Dinarland Highlights for February 18, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 2.18.22

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

…The Kurds apparently have been tapping the oil kegs to the tune of up to $65.00 a barrel and for years and years on end…Sadr wants the HCL applied by the Federal courts decision… Well, the courts finally laid out the facts and that is the HCL is going to be appropriated fairly per Federal Lawlets not forget that there was a major event between Switzerland and Iraq regarding stolen monies…It is suggested to be in the hundreds of billions…All that money stolen will support this new exchange rate…

“After al-Sadr’s tweet, the Iraqi parliament summons the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank”

I’ll bet there is nothing in the world now that is going to stop this Man, Sadr.  He has been on fire for months nowHe has told the citizens he was pro exchange rate change at the start this year. He is on track for that today, too…The CBI has the rate and the Finance Minister has the laws to allow the money to be spent. This not for later it is now, immediately…


Frank26 (KTFA)

After al-Sadr’s tweet, the Iraqi parliament summons the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank

Al-Sadr had presented, earlier today, six proposals regarding the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, including summoning the Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, and the governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb, immediately”    Immediately!

Al-Sadr urged “to organize the Iraqi currency market centrally and in a correct manner, by enacting some laws that increase the value of the dinar exchange rate.



The Iraq Government, along with Iraq’s Central Bank, are under huge pressure to get this RV done right now. Not right now, but RIGHT NOW! The reasons are absolute and can’t be changed, delayed, or put on hold. There’s no stopping this jet train which has left the station running at Quantum Speed…


Nader From The Mid East

Today [Yesterday] this afternoon the parliament would have a meeting with the CBI.  They’re gonna ask him maybe to change the rate.  I don’t know what’s gonna happen but something is gonna happen.  Sadr’s been pushing so we’ll see what’s going on…everyone is expecting something to happen this month.  We don’t know the date exactly.  Can be tomorrow…it can be next month.

Here’s what the CEO of the CBI said.  He said if they put the price up on the dinar it’s going to hurt the economy.  It’s going to effect the money box of the state of Iraq which I think they’re talking about a reserve.  He said it’s not going to be easy to change the exchange rate but the parliament invite them immediately Saturday morning.  You have to be here with your partners, CEO director, manager, supervisor everybody’s going to be in the parliament.  We don’t know what’s going on.  We hope something is going to happen…



[via PDK]

Ideally they wanted to do this on a 3 day weekend…and we now have a 3 day weekend with Presidents day…My Iraqi contacts are still looking at the 22nd.  They have been looking at this date for some time now. And Kazemi in articles is talking about how they need to reinstate their rate…it’s hurting the poor. This article was yesterday in Baghdad news…very positive.



The Central Bank is telling us at this time especially through the fact that they’re working on doing a three-year budget, the reforms, everything else that they are on track to revalue the currency.  We do know they have to form the government first…



History of currency revaluations – up and down – are documented, especially war-based currency history. Iraqi Dinar is just one of the latest in the historical stories to be written. It’s not “if”, it’s “when” and “how much”.



“Al-Kazemi’s advisor:  It is time to address the side effects of changing the exchange rate”

What do you think it means Pimpy?  I think it means exactly what it says.  They’re going to address the exchange rate.  I know what people want my answer to be but I’m not going to make that kind of commitment because there’s nothing out there that indicates this [A big RV].  All they’re talking about is changing the rate…I’m just gonna go on the assumption that they’re going to change it back to the 1190 dinar for every 1 US dollar…if they actually dropped it down 1050 dinars for every 1 dollar you’re looking at about a 27.5% increase…


Vital Brad

Was I wrong the other day to say Iraqi dinar was never going to revalue?  I’ve been in this for 12 years waiting and waiting and waiting for it to revalue – finally I hit rock bottom, readjusted my position on it and what’s happening!?!  There’s some hot stuff coming out on the Iraqi dinar!  Was I wrong? …

Al-Kazemi’s advisor:  It is time to address the side effects of changing the exchange rate”

…I still hope it’s gonna happen…I’m gonna let it unfold.  I thought it was really cool to actually see the currency rate being talked about on their mainstream news.  It’s a big thing.

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