The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3-10-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 3-10-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Sorry for the delayed posting of Bruce’s call Wisernow was without internet service all day

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday March 10th and you’re listening to the Big Call  Welcome from where ever you are listening all over the globe – We do have people hearing us love  and we have people who  listen to the call on the replay –  Glad to hear everybody is in

Let’s talk some intel – this won’t take too long I don’t think – What are we hearing? We are hearing that this is supposed to be the weekend of all weekends – We’re hearing that the golden gates are to be flung open this weekend – We’re hearing that the bond holders and I’m going to include tier’s 1 – 2 – and 3 – which are the bond holders primarily –

Tiers 1 – 2 and 3 are supposed to be made liquid – I’ve heard 2 stories as early as tonight around 10:30 – so that would be underway now – or I have also heard from a different source – after markets close tomorrow (Friday) which is 4:30 in the afternoon –

I am more apt to believe tomorrow than tonight – Although the warning was the bulk of the bond monies were to be paid out tonight – or the other piece was tomorrow after t he markets close – I am going with tomorrow after markets close

And we go – wait a minute – where does that put us? They said they were trying to do this as close to a shotgun start as possible – between tier 3 and tier 4 A&B – I am going to tell you again – we’ve got 5 different sources weighing in on this – and couple of them are in agreement that it’s very possible that our notifications could come out as early as Saturday or Sunday –

The Wells Fargo approach that we heard today is talking about Monday notifications and Tuesday start exchanges – and it’s a typical time frame that they have given every single time they come with this – it may be right this time – they only need to be right once – and we hope it doesn’t change – and they said they hope that it doesn’t change – that nothing changes –

Alright – let’s talk about a little backup information as to what is actually happening – why this weekend could be the weekend of all weekends – there is something to the daylight savings time changeover – It may be just a convenient thing to tie into – but we do understand that it is a possible time frame for us to be looking at the transition to our gold backed dollar –

We know that the US Corporation USA, Inc – is going away – has officially gone away – at 1:00 this morning Thursday morning – and we know that the fiat dollar is to be dead – if not already – tonight internationally – and it may take a day or so for that to complete globally – To be completely fair it may take a few days for that to fizzle out – let’s say –

But what has to happen? The new USN – the digital gold back dollar has to come into play – so let’s talk about gold – there are 7 countries that are the top 7 gold owned – owning gold countries – this may not be in the order of highest to lowest – just going to give you the countries by name – Russia – China – India –Indonesia – Iraq – Kuwait –  and United States  –

So what is happening? What is happening tomorrow (Friday) we do not know what time – this is really – you know – not based on our time zone – but theirs – Russia – China – India – are going to be divulging to we think our treasury – we don’t know exactly –  but we think it’s our treasury ———– they’re going to be divulging their gold “totals”  their total amounts of gold – why? – Because these gold   stores – if you will – are supporting the currency – the gold backed currencies in those 3 countries – and those 3 will be announcing those – if you will – not publically on TV but to whoever needs to know this – probably the treasury – could be another agency but we know the treasury –

Ok – now the other 4 countries are also going to be gold backed / asset backed with primary asset being gold – and those are – like I mentioned – Kuwait – Iraq – Indonesia and the United States – and so we are all going to a gold backed currency and we should have our digital USN – I am going to say – Saturday or Sunday –  and the physical USTN currency we don’t know exactly when our new gold backed dollars – meaning our actual physical  currency that we would put inside our pockets would come out –

It may be somewhere around the 15th because the 15th of March – the Ides of March – there is a lot that is coming form that – we think that even this weekend there might be some NESARA – form or announcement or information coming out –  We are really keying more on the 15th which is next Tuesday – ok – because the 15th is supposed to be when NESARA is enacted –  the beginning of the activation of it  of NESARA

Now we have seen some first fruits of NESARA come through for months now – occasionally we’ll see debt forgiveness – little test things that happen – but we’re supposed to see more – and hopefully we get some announcements – and realistically we need an announcement about our new currency the USTN – physical currency and the new USN new digital currency –

When we exchange our currency and redeem our Zim bonds – we’re going to be doing that into a digital currency called USN through the QFS –

Alright – a little side note – they were I think since Monday – they were connecting our cell phone carriers through the StarLink system – and I remember – was it yesterday – Wednesday morning 8 AM they completed and hooked up Verizon –

T-Mobile was done earlier – ATT was the last and most tedious – because they had forced some companies under ATT’s name – but that got handled – already today – we thought that might drag on but there are a few other aspects to it that are being handled tonight

Let’s talk about where Monday -e we are now –  I ‘ve got to bring out this other piece that I mentioned earlier – that says we may not get notified until Monday – However – my thinking is – I hope I’s accurate – If the bond holders do receive their emails – giving them access to their funds – liquidity – in their account – access to that liquidity – and if that happens for them tomorrow afternoon (Friday) after the markets close – tomorrow “evening” – it might move us along a little sooner – 

We could see something Saturday or Sunday in the way of notifications – and if we did – we’d probably end up exchanging starting – However – like I said – the lead bank is saying notifications to us – they’re hearing from a call they were on today – notifications Monday – exchanges starting Tuesday –

We have to sort of give thought to that – even though we’re getting other information that says it could be sooner – so I am sorry if it’s a little vague – but that is what I’m getting – just telling you what it is I’m hearing – and I’m trying not to take that information and read too much into it one way or another – Lot of puzzle pieces and now its time to put those pieces together and make a picture we can see –

What’s going on in the Ukraine? Ukraine – I told you we found all 13 bioweapons laboratories and destroyed those – we found  – … we’re finding out that the funding for those bio weapons – were started back in the Obama administration –  and has continued through to the current administration – 

That is very unsettling to me but it was funded through the CIA which was NOT a good thing obviously – Now I am going to tell you something very basic about this new bio weapon that thank God we have put an end to it –

But they have storage –  places of storage – for that bio weapon – and they found the Russians went in and found all of those – now – the news is painting Russia as the bad guys – They are not – neither is the Ukraine a bad guy – The bad guys as I said Tuesday is what’s known as the Khazarian Mafia – the Cabal – the Deep State – lot of different names for it

It is important to know that we did find where those bio weapons were being stored – and their intention – the people that funded this – the people that created this – their intention was to wipe out 70% of the world population this Fall – this coming Fall – with that weapon 

It’s NOT going to happen –Our military people went in there and found these things – we’ve got the good intel – they found it and they’re going to put an end to it –

Now on a higher note –President Trump is doing a rally in Florence SC Saturday – it’s on News Max – and several other media sites – That’s going to be interesting – I think Pres Trump may talk a little bit about the Ukraine situation – bio weapons and all of that –

I haven’t seen this but understand that Tucker Carlson did a big report yesterday – and came out with a lot of the same type information – but for you that are shaking your head –  – I don’t get political typically –  I don’t – But – this is important – important that we understand it – and are up to speed on what’s really happening – and that’s why I’m telling everyone that has concerns about the Ukraine – We’ve got to be aware – and we are going to get more and more aware as we go –

Alright I think that is the basic intel – Let’s see what happens 

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins 1:28:50

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