The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3-1-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 3-1-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday March 1st     and you’re listening to the Big Call –glad you could come in everywhere around the globe live and on Memorex or otherwise said on the Replay – I am welcoming you to an extended version of the Big Call – why is this an extended version?  (Chuckle) Because we really didn’t expect to do a call tonight – It’s not the first time

Ok I think we can do this in 12 minutes – let’s see what happens – maybe not – but we’ll try – Let’s talk about the intel and where we are – what is going on – alright – Let’s cut to Iraq because on Monday remember – yesterday – seems like 3-4 days since yesterday –  but yesterday Iraq was to do their thing with their new rate and seating their government – and basically getting Iraq out of the way so everything can go –

Now yesterday – which was the day they were to have it done – we were on a black-out from Iraq – in other words – there was no more communication from Iraq to the United States – nor was there communication we think from Iraq to other countries – they went incommunicado – and the reason is – because they did not want the rate to come out before we were getting ready to exchange because they did not want people buying up the very last of the dinar that they could find – and it’s only on one site that I know of and one / a couple other vending sites – But that is going to go away too – I believe tonight at 8 PM the other sites were going to be shut down as far as sales of any dinar – not much out there –

So we found out today (Tuesday) that there still under a black-out – we don’t have any communication from Iraq – we think they did do what they were supposed to do yesterday and I did find out that if for some reason they haven’t completed what they said they had done – or were set out to do – they have until tomorrow (Wednesday) to do it – I don’t know what time tomorrow

So this thing is going to go – you know darn well Iraq has been ready for a long time –  a lot of this is positioning – posturing – pretending – for things to be done /completed – and we believe they are – or will have been done by tomorrow

The other information that comes in is usually coming regarding the bond holders – we know bond holders / bond sellers were to be notified this afternoon and some tonight on their payouts of their bond money – and these were to be payouts in total – complete payouts where they would not have 1% or 5% etc but rather have all access to those funds sensibly as the email was received or possibly email would say starting tomorrow

A lot of things are keying on “tomorrow” – Wednesday the 2nd – and here’s some more – we heard that NESARA was going to start being rolled out more – let’s call it – this week – the first week in March –

Now one component of NESARA is our new money – our new USN – digital currency and our new USTN – US Treasury notes – physical currency – and we have heard that both will be coming out tomorrow – Wed 2nd of March

Now this is what we have heard – this means – and I know for a fact that the new currency we call the US Treasury Notes – will not have “Federal Reserve” on it – that is gone – the Fed is dead – 

The USTN will be a new currency that should be announce but may not get announced after it comes out – it might be the sort of thing you go to the bank / ATM and all of a sudden you’ve got this new money – it looks different in a sense – it has United States Treasury Note written on it

From what I understand tomorrow is supposed to be the day that happens – that we get the new currency – it’s in teller drawers – in teller trays – but a lot of those trays have been in the vaults and have not been brought out – will they be brought out tomorrow – in the banks – in the redemption centers? We’ll see – we think so – at least we’ve been told it would – we’ll see what happens – let’s just keep that one on the side burner – let’s see if that actually occurs tomorrow

What else might happen tomorrow? Hummmm? We had heard from pretty good sources that we would get notified today (Tuesday) –Didn’t happen – Did we get pushed to tomorrow (Wednesday) or tomorrow morning?

One of our bank sources said yes – tomorrow would be the day we get notified – and we may start exchanges tomorrow or we may set appointments for Thursday – now this is fairly recent this afternoon information from a pretty key banking source that is close – very close to one of the redemption centers that we talk to –

The redemption center staff is on call tomorrow – with one hour notice to be in at their desk ready to go – ready to receive phone calls to set appointments – will they go in early? Will they go in the afternoon? I don’t know – we don’t have that – we’ll see

 But if we get notified – which we heard we will tomorrow – then we will have emails with a toll free number that we call to set the appointments at – if you are a zim holder at the redemption center – one that is indicated close to you based on your zip code that you enter – I don’t know if you are going to enter the zip code with your key pad or whether you will tell them your zip code or the zip code where you want to do your exchange and zim redemption – that’s yet to be seen – I don’t know exactly how that is going to work – we just don’t know –

But we know that you will call a number and either directed and connected to that redemption center or you’ll be given from a live person – at the call center – a toll free number to call to go directly to the redemption center or a phone number – might not even be a toll free number – could be a phone number that you call directly to go to that redemption center to set your    appointment – and more than likely you are going to talk with an individual that will work with you in y our exchange and redemption of zim – that will be a connection that you’ll be making with a live individual at the redemption center – They will know you from the phone and you will know them from the phone and then you will go from there –

Now – here’s the thing about – you know I don’t do rates – I have been asked not to so I won’t – so let’s go where we are on that – Some people have said that certain zim will be worth this much or a few notes of this and a few notes of that and then the rest of it – forget about it – NOT THE CASE –

All of those zim notes are at face value and all are bonds regardless of the denomination – I don’t care if they are  50 billion – 50 million 100 Trillion – whatever they are – that denomination is going to hold at a rate – if you are doing projects the rate is going to be terrific – if you are not doing any projects it might be a little bit lower – lower – ok – but forget that noise about  so many million per hundred T – not true –

I want you to be informed and I wish I could tell you everything but I can’t – not supposed to  – so y ou just have to trust me on that deal –

I think this is really going to be an interesting week – if we get what we’re supposed to get tomorrow – this is the last Big Call – that’s done live or Memorex before this happens – it’s just that we’ve done what we said we would do – that I said I would do – and that was to take you all the way to and over the threshold of the exchange – Now when the numbers come out – Game Over –

Now – the bond holders are expecting to be notified with their availability of funds – when can they avail themselves to their funds – they may come overnight to them – they may arrive tomorrow and wake up to them – it’s possible that we do the same thing and we wake up to those emails in the morning – I have heard some intel about the release of everything as in everything goes tonight – like right around now or a little bit later –  we’ll see – we’ll see what happens – but it’s important to realize that we are in the last moments of this as far as we can tell –based on the intel we’re getting – based on the fact that we are very close – we know Iraq is doing their thing and are done – and I think it’s a matter of just hours before we get notified –

Whether we start tomorrow or Thursday – either way wins and we’ll go right through the 15th with the redemption centers – now here’s one other piece – the Public that is uninformed and not listening to the Big Call for example – is supposed to start – we call them tier 5 – supposed to start with tier 4 – we did not believe that for a long time – but just last week we were told they were going to start and go when we go – alright – fine –

The difference is that we – especially who have zim – will do our exchanges at redemption centers – if you are a  dong or dinar – rupiah  – and others – and not a zim holder – you would be routed probably to a tier 1 bank – even if you call the 800 number

But if you did not call the 800 number and you just went into a Chase or Wells or Citi – or Truist as early as tomorrow – you don’t really own very much – will you get the same rates there as we will get at the redemption centers – No you won’t – You will probably get a good screen rate but you won’t get the special rate that have been curated  for us at the redemption centers –

I am talking about other currencies than the zim – if you are a zim holder that has dong / dinar etc you will definitely do better at the redemption center just to let you know –

There are NDA’s that will last anywhere depending on who you are and how they read you probably very minimal  30 days probably all the way to 6 months or a year – depending on how they read your ability to keep your mouth shut – this is one of the most important things – is to learn about your security and keep your mouth shut – you really do have to keep it quiet – you really do –

You do not want people to notice that you have this – you better get with your security team and your attorney on how to protect yourself going forward – with even – even being a humanitarian with y our funds –  how to do that responsibly – How do I do that responsibly and do it so nobody knows where it originated – it should not come back to you

It should be from a Trust – if you want to do a non-profit that is up to you – they will help you set those up from the bank – remember the Wells Fargo is the lead dog on this thing – they are the Lead Bank in the 48 Continental United States – can’t speak for Alaska and Hawaii at this point but I know in the lower 48 the Wells Fargo will be the Lead Bank in every redemption center – even if it’s a Chase redemption center next to and part of a Chase Bank – it is run by Wells Fargo –

Can you move funds – if you do not want to be with Wells – but your mother lode account is set up at Wells – can  you move those funds? Yes if you don’t want to keep it there you can choose another bank and you can move those funds in a couple days – yes – Is it wise to do that?  You be the judge of that

I think I will part the mother lode with Wells and I have talked many many shows about the structured pay-out – that we’re going to receive – I believe they will go at least 25 and maybe 50 or 100 years with that – I am hoping they will go 300 years with the structured pay out – I’m just going to see what I can do – what I can put together –and then they will pay a certain rate of interest on y our money – taking the interest quarterly – that is my humanitarian account –

This is coming down to the wire – Stay off the news – stay away from  —- there’s so much bad information out there – even about the SWIFT –  We know the SWIFT System is gone away – for over a  year or 2 now – and finally the news said something about it like —-  it was something a way to punish Russia –“Give me a break”  that’s not true – not the least bit true – QFS is in place – ready to go – they kept the SWIFT open for a few countries just so they could catch the bad guys – that is all it was about –

So be prepared for an interesting March

Bruce’s Big Call  REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:14:04

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