The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 2-24-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 2-24-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday February 24th    and you’re listening to the Big Call –Thanks everybody for tuning in again tonight wherever you are – all over the globe – we appreciate you and yessssss … we’re back and hopefully we’re going to have a really exciting and fun call for everybody – I’m excited

The intel has morphed and of course this is a moving target – we’ve used that analogy before – but even from Tuesday into yesterday we knew that new schedules were being created for the redemption center staff – we knew those would be going out or they would be seeing those –

Then we got word today that – ok – this thing – we could get notified either tomorrow and go Saturday and this is in play – I am not saying it is not in play – we could get notified tomorrow and go Saturday or we could get notified Saturday and maybe start Monday – Sunday is pretty much out of the picture –

I went – ok – alright – but guess what? The 1st of March is Tuesday and you know – how – forever we’ve gone from Monday to Tuesday or Wednesday – or so we thought – right?  So we thought – So I’m looking at March 1st being Tuesday – going – I don’t see them starting this the last day of the month –

Now – here’s the latest piece of intel that we got – Redemption center staff is on call – that means they are not going in – unless getting called to go in – but to be fair – we know – and we are talking about Fri / Sat / Sunday – they are not going in unless the call comes for them to get in there – So they are on call  – they are on standby – ok  – but we know that schedules do change – and they have been continually changing – and if they get a schedule change then BOOM –  everything changes – everything’s new –

Now here’s my theory – Let’s see if this holds up – this is my theory – not influenced by anybody else – I think it is very possible them being off – not going in the redemption center for 3 days –  Fri / Sat / or Sunday – that we would get notified on Monday (Feb 28) and start exchanges at our appointments for the start of March – which is Tuesday March 1st  

Now there are a couple reasons why I think that might be their case –  #1  we have heard from a couple different sources that NESARA and GESARA – we are concerned about NESARA here – NESARA is supposed to kick in here the first of March – well maybe they will announce it on the first  – which is Tuesday – maybe they won’t – but we’re supposed to see some evidence of it – which to me – the first piece of evidence with NESARA that matters would probably be the gold standard and the USN and the new currency  the US Treasury notes – USTN

I think that is part of NESARA and one of the first things that should come out – so that’s something – and another reason why we may get started with exchanges on the first of March – Tuesday

I’m not calling it again – we know it “almost” happened  – “almost” called it this past week – and I would have been wrong – I don’t like my intel being wrong – I don’t want to be wrong – I just want to be right – s-  sounds like a song doesn’t it?

But you know – it’s like this – we’re doing the best we can to give you what I’m hearing from quality sources and listen – some of these sources we had last week were the top of the food chain –  and they were wrong – it’s as simple as that – 

I’m excited about where we are and I also know the bond holders have started Monday or Tuesday actually paying out – pretty good amounts and by the way they got access to all of their funds – that’s really good – not 1%  or 5% or up to 15% any of that – they got access to all of it –

Now –to be fair – these bond holders have limitations on how much they can spend of that money that they have full access to – within the first 6 months for example – or 90 days whatever –

After that I think all bets are off – but they do not want to over flood the economy with too much liquidity going out at the same time – and I think what we’re going to see with the debt forgiveness of NESARA and refunding of income tax money and birth certificate bond money and all these different aspects – I believe it’s going to come in waves – it’s not all going to happen at the same time

I think again they do not want to over feed the economy with too much money because everybody is going to get this – It’s not just us – it’s everybody – so I think you will have a certain wave then March another wave of refunding and retribution or whatever in April  and May – and so on

So I think it’s going to flow out over the next several months – but it just seems like the timing is right there where —- we’re almost ready to go with it – and really I think anything that is going on like a hot spot around the globe – it’s ok for that to happen and I’ll tell you why – like what’s going on in Ukraine and other possible hotspots you may be hearing about –

These are distractions – these are cover for us to get started with what we’re doing – cause remember the public is going when we go – John Q Public tier 5 is going to go when we go – now they have to find out about it – somehow – and then they will go – to tier 1 / 2 / 3 banks to do their exchanges – but we’re going to  use the toll free number that comes out when the emails come and then we will set our appointments and do our exchanges and zim redemption in redemption centers –

Remember all redemption centers in the United States are head up by Wells Fargo – even if it’s a Chase redemption center or Citi redemption center – or another kind of redemption center – You will have a Wells Fargo representative at each one – there are a bunch of them – like 4800 in the United States – there’s a lot –

So our initial accounts – the zim accounts I’m referring to primarily – those accounts will be Wells accounts – and you will get to move that money in 24 hours or so – part of it – some of it – I would not move all of it – maybe if you want to go to another bank – you’re going to have a lot of options – and freedoms

Freedoms that are going to come with a lot of new options – new responsibilities – new goals – new opportunities – Big opportunities – You’re going to have big opportunities – I think everybody gets it now

I hope this is it – I don’t absolutely know it – they don’t want us to know it – even the redemption centers staff doesn’t know it – – they don’t know it – they don’t know when this is going to go – but I think based on the new scheduling – unless it changes – I think it’s possible we could get notified on Monday and start on Tuesday March 1st  – let’s see what happens – let’s just hang in there –

Bruce’s Big Call  REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:11:41

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