The Nomad Economist: The Fed Fighting a 70 Trillion Debt Bubble Inflating Faster Everyday


The Nomad Economist
Premiered Feb 27, 2022

Complex systems fail, especially when the primary factor is looting. Audit the FED now. The longer they run their bad experiment out, the more bizarre financial world is going to become.

The markets are taking control of interest away from the Fed and, backing them into a corner. Central banks are selling subpar buying loans because banks won’t buy from each other any longer. Does anyone want some beautiful juicy Deutsche Bank products? I’ve got some Bear Stern stuff too!

Welcome to The Atlantis Report.

The Federal Reserve is a private institution and lends currency into existence. The interest paid on Treasury debt is in effect future taxes. Since already accrued interest owed is so high the pressure is to keep the Fed set interest rates low so that the government can pretend to be solvent.

Now when this is not sufficient for the demand to expand the money supply even faster, they have to avoid this apparent hyperinflationary spiral, and that’s why the idea is being floated to allow the Fed to buy Treasuries directly. It’s debt cannibalism going into overdrive and obviously, one of the last can-kicking actions available before full out Modern Monetary Theory to the population.

The Federal Reserve is a privately owned secret entity. And we have absolutely no clue as to what they are doing, in secret, to keep the treasury prices so low in order to entice us to keep borrowing.

The trap has been set, in secret. Just like the trap of easy money that was set that led to the 2008 financial crises. And they secretly manipulate the stock markets in the same way. If they had nothing to hide, we would be auditing these secret books of theirs. But secrets are meant to keep the truth from us, which leaves us absolutely clueless.

So we can only continue guessing what they are actually doing, in secret, to manipulate all that is financial with their secret control of our financial system. If I was a counterfeiter, printing money at will and buying anything I wanted, and to use this counterfeit money to hire hit men, or manipulate stocks, or to give to my buddies, would I want anyone to know what I am doing? Hell, no.


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