Dinarland Highlights for March 5, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 3.5.22

Mountain Goat


So now they can freely move and transfer money around the world? Yet still have not reinstated the dinar? What has changed? What has changed in they are now completely out of Chapter VII How could they then reinstate the dinar before nowThe answer is they could notDo you see how significant the completion of war reparations to Kuwait is for Iraq? WOW! This county is going to now take-off…We know one of the next moves is to reinstate the dinar. It is coming shortly.


Frank26 (KTFA)

The mantra to change the exchange rate is strong.  It’s loud.  Parliament is jockeying to gain strength.  Where what they should do is sit the government.  Once they sit their government…you know what they will give them…


Godlover (KTFA)

Here are my thoughts of late. The candidacy for presidency drama continues. Per other articles, if nothing is resolved, the current president stays in office for the next term. I am not certain when that scenario could take place though…I don’t expect the budget to open until the new government is formed & seated. How long of a process for parliament to read & vote on the budget, is still unknown of course. As well, I don’t expect government formation completed until after Ramadan.



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Iraq has announced they are increasing oil production to 295,000 thousand barrels per day. I think that is important for us…This will be a huge boon for the Iraqi economy, and government. This is on top of what they are already selling us…if you do the math…at over $100 dollars a barrel…yesterday is was $113.00  …this is at least an additional $33 million, 335 thousand dollars Per Day ….  With oil prices this high…they absolutely can afford to do the RV.   This is phenomenal timing for them to do this…


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

They have told us they want to cease the currency auctions.   Well, Sunday’s auction was a mere $960,000.00. That is a very telling sign in and of itself…By that we can garner…behind the scenes…progress is getting done…The goal is to help the citizens. Purchase power brings hope and healing to the citizens, and that requires an exchange rate change. The support for that rate change…will be derived from the increase in oil pricing to the tune of $120+- a barrel and including the revenues form the automation of the borders equaling a similar amount to oil.  Let us see what happens next, my feeling is it is all good!!



The articles that you read it gives the appearance that they plan on reinstating the rate.  I try to avoid going in that area because I don’t want anybody to have false hopes but I am saying this appears…that they intend to reinstate the rate at $3.22.  I’m surprised by what I’m reading.  I go, ‘wow, maybe they are.’  Why are they going through so much trouble? …Because if you’re going to make the adjustment and it’s a small one it doesn’t seem to me like they need to go through so much hoopla IMO…

“Fitch Affirms Iraq at ‘B-‘; Outlook Stable”

Since 2015 they keep slowly but surely devaluing the currency.  I bring this up for a reason.  Understand Iraq today in 2022 is nothing like Iraq even from 2020.  It has come a long ways. There is plenty of reason to feel so optimistic about the dinar investment.



Community perception  – “the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar is currently a fake and suppressed value.” is a misrepresentation of the IMF directives...Again not true and just nonsense. The exchange rate is the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar it is not fake or a suppressed value. Over the years the IMF has created programs hence the term ‘program’ to stabilize the currency, cut costs, meet directives etc.  By no means is the exchange rate of the dinar artificial…


RVAlready (TNT)

I don’t think the CBI will agree to change the rate until the government is seated. Hopefully, they will install the president by next Friday.

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