“Response to Wispy about my Response to Danlboon” by Angel of Light – 2.23.22


Entry Submitted by Angel of Light at 3:01 AM EST on February 23, 2022

“Re: Angel of Light’s Response to Danlboon” by Wispy – 2.22.22

Dear Wispy,

You ask interesting questions, for that I honor and respect you. 

Allow me to answer them, so you asked: So. What happened to all the gold that was liberated from 1500 miles of tunnels? Some say Quintillions of gold.

What proof of this do you have? Have they shown you the tunnels? Or the gold in it? Now when 9/11 happen, there was actual real big huge vaults under the twin towers, that got robbed during the planes actions. Some countries do have the gold yes, but this is not about a few countries, this is a global event. Meaning all the countries involved do require to have the gold to actually back up their own currencies that they wish to have gold backed. Or does this not make sense to you? Do you maybe believe that countries can have a gold backed currency, without any gold?

Then you asked this: If Zimbabwe is so rich. Why did they put out bogus Zim bonds and then instead of being redeemed like a bond with the value printed on the face, they  are now quoting 30 million for a 100 trillion, If that much , with a project that will not go far?
The zim bonds are not bogus, printed in Germany. Tier 3 will indeed get 30 million a zim bond yes, but keep in mind, people in tier 3, are whales, they have thousands of those bonds. So lets try a little math here shall we, lets keep things simple: whale 1 has 3500 zim bonds of 100 trillion, which whale 1 gets 30 million a zimbond. Lets see that is 3500 x 30000000 = 105,000,000,000 dollar. Now tier 4b are people that might have 1 or 2 zim bonds, and the entire event is based on the core idea of a level playing field, so would it be fair, that tier4b then gets the same rate? No, it would not be fair. So we tier4b then do get a higher rate. Also these whales have a lot more then just zim bonds, therefore they will make a lot of profit, and because the level playing field core idea, our rate will make sure we also get a lot of profit on the zim bonds. Does this make sense to you? 

Did this answer your questions? 


Also I said nothing will happen on the 22th….guess what I was right. Nothing happened. However since I shared truth, and got attacked for it, and called a negative nancy, heck even got banned and silenced for speaking the truth in some telegram groups, I will only share future details with the groups I mentioned in my first topic about all of this. 

Angel of Light AKA B Light


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