The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3-8-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 3-8-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call again tonight – it’s Tuesday March 8th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Welcome everybody again all over the globe – wherever you are – thanks for joining us

Ok tonight is really interesting because we got some information – I’ll try to go back but not too far back – we had received some information that was pointing to today being a “shoe-in” – this is exactly how it was put – “today – Tuesday would be a shoe-in for notification – Well —— maybe —- even though it’s 10:10 Eastern Time what was supposed to occur and may have occurred at 8:45 – which was 15 mins before the Big Call started – that is when the notifications by email were to start going out to the bond holders for them to receive their actual access to funds – it’s  hard to access it may be at 8:45 PM but certainly by tomorrow they would have access to their funds –

What was interesting was it came from a paymaster of the bonds from Miami and this individual also mentioned that our emails  for our notifications could go out any time after 8:45 PM tonight – So whether those two  – the bond holders email showing them liquidity on their accounts and our emails giving us 800 number access to set our appointments – I don’t know if they’re going to be exact – they’re parallel  – maybe not a true shotgun start but they are parallel in the sense that those were to start for us as early as 8:45 PM and go on -So we know that it is coming for us – a little different time frame than we’ve had –

Now this is only my opinion – when those come out – they could very well come out – in my opinion – overnight or wake up to it on Wednesday morning – But here’s some other factors that will probably play into this –

The USD – our dollar – our fiat dollar officially becomes defunked (?) internationally – not for us in the states – we will have about 60 days to spend all of our money or exchange it at the bank – ok – if you have – if you are sitting on stacks of 100’s or 50’s – you may want to pay attention to this – because we’ve got a limited amount of time once this goes but the rest of the globe is being told the fiat dollar is going away and the time frame for this – what we’re hearing is 1 AM on Thursday – so that’s really an hour after midnight tomorrow night – ok that’s how I look at it – 1AM in the morning – is an hour after midnight Wednesday night / Thursday morning

So you’ve got that happening at that time – you have for the most part the SWIFT system is gone – even internationally it is out of service – and I believe that will officially be done away with if you will – tonight – maybe at midnight – I don’t have a time for  that –

However – when it comes to our government the USA Inc – is also going away at 1 AM Thursday – ok – along with that the fiat dollar is gone – the corporation of the United States is gone – and we move into the Restored Republic of the United States at – let’s call it 1:00 AM plus a minute 1:01 AM Thursday morning –

And so we’ve got our new Restored Republic form of government – we’ve got a new USN currency – digitally – up and running – and we should have operational a new USTN physical currency – the money – the USTN – United States Treasury Notes – they have been in the bank vaults for months and months – but now it may be time to bring those out on Thursday morning whatever time the banks open – let’s call it 9 AM –

So – I believe that is what we’ll see – I believe we will see that new introduction of money at that time as well – but digitally – is when we do our exchange – we take physical currency of dinar – dong – rupiah – etc whatever you are holding – will be changed into a digital which is the USN and that will be in our accounts – our QFS accounts ok QFS –

So – I am excited about all of that – the timing is close – we should be seeing – I think we should be seeing notifications tomorrow – and whatever time – I can’t predict exactly when – but whenever those actually do come in and I get the toll free number I will make sure it is on our website – and do our part to get it out to the community –

Beyond that – I can just tell you like when jenny was concerned about what was going on in Ukraine and we found out quite a bit since before that a little since that time – that Russia is not the bad guy – I don’t care what the news says – I don’t care what you see on TV – Russia is not the bad guy – Ukraine is not the bad guy – if there are bad guys it is the cabal which is the Khazarian Mafia– they are the bad guys –

Now there were 13 bio weapons laboratories in the Ukraine around Kiev – and also Chernobyl – so these have been taken care of – let’s say – found out where they were – taken care of – and that threat has been neutralized –  over 800 arrests were a part of that – and I can just tell you that the people involved in all of that – scientists – will be found and there’s also some information about servers and we know that we had Rothschild server that was still not located – that was found a couple days ago and taken out – taken care of – there were a couple more servers globally – I don’t know where they are – or whose they are – but I understand those were taken out I believe it was either last night or tonight –

So – there is a lot happening behind the scenes – and I would say it’s good news for us – it usually has to do with clean up – usually has to do with removing the bad guys and finding everybody that is no longer a part of what we’re going to be doing in our future –

So – when will we have some disclosure coming out – when will we find out what exactly has been going on politically and so on – I think that there is something about our start this week that may bring more of that out – I understood – now I can’t absolutely confirm that this from my own research but I understand that the IRS is no longer garnishing wages – as of maybe today –

I understand that certain people have been compensated in large amounts from the IRS so let’s see what that looks like – I would say – maybe some of NESARA starting to manifest a little more now – we’ll see it – I know we’ll hear more about it – and quite possibly some things will really turn around politically – maybe around the 15th or so – beware of the ides of March –

So – we’re in a really good place – what we’re witnessing right now – you just cannot watch the news – and expect to get the truth – not y et – maybe in the near future that will change – and that is one of my hopes – and my understanding is that it will change – I just don’t know exactly when – but I am excited about the possibility that we’re hearing of the timing for this – which is a couple of days away –

Bond holders should be checking their emails to see if they’ve got access to their funds – with these emails that is supposed to give them that – access to their funds – they are not restricted to 1% or 5% or anything – they actually have full access to their full accounts – the only thing they have with some limitation is on their spending – – so there is some limitation for 3 months or 6 months whatever – and then pretty soon it will be a fair open season on that – So let’s be expectant of something happening soon

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:06:20

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