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MilitiaMan » March 6th, 2022

I think this article is smoke. The guy has no basis to support the view.. Let alone a track record on the internet for anything.. imo.. !  If anyone has info him that I seemingly  don’t easily find, l would like to see it.. ~ MM

Samson » March 6th, 2022

Deputy: The government will be formed after Eid Al-Fitr

6th March, 2022

A member of the House of Representatives, Yasser Watut, identified today, Sunday, the “node” that stands as an obstacle to the formation of the government.

Watout said in an interview with the official “Al-Sabah” newspaper, which was followed by Mawazine News, that “the information confirms that the government will be formed after the blessed Eid al-Fitr,” adding that “the node that currently stands before the formation of the government is the choice of the president of the republic.”

He continued, “The political blocs are determined to build the country despite the difficulty of the next stage and the accumulations that occurred as a result of the negatives of the past stages,” adding that “to proceed with the construction path is forward and without return.”    LINK

Kurdistan decides to reorganize fees and taxes and activate the electronic revenue system

5th March, 2022

The Economic Council of Kurdistan Region approved today, Saturday, a set of proposals related to reorganizing fees and fees for services collected from citizens.

The media of the Kurdistan government said, in a statement received by Shafak News Agency, that the Economic Council of Kurdistan Region held, today, a meeting under the supervision of the President of the Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, and the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani

Indicating that during the meeting, a report on the reorganization of taxes and fees was discussed in Ministries and government departments and at the level of all governorates and independent administrations, which was prepared by the committee formed by a previous decision of the Economic Council for the purpose of reorganizing and reviewing fees and service fees, which government institutions collect, so that they again serve the citizens of the Kurdistan Region.

In light of this, the report reviewed, according to the statement, a set of necessary proposals towards reorganizing fees and fees for services collected from citizens, in a manner that takes into account the living and economic conditions of citizens benefiting from these services, as well as promoting commercial and economic prosperity.

Among the most important proposals included in the report are reviewing current laws and instructions, promoting work on creating an electronic system for recording public revenues, overcoming routine obstacles, and disseminating information about public revenues recorded in the electronic system for public opinion and indicating areas of expenditure.

The Prime Minister commended the committee’s work to perform its tasks professionally, and stressed the importance of promoting the adoption of the electronic system for managing government affairs, especially the registration of public revenues in a transparent electronic system and aspects of spending in a manner that enhances transparency and puts an end to corruption and waste of public money, and reduces redundant red tape in the process of transactions. citizens in this field.

After the discussions, the Economic Council approved the proposals submitted and implemented them within the framework of a well-studied plan and a clear implementation mechanism during which the responsible party is determined, the procedures to be taken and the time required for implementation.

In another aspect of the meeting’s agenda, the economic and financial situation was discussed, while emphasizing the necessity of regulating internal and non-oil revenues, provided that efforts will continue with the federal government to solve outstanding problems, at a time when the Kurdistan Regional Government will not hesitate to make every effort to secure the region’s budget and salaries. Its employees, the Economic Council also assigned the Ministry of Finance and Economy to take the necessary measures for the purpose of continuing the distribution of salaries.  

MilitiaMan » March 6th, 2022

This article imo is a doozy. It is telling me they are now ready to trade outside the borders and with a digitized system the will be tracked outside of the corrupt hands.

I suspect the interlinking or implementation that was talked about this last week is gearing to be live in short order now with the Kurds having been sorted now.  I’ll bet they are sorted.

The guy below may have had something to do with it, lol.. Maybe not, but the fact that there is a threat to the FM and the CBI Governor one may question that.

The threat may have back fired and now we see the Kurds on board for digital borders.

That means to me there Kurds may have a chat about where did all the money go and why it was not reported?  Well, it will be now be sure.

The new system is going to be transparent and accurate.  So accurate that the Kurds are on board. If they weren’t they  could or may have consequences that likely  were not worth it.. lol

I’ll bet all those off shore accounts had interesting names on the accounts.. lol imo

This all bodes very well for our study. The outcome is likely to be very promising and quickly now. 

The will in my view be moving to shed the losses now. The longer they wait the more they lose. I have always made the claim that, “the longer they take the more money we make.”

With oil now $125+- a barrel, secures that. imo Lets see how they work this out.. They are working it out!!! The automation is proof they are!!!. imo. ~ MM


(Background, they have been at this since May 2021.) 

The ASYCUDA system is expected to be a game-changer in customs processing in Iraq and improve ease of doing business in the country. UNCTAD and Iraq signed an agreement on 27 May to help the country modernize and automate its customs”

Iraq and #ASYCUDA virtually signed an agreement for the modernization of its customs, the reform and automation of its procedures through the implementation of its latest version of ASYCUDA system.



ASYCUDA Programme




Iraq‘s largest Technical Assistance Programme in Trade Facilitation.

Al-Salami continued, with reference to the Federal General Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq No. (23) for the year 2021, the two paragraphs (first) (fourth) of Article (16) of it required the automation of the customs system, import licenses and the collection of customs duties on the basis of what was sold of foreign currency through the currency sale window Documentary credits to importers of goods

A matter that the Governor of the Central Bank and the Minister of Finance did not abide by, and since the aforementioned act resulting from the difference in the amounts sold from the currency sale window from the imported goods constitutes a crime of intentional damage to public money and the citizen in accordance with Article (340) of the Penal Code Iraqi No. (111) for the year 1969

And since the Public Prosecution is entrusted with the protection of public money in accordance with Public Prosecution Law No. (11) for the year 2017, so we ask to move legal procedures for the financial waste that occurred in the foreign currency auction against both the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank For the reasons mentioned above, and the lack of application of the laws in force, including the law Federal general budget. LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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