Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “The Shift to all Things Quantum Starts Tomorrow” 3-6-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

03/06/2022 The Shift to all Things Quantum Starts Tomorrow

The Shift to All Things Quantum Starts Tomorrow

Earlier today a very encouraging message from a S. American Patriot-for-Freedom made the rounds, from Telegram, to chat, to Whatsapp, and all the usual places. It shared some truths that we have all heard bits and pieces of, that rings more than true today given all that we’ve heard. A remarkable lot of information it is.

The gist of which is that starting tomorrow, all banks all over the world are using QFS (QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM), exclusively. Confirmed by a variety of sources in many positions of authority… No more SWIFT allowed. Period. Drop the mike and depart stage Left. No more discussion allowed. Any banks attempting to transfer money via SWIFT loses their ability to be in the banking/financial industry. The (White Hat) authorities are not fooling around.

It’s all about putting a final nail in the coffin for “Money Laundering” and corrupt bad acts. When the population at large – and the bad actors involved in illegal activity, learn that the QFS is tracking the movement of money for 50 moves (and more), they will break out in more than a sweat. The desperation will have set in, leading to (potentially) desperate acts. Hence all the doom and gloom warning videos and discussions about EMF attacks/power failure/blackouts, whatever the evil Cabal might entertain in retaliation, it’s possible, but not probable.

Quantum Everything started today, and tomorrow, Monday we can see the evidence. Paymasters everywhere are contacting their down-line with reports that money is released. The only wait is for the Quantum to let everything go, according to the approved, verified, GOLDEN accounts, held by tens of thousands of good people – Dreamers, like you and me. These are people in CMKX, in many platforms that were created to participate in the Glory Days of the Paper-Fiat Money Buy/Sell Ponzi Scheme, proliferating in the 1990’s. These are people that joined Private Groups and received SKRs, for government bonds, and for currencies that were subsequently traded on similar platforms. These accounts number in the tens of thousands and Quantum has touched everyone to qualify both the recipient, the source of funds and all of the people participating, in fees, in commissions, all of the people that in any way participated in the earning of this money. What an amazing feat this has been!

This massive Watershed Event will touch every corner of the world, especially those harmed the most by the evil Cabal Cartels that have been instrumental in this corruption.

Evidence that this is underway can be found by the announcement made by Iraq’s Central Bank, yesterday, stating that Iraq will have a “new currency value” within the next 3 days. The CBI is closed today and tomorrow, so Tuesday it is!

Evidence that NESARA/GESARA is underway will be on huge display from every direction. Mississippi and Kentucky have both announced NO STATE INCOME TAX. North Carolina has passed a bill to hold a Convention of States and separate from the Federal Union – this following the same Assembly that took place in Abilene, TX late 2021, it’s looking like it’s about time to finally see an end the tyranny from WEF/WHO/UN and their Evil Ilk. Quantum has been activated and there’s no going back! All Banking Operations must be done 100% with the Quantum System and any banks not certified, meaning if there is no digital certification attached to every transfer – as in other banks such as Wells Fargo, that is already operating 100% in the Quantum System – they lose their license to operate. This is in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. The cheaters will not be able to cheat any longer. This Quantum System has been running simultaneously since February 22nd, so everything is already tagged, and recorded.

Get ready to celebrate! This is the official start of RV GCR and, NESARA/GESARA, and the best of all, the Fall of the Cabal.


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