and timing of applying his prowess and statesmanship. The law will see to it that the revenues from the oil and gas law will be allocated appropriately from here on out.

Think about the money for almost  15 years that has been grafted illegally. Sadr wants the HCL applied by the Federal courts decision.

He gave four items that needed to be adhered to, to Parliament on the 15th. Then today, he has the Presidency of Parliament summon the Finance Minister and the Central Bank Governor to parliament in respect to six proposals.

At least one being the exchange rate change.

That said, lets not forget that there was a major event between Switzerland and Iraq regarding stolen monies. Iraq was able to get names and account numbers and the amounts of money in them.

It is suggested to be in the hundreds of billions. The implications of that is serious. Those that have money in those accounts will be getting a knock on the door, if not already. 

I find the relationship with Sadr and the Kurds today being talked about, as in that they still have an alliance.. interesting.. Well, just think about that.

The Kurds apparently have been tapping the oil kegs to the tune of up to $65.00 a barrel and for years and years on end. The HCL had been shelved under prior PMs, Governments, etc.. Well, the courts finally laid out the facts and that is the HCL is going to be appropriated fairly per Federal Law.

That stolen money will be clawed back and appropriated accordingly, as well.

So, as we see today, the summoning of the FM and the CBI Governor and it’s urgency follows right in line with the actions taken in Switzerland. A place that is not apparently going to be a safe haven for money laundering any longer.

In fact, there are many countries following suit with respect to challenging safe haven statuses. Think about it stable coins are being issued from many countries now. Digital Block chain stable coins are being issued by countries that are transparent, just as the new system we will see globally in the future.

Block chain is transparency..  Stable coins will directly challenge safe havens. But, for now the focus is on Iraq having the ability to breach the secrecy of Switzerland and get access to all that money.

That would to me suggests that Iraq has the need to know about those accounts and those who have held them and there amounts, as Iraq is now or is going to be international and on a level playing field with a new exchange rate.

All that money stolen will support this new exchange rate that Sadr has summoned those two, to review today.. 

The amount of items all converging is phenomenal, imo. Lets see what comes out of the UNSC meeting the Iraq in New York today and Halabousi meeting in Cairo this weekend prior to the dissolution of the Committee in respect to Iraq and Article VII…

All very exciting, imo… ~ MM

Integrity: Iraq Legally Succeeded In Breaching International Banking Secrecy  LINK

Experts : A new Iraqi era of tracking corruption… Switzerland’s coffers are not safe LINK

Al-Sadr sends a message to Parliament LINK

The Federal Court issues a ruling that the oil and gas law in the Kurdistan Regional Government is unconstitutional LINK

Full details of the Federal Court’s decision on the oil of Kurdistan Region  LINK

Rights: The Federal Government Cut The Way For The “Illegal” Kurdish Behavior Of Oil Wealth LINK


Al-Sadr demands that the Iraqis be spared the damages of interest accruing from the high exchange rates of the dollar

Shafaq News / The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, presented, on Thursday, six proposals regarding the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, including summoning the Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, and the Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb, immediately.
Al-Sadr’s proposals included, according to a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, “strongly stopping currency smuggling, looking into the matter of some banks, such as (Middle East, Al-Qaded, and Al-Ansari) belonging to some people who control the currency, and other private banks, and dealing firmly with banks belonging to some parties. controlling the country and the people.
In addition, Al-Sadr urged “to organize the Iraqi currency market centrally and in a correct manner, by enacting some laws that increase the value of the dinar exchange rate.”
Al-Sadr had called yesterday, Wednesday, to spare the Iraqis the damages of interest resulting from the high exchange rates of the dollar in the country.

Al-Sadr wrote in his Twitter post, “The rise in the dollar exchange rate, and the benefits and damages that it entails, should not at all cause a rise in the prices of commodities in the markets, especially the important ones.”

And he stressed the need to work through economic security, to punish all merchants who seek to do so, and the like, and according to the law, especially among the people approaching the month of Ramadan.

It is noteworthy that the annual inflation in Iraq rose significantly after raising the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar in the 2021 budget, to equal every 100 dollars 145 thousand dinars, after it was 121 thousand.

It is worth noting that all the prices of materials and commodities in the Iraqi market witnessed a significant increase, in conjunction with the devaluation of the dinar, which sparked a wave of strong resentment among the popular circles, as well as the objections of some interested in economic affairs.


An Economic Warning Against Wasting Large Amounts Of Money After The Fourth Wave Of The Rise In Oil

17th February, 2022

The economic expert, Basem Antoine, called on the government, on Thursday, not to continue to pursue a backward policy in managing the economic file, especially with the rise in global oil prices, indicating that the Sovereign Fund of Iraq has become a requirement to end dependence on oil.

Antoine said in a statement to “The Information”, “Over the past years, Iraq witnessed four waves of high global oil prices, but it did not invest them properly, as the price of oil currently exceeds 95, meaning an estimated surplus of about 40 dollars per Iraqi barrel.”

He added that “strategic and development projects, basic infrastructure, and the establishment of a sovereign fund, as it is in the oil-rich countries, will ensure the end of Iraq’s dependence on oil in the coming period.”

Antoine pointed out that “the continuation of a backward policy in managing the surplus of oil prices and not diversifying the source of Iraq’s income will bring to Iraq an economic disaster, as happened two years ago when the government was unable to distribute salaries and was forced to reduce the price of the dinar and an unprecedented economic stumble.”   LINK

A Sovereign Fund they tell us..? Well, they never had one before..? With what we have witnessed of late supports one will be in the works, as the money flow is about to change directly and significantly.

WE all have seen the recent news about the exchange rate change.. That is the sort of catalyst that will allow for the fund to get started.

Not to mention the money they found in Switzerland, the Panama Papers, the Interpol findings, the USA, etc..

It is about to get very real for Iraqi’s.. $$$$ ~ Amen.. imo ~ MM

Source: Dinar Recaps


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