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Entry Submitted by SG at 10:05 AM EST on February 23, 2022

Please bear with me, this is a long article but I believe you will find it very worthwhile if you read it to the end.  

It has taken this long for the body of Christ to be restored from what was lost during the reign of Constantine. He totally dismantled the (church), took us out of the community, put us in a building and thus removed the power and understanding of what Ekklesia actually is. What do you mean Ekklesia? Well Jesus said “I will build my Ekklesia and the Gates of Hell will not prevail.”  He didn’t say Church there was no such thing in Jesus day.

In the early days of the (church) everyone knew what Ekklesia was.  It was part of government. Later when King James had his translators translate the Bible he had them substitute the word church for Ekklesia.  Words really are important and do have meaning. By changing one word, it changed the entire structure of what Christ had in mind for his body.  The word Ekklesia is used over 130 times in the New Testament.

Today most think of nothing more than a building when we think of church. But Christ, in that statement, “I will build my Ekklesia,” was giving the power to open and close doors (Isa. 22:22)  and to bind and loose. (Mat. 16:19).

It has taken years for the restoration of the concept of Ekklesia to take root in the earth. It has taken the last few years and a combined effort of those around the globe to begin to build the Ekklesia hubs. Ekklesia is meant to gather in the local community and homes. This brings accountability, community, intimacy, responsibility and the ability for everyone to use their gift. ClearlyIt is not a church in the home –  but it is a small gathering where local community can break bread together Fellowship, pray and help meet he needs of those in their community and be the actual spiritual government over that jurisdiction by using their Christ given responsibilities to bind and loose and open and close.

When each local Ekklesia gathers, its main business in addition to meeting the needs and helping those around them, is to take Spiritual Authority over all the wickedness and wrongdoing that they see happening and developing in that particular jurisdiction. This is why we were given the keys to bind and loose – open and close.  

In addition to that, our government is of the People, by the people and for the people and it is our responsibility to be sure that elected officials are keeping their promises and fulfilling their duties to the people. 

Offerings are taken and used to help those who may be in financial need.  This way 100% of the offerings go to charity.  The group actually gets to decide how the money is used. If no one in the group is needy, money could go to a local food pantry or to another neighbor who is in need but may not be attending this Ekklesia. What a way to show the love of Christ to an outsider and invite them in.  Believers in that group can also pitch in and do yard work and Landscaping and babysit or help new mothers who may not be part of the Ekklesia which will help to draw them into the Fellowship.  The idea is to show the love of Christ and not to gather large groups to ourselves. Rather remain small cells that are managable.

Can you see the beauty of this setup as opposed to church?  Churches have to take in large offerings that they refer to as tithes so that they can pay bills, pay staff members, pay their mortgage, and the list goes on and on. What small percentage of church offerings actually meets the needs of those who are in a bind or need help.  How many people have become hurt and angry and left church because they have continuously given their Monies to a church only to never receive help when they need it? This can cause bitterness in some and they’re what we called burned stones.  

When the Ekklesia gathers locally, all of the offerings taken go to meet the needs of those in that local group or communiy.  Isn’t this a beautiful concept? And it came from our Lord and savior Yeshua hamashiach. 

We were never to be in a building.  We’re to gather on Fridays and Saturdays or whenever in our backyards and our family rooms and around our neighborhoods, have meals together, take the Holy Communion as a small group, sing praises unto God, pray for each other and rejoice in the love of our father.  Does it really get any better than that? 

People the church age is over!  We have entered the kingdom age.  Let’s get that concept of Ekklesia in our minds and help our local communities to begin to gather as the body of Christ in our homes. As our neighbors see the love we have for one another, this concept will embrace our entire area.  Now who can reject love?  By the way, Ekklesia should only have up to 12 to 15 members. When the group becomes larger than that, a strong leader breaks away and starts a new Ekklesia. We never want to have a large church in our home.  There also is no one leader or pastor.  There is an overseer who is a mature believer, walks in the fruits of the spirit and has good spiritual understanding and leadership skills.

Here’s a great book on the subject….. Ekklesia Rising The Authority of Christ in Communities of Contending Prayer by Dean Briggs.
I believe when the Declass is in full force people will need someone to hang on to and we who have been well informed and prepared by the Spirit of God will have a perfect opportunity to start these gatherings within our homes and communities.  Selah!

Blessings to all,

P.S. In addition to the spiritual responsibility of the Ekklesia, we have recently learned about http://www.bonds for the win.com so check that out to see how you can be instrumental in making sure your local elected officials are doing what the people expect.  We understand that elected officials security Bond can be pulled for violation of their oath and a claim filed against it.  They will have to leave their position until the claim is settled. Just yesterday two of our known YouTubers served papers to the office of Ducey in Arizona.  This is how we start at the Grassroots level, particularly the school boards, and begin to get these people out of their chairs. Then little by little we work our way up. Full instructions are on the Win for the Bonds website.


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