“The Truth about When we will RV” by Angel of Light – 2.20.22


Entry Submitted by Angel of Light at 2:20 PM EST on February 20, 2022

Dear people in the RV community,

I figured it is time to let you know the truth about when we are going to RV. The RV will not happen, based on any events, any geopolitics.  So gurus, sorry, after I share the truth, all your lies…will end and there is no more lie for you to spread around. 

I will try to explain this in such a way, that everyone understands it. All we are waiting on, is for the redemption centres to sell gold. However they are only able to sell 20 metric tons of gold legally per week. Which equals to 20 thousand kilos of gold per week. Currently there are still trillions worth of gold to sell. 

Now to connect some dots, we all know, countries are going back to a gold standard. However when u have the currency gold backed, but you don’t actually have the gold….you cant really use the gold backed currency, because you simply do not have the gold for it. Since we are all gonna be using the QFS system, and gold backed currencies, the gold needs to be present, in order to actually back up the currency. Makes sense? 

Now i know that they are currently working very hard on selling the gold, but like said, they can only sell 20k a week. Now I got me 2 RV telegram groups, one is called RV truth, were the now pretty known Isaac only shares his truth, and a telegram room RV chat, and in here all goes, everyone is allowed to talk about anything and everything as long as it remains respectful. 

Now a member of this group called: Rude, explained the situation as well, here is his explanation of how he understood this news:

Country A buys the gold for its New countries currency/Digital Currency, and uses its own Natural Resources to put up and buy the gold. In return, citizens of those countries trade, redeem, exchange the old Fiat worthless currency, for new asset backed currency/Digital Currency
So if that’s the scenario,  many countries are stalling on getting on board and buying the gold in order to back their own countries new currency as a result… no liquidity for that currency because they have yet to buy enough gold

Part 2:

Country XYZ buys the gold, it gets numbered and a digital certificate is attached to it, when added to the QFS. As a result, the exchanging/redemption of funds during the RV process, can proceed as funds  all Tiers will be receiving as liquid will be clean and clear, and Asset backed.

So there you have it folks, the reason why we have not gone yet, and the reason of what we are waiting on. At the moment, they could start the RV at any time, but since the liquidity of funds is very limited, only few tier 3 people would become liquid if they start now, while the rest would have to wait…this they find unfair. So they will start it all, once all the gold is sold, so everyone can become liquid at the same time.

For me, and Isaac, and the group members, only the truth counts, no stories, no lies, no bs.

Angel of Light, aka B Light


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