“Why did God Pick you?” by Texastreeman – 3.9.22


Entry Submitted by Texastreeman at 2:09 PM EST on March 9, 2022

Hello : Family

Sit back and relax !  Allow God’s love and spirit sit with you awhile.

We are 1% of 1% of the world population that got pick thru spirit of God. 

Ask yourself why did God pick you to stay in this program, project. When we get told every week !  Tomorrow, next week, in 36 hours, nothing else to do, it must start on Thursday, Tuesday. Then you stay in with Faith it will happen. 

Why ::   Because deep inside your soul. You have a kind, caring , honest person..as you was pick.

When you decide to follow Christ. You are told now your life will be hard. Why because you are only a short % of people who follow a man, a spiritual man on faith. You was told Jesus is coming back. Over 2,000 years ago people had been holding on the word of Faith !

FAITH — That’s a strong word.

When you got your first Zim bond it keep you up all night.  Dreaming your dreams . what you will do with that money.

Who you will help.

Friends and families you could help.

You had to have Faith that this whole project could be true..

Why did GOD pick me !!  Why did God chose me ! 

Stop for a minute !  How you stuffer enough time to do GOD’S WORD. 

This is not the Alliances project.

This is not Trumps projects.

This is not the world leaders project. 

They are GOD’S tools to make God’s promise to earth, people. To bless them. 

We are fixing to move into 1,000 years of peace. You don’t have to be a child of God. To understand what the 1,000 years of peace means.

Even the non- christians have heard the story.

Now you have 1,000 years ahead of us to bless the world. Now they said Med Beds will give us 300 years extra years to live. That still leaves you 700 more years to bless the world. It may be your kids, grandkids, great grandkids who pick up where you left off.

Just imagine of all the kindness you can do with zim bond. Thru God’s Love. 

Is not helping humans change their life’s not a project. Is not doing God’s work a project.
Is not touching a person heart not a project.
Not Trump
Not the Alliances
Not the Chinese elders
Can say No.. To God for allow each one of us to go into the world and bless people .

I say this on God’s word and on behalf of God.  If you do not allow all people involve into the GCR/RVGo to and from the 4 corners of earth to bless freeing. 

If the Alliances, Trump, elders defined God’s word. They will be punish. For holding God’s blessing back . 

I saw this in a vision, was told thru spirits. God has given the zim holders a blessing, a Job. 

All Zim is to be pay out face value. Go and redeem each one you have. The GFS was put here by God’s blessing. God gives you 1,000 years to freeing give and bless the land, people of earth. Hear God’s words Alliances, Trump, elders. You have been told his words. 

Go and bless the earth.

Thank you


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