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Passing the 2022 budget faces parliamentary opposition without reducing the price of the dollar in it

Today, Friday, the representative of the State of Law coalition, Muhammad Al-Shammari, confirmed that there is a parliamentary majority that opposes passing the 2022 budget bill without fulfilling an important .condition

Al-Shammari said in a statement to (Baghdad Today), “There is a large parliamentary majority that opposes passing the draft budget law for the year 2022, without “.reducing the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar

He explained that “the new government must make commitments, at least, that there will be a real measure that maintains prices in the markets and plans to reduce “.unemployment and poverty

And he stated that, “other than achieving these conditions, we as MPs cannot vote on the draft budget law for the year 2022, we cannot be part of the suffering of the citizen who voted for us in order to work to improve their living lives at various “.levels  Link

So I’m trying to understand…they don’t vote this weekend, they are taking the vote next week and tell them the plan after the rate change…so the vote results is next week and rate change before that?? I got lost there

I don’t think the CBI will agree to change the rate until the government is seated. Hopefully, they will install the president by next Friday.

Iraq just came out stating that the next session after Sat’s vote – 3 days later – will be the date that the presidency will be voted on, as well as the full parliament will be seated; so it sounds like this should happen Tues.

Well, looks like 3 more days to wait until we hear the results of Iraq’s presidential election; maybe they will move the date up a little.

Parliament faces the challenge of choosing the President of Iraq .. Barham and Reaper are at the forefront of the candidates

The quorum for the parliament session was completed, with the attendance of 238 deputies. Parliament Speaker, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, announced the start of the voting session to open the door for candidacy .for the position of President of the Republic

It is assumed that the Iraqi parliament will resolve the issue of electing the president of the republic within a short .period of time, after the Federal Court opened the door for nomination again With the presence of potential candidates, the nomination door will add to the list, Reber Ahmed, from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which is something that the parties to the Triple Alliance must pass, by dropping the effort against .the coordination framework and the Patriotic Union

The next quorum to elect the president faces the challenge of passing the candidate who is able to obtain a two-thirds majority from the two Kurdish parties’ candidates, Barham Salih of the National Union, and Reber Ahmed Salih of the .Democrat

Because of the inter-alliances, the conflict over the position of President of the Republic is shifting from being a .Kurdish conflict to considering it a Shiite-Shiite struggle between the current and the framework


Al-Sadr presents 5 proposals for raising prices

In the name of God. According to my understanding, summoning the Minister of Finance to Parliament is not enough.  The poor are still harmed… and prices are constantly rising, with great regret, and high prices should not be invoked globally, so solutions must be developed.

A quick. There are those who do not shy away from harming the poor with their morsels Only his fortune. So I suggest the following:

First: Increasing the items of the ration ration and delivering it to those who deserve it, especially
The poor, villages, countryside and the like. 

Second: Activating the role of economic security, setting prices, and punishing all Whoever does not comply with this will be subject to the maximum penalties.

Third: Supporting farmers and local goods as soon as possible. 

Fourth: Supporting the poor and downtrodden class with a food ration

Fifth: As we said earlier… A share of oil should be delivered to every citizen according to a strict special system and without procrastination.

Especially in the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of goodness and blessing. Since years.

The House of Representatives and the Iraqi government should work hard and diligently to Achieve these points, each according to his powers.

The citizen

Market Owners Suffer From Continued Price Hikes Amid The Absence Of Government Oversight

Market and shop owners launched a distress call due to the continued rise in prices in the local market, blaming the government for the continued rise in prices of commodities and foodstuffs at a time when price control was absent.

A number of market owners told Al-Maalouma that “wholesale shop owners have no fault of their own, as the goods reach them at a high price, especially with regard to rice, legumes and edible oil.”

He added that “the price of one kilo of rice during the year 2020 is sold at 1,500 dinars, but in the month of February, the price reached 1,850 dinars, while during the current month it exceeded two thousand dinars per kilo, which confirms the continued rise in prices and the lack of control over the market movement.”

Market owners held the current government responsible for the rise in prices and the lack of control over the local market,” stressing that the absence of economic committees and the failure to develop a plan to control prices caused them to reach unprecedented levels, which prompted some shops to close because the profit achieved does not provide wages for workers and electricity, as well as rent.”  link

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