Restored Republic via a GCR: Special Report as of February 24, 2022


Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Thurs. 24 Feb. 2022

Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.

World War III Has Begun

Armageddon: It’s Going to be Biblical

Putin Launches “Military Operation” In Ukraine

Israel Bombs Damascus Syria in the Middle of the Night.

It’s a Nuclear Standoff Centered on destruction of Ukraine Deep State Biological Weapons Labs, while news last night the Israel bombing of Syria was too distracted by the Russian invasion to challenge US funded atrocities.

Global Markets Unravel

The largest Global Military Operation in Planet Earth History Has Launched

For a Transition to Gesara Greatness.

White Hats of the World vs. England, Israel & CCP Deep State

Would Soon Start in England, While Israel Was Last

Blackout Necessary

Beware of the Ides of March Black Swan Event:

A Global Stock Market Crash

Think Wuhan & Big Pharma Labs.

Bitcoin Underground Data Center = All Dams including Three Gorges Dam

See Vlad about to hit Dams

Daniel 8:6

And So It Begins…

Memorial Day: Promise of Liberty (5/30/2021) | Music & The Spoken Word – Bing video

Judy Note: The World War III that has broken out will be a cover for the Global Currency Reset.

  • Iraq has been removed from Chapter 7 and the Iraqi Dinar has gone international.
  • Bond Holders report they have received notice that they would be funded overnight Wed into Thurs.
  • Redemption Center Staff have been notified they would be working full shifts for the next 12 days starting Sat. 26 Feb.

Because of the worldwide unrest it is advised to have 2-3 weeks worth supply of food, cash, fuel, medical supplies and essentials.

Thurs. 24 Feb. Real News Headlines:

  • Mass Arrests were taking place in California today Thurs. 24 Feb.
  • Russian troops were celebrating with Ukrainian citizens liberation from the Deep State, Alliance forces were ridding the country of DS military bases that held Bioweapon labs, while the corrupt Ukranian government was making war.
  • Ukraine Warns “Radioactive Dust” Could Spread Over Europe As Fighting Rages At Chernobyl Nuclear Plant.
  • Rothschild bank servers were in the Ukraine, which was being taken over by Russian forces for the Alliance.
  • The Russian so-called attack on Ukraine was causing the Stock Market to crash.
  • Today and without any monies, the fiat dollar no longer of use, Deep Staters were pushing the selling of Crypto Currencies, which were about to crash in value and never come back.

The Plan to Save the World:

  • Q was a Military Operation. The Q team in the US was composed of over 8,000 people, and over 144,000 Light Workers.
  • Risk of another Shutdown. Be prepared to lose access worldwide: Swift, Social Media, Internet, then phones.
  • SWIFT = Quantum Financial System links to Quantum Starlink Internet = Project Odin. Social Media/Internet
  • Get all of your photos off Facebook, Twitter, Insta etc it is all going and never returning
  • New platforms controlled by Trump/White Hats/Spaceforce etc
  • Phones you will all get the 7 Trumpets/7 msgs to all phones on earth by President Trump = 7 Kingdoms before phones will disable.
  • No Texts or Phone Calls = Download Signal App in Playstore. It is connected to Military Satellite.
  • Signal is no longer CIA. It is controlled by White Hat Military Intelligence, NSA, Etc etc.

WW3 Scare Event. Nuke Sirens – It is Biblical: There is going to be a BIG biblical scenario where they make out it’s WW3 but really they are activating Militaries. Enacting GESARA funds and We The People rebuild.

  • Planes & Trains grounded.
  • Lights/Power switched off changing over to Tesla Free energy.
  • Bitcoin Servers/Data Center hit and turned off for good.
  • 99.5% of Crypto gone China Coins. Enter ISO20022 Coins backed by Precious Metals.
  • Water Event
  • Stock Market Crash
  • Global Martial Law
  • CASTLE ROCK -Scenario Julian Assange.
  • Quantum Systems. Project Odin Switched on.
  • Nesara/Gesara/RV
  • Military Tribunals/confessions/10 day movie – 3 × 8 hr sessions.
  • All to give reason to activate the Military EBS. Ten countries will be running EBS to cover the whole World.
  • Project Odin is part of Quantum Starlink. Our new Quantum Systems are to be protected by Secret Space Programs out of the Cabal’s reach (the Israeli Mossad had controlled the world Media out of the US).
  • The Turksat Rocket launched from the US in Jan. was a Military comms to people’s TV and radios in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Central Asia.
  • This will surely make the Stock Market collapse as will Precision Cyber linked to Executive Orders 13818 & 13848. It is all a show. Swapping from Rothschild’s Central Bank Notes to Rainbow Treasury Notes now backed by Precious Metals (Not Oil/Wars)
  • Now they just have to play out a Fake WW3 Scenario to ring sirens in every National Military Command Center.
  • This is to justify many things that have been taking place already: Gesara Military Law has been in place, as have secret Military Tribunals, confessions, executions and the lot.
  • Like all militaries normally do they will help build new things.

Q, The Storm Rider: The Ukraine CRISES is much more than most people know:

Political Journalist Brian Cates: “The reason Biden and Co. suddenly had to drum up a war in Ukraine is because Zelensky working behind the scenes with Putin is setting up a vast sea change in Ukraine.  He needed outside help to pull it off.  This is what Trump was setting up before he left. And of course Biden and the WEF globalists are FREAKING OUT over not only losing their money laundering cash cow, but also being exposed for all the hundreds of billions of dollars they’ve stolen from their own countries and funneled through the Ukrainian banks.”

Planes and Trains Grounded:

Early Thurs. 24 Feb. Putin made a direct appeal to Ukraine’s armed forces when he announced a “special military operation” in the Donbass:

  • “Your fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers did not fight to defend our common homeland so that today’s neo-Nazis could seize power. You took an oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people – not to the anti-people junta that robs them and mocks your country”
  • Putin called on Ukrainian forces to immediately lay down their arms and go home. The Russian president assured that all soldiers of the Ukrainian army who make this decision will be able to leave the combat zone unhindered. All responsibility for the bloodshed will be “on the conscience of the ruling regime of Ukraine.”

Global Financial Crisis:

  • Global Markets Unravel As Putin Launches “Military Operation” In Ukraine:
  • The two major indicators of a Stock Market Crash – the Dollar Index skyrocketing 6.15 and price of oil up 5.64% – happened overnight.
  • Investors pull billions of dollars from bond and money market funds at fastest pace in years:
  • Head of Ukraine Foreign Ministry Calls for Russia to be disconnected from the SWIFT global financial system. SWIFT will be disconnected worldwide so we can go to the Global Financial Reset. Go Russia. Get rid of all those Zionist Nazis in Ukraine.
  • Russian Stock Market already down 50%.
  • Evergrande Crisis destroys Tether which destroys Bitcoin (BTC). Tether goes down, D.C Defaults, BTC Data Center Internet switched off was the only to kill BTC they said. What is gonna happen to get New Internet on? The other must go off right? Remember they disconnected and shutdown BTC Mining because of Electricity Useage. We are going to Free Energy. Environmentally Better. Think EMF causing Cancer.
  • Russian assets plummeted approximately $259bn as stocks lost as much as 45%, marking their biggest ever retreat, while the ruble dropped to record lows to the US dollar and insuring Russian debt spiked to highest levels since 2009. (Bloomberg)
  • Strict sanctions threatened by the EU have prompted markets into freefall, and the Russian Central Bank into emergency action by offering $11.5bn last night in additional liquidity to banks in a repo auction.
  • Supreme Court of China declares Crypto Currency including Bitcoin fundraising illegal:
  • Putin has banned Jacob Rothschild and his banking cartel family from Russia:
  • Bitcoin slumped to its lowest in a month on Thursday after Russian forces fired missiles at several cities in Ukraine and landed troops on its coast, sparking a sell-off of riskier assets.

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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