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I thought the whole world was going to turn upside down on the 22nd? Did I miss something?

After watching the years fly by, it’s funny how whenever a weird date like 2-22-22 come up, it’s a sign something is going to happen. Just another day as hope lives.

Ej It was a momentous day. Iraq is sovereign again after 30 years. Now they can complete the PROCESS of ReIssuing the dinar. Voting in the president and we are golden. Had the Kurds not messed it up on the 7th, we’d already be on the way.

Political: Al Furat News} The Federal Supreme Court has postponed the decision on the re-opening of the nomination for the position of President of the Republic to the first of the beginning of next March.

Why on earth is there another post ponement??? Why another delay!!!

A lot of Iraq politics happens behind closed doors.

If you read “between the lines” “The Federal Supreme Court has ‘postponed’ the decision on the re-opening of the nomination— remember, yesterday Tish said they showed the names of the nominees. So revalready I agree with you.

GM all. Agreed KajunBull and RValready, postpone opening a new list and voting on the 28rh…..Should this be the case, hours after the President we go to the bank the 1st or there about

After Iraq’s exit from Chapter VII.. Al-Samarrai calls for an effective strategy for banking investment

Today, Wednesday, the head of the Alliance of Azm Muthanna al-Samarrai called for .an effective strategy for banking investment after Iraq’s exit from Chapter VII

Al-Samarrai said in a tweet to him on his official account on Twitter, which was followed by (Baghdad Today), that “today, Iraq is liberated from the bondage of compensation that has burdened it for thirty years.

And trade to revive the economy .and get out of the stagnation state to development    link

What does Iraq’s exit from “Article VII” sanctions mean?

On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein announced that Iraq had left Chapter VII procedures, after paying all of its financial obligations, while the State of Kuwait congratulated Iraq on exiting from Chapter VII of the United Nations, by completing the file for paying financial compensation.

Iraq’s final exit from Chapter VII, meaning many positives, and here we review the benefits of this historic decision, especially the economic and political benefits of this important step, as it will enable Iraq to recover its frozen funds, and end the tax paid by the people as a result of the practices of the previous regime.

Since 1990, Iraq has been subject to Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter imposed on it after the previous regime invaded the State of Kuwait in August of the same year. This chapter allows the use of force against Iraq as it constitutes a threat to international security, in addition to freezing large sums of its financial balances in banks. world to pay compensation to those affected by the invasion.

Legal Status

In terms of the legal situation, Iraq’s exit from Chapter VII will restore its legal status in the international community, to what it was before Security Council Resolution No. 838 of 1993, which was issued as a result of the invasion of the former regime of the State of Kuwait.

It will also restore its absolute legal status in the international community, to what it was before Security Council Resolution No. 838 of 1993 as a result of the entry of the former regime into Kuwait, and that Iraq’s fulfillment of its obligations calls on the United Nations to lift the guardianship of Iraqi funds frozen abroad, so that the Iraqi will return to its money and right It is a sign of hope that opens new horizons in dealing with the countries of the world in the areas of development and investment.” A

pivotal role

Iraq’s exit from Chapter VII means that Iraq will expand its role among the countries of the world after its exit from Chapter VII due to its ability and efficiency at the political and diplomatic levels, as Iraq is ready to be the weight-bearing egg in global discussions and meetings, and it is the leader of the Arab countries in this regard.

Iraq is also different from the Arab countries in many military, cultural and political fields, and one of the first countries to renounce terrorism.”

financial breakthrough

In the same context, Iraq’s exit from the provisions of Chapter VII, means liberation from economic determinants, which were the cause of delaying the provision of services to citizens.

And that Iraq’s salvation from the consequences of the provisions of Chapter VII is a departure from the economic determinants that were the reason for the delay in providing services to citizens and will enable Iraq to manage its affairs without any determinants that would be a reason for delaying the provision of services and infrastructure projects that all cities of Iraq need.

Full Sovereignty

Exiting Chapter VII means full sovereignty, because Iraq’s survival under its control means remaining under the tutelage of the United Nations and the Security Council.

Iraq had been placed under this chapter on the grounds that it violated international security as a result of the wars of the former regime, and in short, exiting from Chapter VII means liberation from all political, economic and diplomatic restrictions and many other matters that develop the Iraqi situation externally and internally and its reflection on the introduction of investments into Iraq including It achieves a positive impact on the country’s security and economy, according to what the Director of the Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies, Dr. Ghazi Faisal, told Tigris.  link

Al-Kazemi: Closing the compensation file is a new beginning to restore Iraq’s role through the vision of the state, not the absurdity of the non-state

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, considered closing the Kuwaiti compensation file “a new beginning to restore Iraq’s role.”

Al-Kazemi said in a tweet on Twitter: “Iraq has succumbed to its efforts on the path of normal relations with its neighbors, brothers and the international community by closing the file of UN resolutions that resulted from the absurd adventures of the previous regime, and whose cruel price our people paid for 32 years.”

He added, “It is a new beginning for Iraq to restore its role and presence through the vision of the state, not the absurdity of the non-state.”

Yesterday, Tuesday, the UN Security Council unanimously issued a resolution officially ending the mandate of the “United Nations Commission on Compensation for Damage Resulting from the Saddam regime’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990,” after Baghdad paid the full sums owed to Kuwait, amounting to 52.4 billion dollars.  link

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