Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “The Hunt for Oil” 3-9-22


Nicks Intel Update

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03/09/2022 The Hunt for Oil

Sanctions, Boycotts, Blockades and Pirates Or, The Hunt for Oil

While the US could be the largest producer of oil in the world, the Green Party will have none of it. The Bakken Reserve, which is literally covering 4 US states, is touted as three times larger than any reserve in the world. This oil and gas reserve is giving many involved in the fracking/refining business, big ideas about future profits. The PACs have started spending, pushing Congress to open the US for business and put an end to buying oil and gas from countries that the US have sanctioned.

The potential wealth of this verified oil and gas reserve has increased the wealth of this nation according to the Rules of Valuation created under the IMF. This huge asset of The People, has been verified, validated and certified, by all the proper channels. This is an asset that can be insured and monetized. It will also add to the valuation of the United States Dollar – in whatever form it takes. Whether a US Treasury Note, or a Federal Reserve Dollar, this Bakken Reserve is backing it.

It may seem that the “Green Party” is not on board with US oil and gas production but consider this, the Bakken doesn’t have to be working to be monetized. And We the People will never be told this has taken place. We can only guess, and a reasonable guess would be the fiscal 2022 omnibus spending bill being voted on tomorrow. The Federal Government is out of money as of next week, the 16th.

Where will the $$ come from to float this 1.5 Trillion Dollar Budget?

Will all 50 States of the Union get behind this omnibus bill? The bill (H.R. 2471) would provide $12.6 billion for the IRS, up $675 million from the enacted level for the previous year. Including $13.6 Billion for Ukraine. This bill is creating a mandatory cyber incident reporting regime under CISA, (CYBERSECURITY AND INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY AGENCY) emergency support for Ukraine and a funding bump-up for CISA as part of DHS’ annual appropriation. The omnibus spending bill provides more than $1.5 trillion in federal spending for discretionary programs. This Federal Government spending bill is chock full of line items in 2500+ pages that We the People will never see. Will this omnibus bill be passed? Or will this be the End of the Fed and bring on the Convention of States?

The world is in a (6 I’s) manufactured crisis from every direction but plans for WW3 aren’t paying full dividend though. The UN doesn’t wasn’t to open a can of worms that may come back and bite them. They’re not supporting a war in Ukraine.

Almost 1 Billion barrels of oil and gas is consumed in the US every day. Most of which is presently purchased from Russia which is now sanctioned. Add to the mix, Russia is requiring that all purchases of Russian goods be made with Russian Rubles. (Currency War Games?) The price of Saudi oil is rising to $130 yesterday, but right this minute has dropped to $110. What happened? A good guess is that somewhere in the OPEC world of trade, a deal has been made. Last week, discussions with US diplomats, traveling to Iran and Venezuela have attempted to negotiate new oil and gas purchase Agreements. We’re going to have to buy fuel from Venezuela which lifts sanctions presently in place. Remember the US supported regime change debacle in Venezuela with Maduro vs Guaido?

Now discussions are in support Oil and gas purchased from Iran which requires that sanctions be lifted from Iran.

That’s Iran Rial and Venezuela Bolivar, both currencies that many have held on to for a decade waiting for this RV GCR to begin. These US Treasury legislated sanctions must be lifted.

The Central Bank of Iraq committed last Friday, to 3 Days to RV. They were closed Sunday and Monday. Nothing was released Tuesday or Wednesday. Today the discussion from Iraq is that IQD will begin on FOREX with a starting float rate of $1 .50. The International Rate is not being discussed yet. Apparently everything is delayed – once again.

Iraq still doesn’t have a 3rd president, or even an official Prime Minister elected, and no (publicly stated) plans to formally accept a new president or PM, until next week. Although they do have a court-allowed Prime Minister and 2 presidents which can officially raise the rate, even without these government offices being filled. It’s a backroom controlled situation and we’re waiting minute by minute for the RV to begin to correct it all.

Governments have controlled elections and the monetary System with backroom deals for more than a hundred years if not longer. The Quantum System, tracking the flow of money up to 50 moves will ultimately put an end to the baksheesh, the payola, the mordida, and all unlawful acts that many corrupt governments have fostered. The System which allows people like Mdm. Pelosi to control Congressional Actions, will be halted once details of harmful acts against the People are made known. This disclosure will be very welcome.

Not much longer to wait.


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