“Happy RV Day?” by Michael Murdock – 2.22.22


Entry Submitted by Michael Murdock at 3:01 PM EST on February 22, 2022

Actually, today is happy 2.22.22 day!!! Because it’s 02/22/2022 that’s a lot of 2’s!!

However, the purpose of this email is two fold! It’s to wish you a Happy 2/22/22 day!!!, and hope that great things happen for you in the form of 2’s, and secondly it’s to let you know that whoever was saying that today would be the day of the RV/EXCHANGE has once again misinformed you. It’s NOT TODAY.

Yesterday, I was bombarded by notes from people from various sites asking me “Hey did you hear that on the 22nd the RV/EXCHANGE was happening?”. Once I got through the emails and texts the day was over with.

The other way I know that this day is not the exchange day is because over the past few years there are a number of people who have promised me millions of dollars for sharing information over time, and they all promised that when the exchange was done they would flood my bank account with those millions which total out as of today to $3.5 BILLION DOLLARS, which to this point in the day none has arrived. 

NOTE: I am NOT expecting anyone to send $3.5 BILLION to my bank. In fact, I’d be happy to just $100 and a thank you note, but I never expect anything when I send out emails, so receiving BILLIONs would make me freak out bigtime! (feel free to freak me out!!!) HA HA!

I can sympathize with those who get the hopes up and then dropped down month after month when things don’t happen. Sometimes the amount of misinformation is too much and it causes me to sink into depression over it because I want it for so many, so much, and the sadness when it doesn’t happen is just too much to handle. When that happens I slip into prayer more than normal and just beg God to take me from this world to a better place and grant the rest of humanity the RV/EXCHANGES so they can be happy in my absence.

If you look around the world at the things going on, you can tell when there are opportune times for the exchanges to happen. Right now there are so many things happening in the news that the last thing the elites want to have happen is there to be people in the world with more money than them because we could easily then turn the tide on them by buying all those they control now and turning the elites into the minions.

So, with RUSSIA doing its dance around UKRAINE, and RED CHINA trying to coax the USA into WORLD WAR III, there is no exchange activities planned for today or the rest of this month. Wait until things calm down a bit in the world and then we can start looking forward to the exchanges actually happening. I am because I can hold onto my currency a while based on what people have promised me, I should be good until after my 65th birthday which is 4 years from now.

Wait Michael, don’t you have to exchange in a certain amount of time? That was OLD NEWS that has now been clarified. I have received notification that WHEN the exchanging does happen you will be able to exchange every single day for up to 2 years from the initial opening of the exchanges and the rates will remain FIXED at the price of opening day. This is HUGE! While it makes little sense to me, I can see how they’d want to make sure that everyone got an equally large piece of the currency pie, so it’s a beautiful thing. This is WHEN the exchanges open, Not NOW, Not TODAY as some have announced. I wish it was today because I am running on vapors right now. Thanks so much for letting me know about the rumors flying. I appreciate hearing what you’re hearing. I always dislike being the one to say “that would be nice, but not today”. One day I look forward to saying “Hey! today’s the day!”. When that time comes, believe me I will be typing things out in VERY LARGE LETTERS so you know for sure that it’s REAL. But that day is not today.

God bless you all.

Warm regards,

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN

IF any of you would like to help me with money for gas or food over this next week, I’m grateful for your kindness…

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