The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 3-17-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 3-17-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call again tonight – By the way – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone out there – and hopefully no one got pinched for not wearing green – I’m glad everybody is tuned in – I’m not happy that we are here tonight – you know because of the way the thing has been coming at us intel wise – but I am happy to be on the call and sharing what I do have tonight

So let’s talk about where we are from an intel point of view – I was a little bit disappointed – I am not going to be dishonest with you – I am going to tell you the truth – I was very disappointed today to hear that we were NOT going to be notified today or tomorrow – as I had heard previously – even Wednesday – right?

Remember – we do get information every day – even Sunday’s – sometimes we get great information Saturday or Sunday – it just comes in when it comes in and we have ways to make that work – we know the banks in general have tightened down – their communication out of the bank – we do what we can to find out what is really going on –

We found out that we had good information that was talking about us being notified today or tomorrow and then it came back to us – and this was from the lead bank – then it came back to us – no — we’re going to scratch Thursday – so that put Friday into play – and what I was disappointed to hear was that – sorry  on a conference call that was this morning from 9-10 – we understand that the siting on when to let this go – meaning our notifications either Monday or Tuesday – 

Well I wasn’t too thrilled about hearing that – let me put it this way – if that is what it is – meaning Monday or Tuesday – yeah – if we survive – and I believe we will – in Jesus name we will get there – ok – then – fine – alright – good – I just want it to be through – I want it to happen just like all of you do – you are no different than me on that –

It’s 18  years now that I have been involved in this as being directly involved  with ownership of the currencies  – ok – so I have been it this a long time – 11 years on the Big Call – so the point is – we are ready for this to go – I know we are – there are things that have happened in the last week or so – and I don’t know anything specifically that took us from today or tomorrow all the way to Monday or Tuesday – I don’t have that  – I may get it so anyway that was a little bit of a rant – but when we go to what we do know – we know that yesterday morning – which was Wednesday – the US Petro dollar was done away with –

The Petro dollar was what we were using to buy oil – negotiate oil trading with – so that’s gone – and we had heard that the USD our fiat dollar ok – which is that Federal Reserve Note that we have currently in our wallets – but that was going away and we heard a couple of dates on this – we heard a date of overnight last night or today – and then we heard more recently and I think more accurately that would go away – now this is for international trading purposes – doesn’t mean or money “here” ok – is worthless – it’s not –

but –  the money that is used to trade internationally based on our USD / fiat dollar – is going away tomorrow (Friday) – a few days ago it was going away after the markets closed in New York – which is 4-4:30 PM – That’s when that will happen and that is the latest news I’ve had about that – it seems to be holding up –

So we know that there has been an increase of activity in Reno – what it is about we don’t exactly know – though I have a theory I may share with you –  we are hearing a huge increase  of activity happening out of Reno

What we also heard – this is something I’m going to put out that we’ve all heard before that the St Germaine Trust – remember we always said the St Germaine Trust can only be opened Christmas time and at Easter – Well guess what? I didn’t buy it then and I don’t buy it now – because it’s not true – Never was true – False information from the Cabal to make us think we could never get access to that St Germaine’s Trust twice a year – True – and they will access it –and they are JOT going to wait until Easter to do that and they will access that fund and it does not have as quite as big of a reserve as the Rodriguez Trust

The Rodriguez Trust is a bottomless pit – it has plenty of zeros and it increases daily – ok – but the Rodriguez Trust to my understanding might have had 14 or 16 zeros – maybe – still a sizeable amount of money and I may be off by 1 or 2 zeros on that but that fund is actually going to be used – ok here’s how it works – that fund is going to be used for retribution to families and businesses that were directly affected by the covid 19 virus – and that pay out – if you will – of those funds from the St Germaines Trust was negotiated by President Trump and President of China – just recently –  that has come together so that those funds will go out to help mediate the damage from the covid 19 –

Now – the other thing that we are looking for and we have found to be true – and I’ve told you before – Russia is OT the bad guy over there – and neither is Ukraine – I’ve told you twice already  the bad guys are the Khazarian Mafia …and most of them have been taken care of – this is continuing – ongoing – but we also heard that Putin of Russia has frozen funds on a number of bad people – let’s say – that have interest in the Ukraine – I think  you know where I was going with that and that is a good thing – they have been frozen  not going to get unfrozen –

So there is activity continuing to happen there with the people that had designed these bio weapons in a number of laboratories  – they found the Labs – they got the scientists  (8 of them) and so they are continuing to clean up –

This is all moving forward for us and I’m sure that now the bond money has started rolling out not in huge waves but in smaller ways and the bond holders are getting full access to their funds – not a small percentage of the but “full” access and it has been first in / first out –  the bonds that were first put up and traded get the first payment –

Now they are switching over from that situation to a deal where the lowest of the bond totals – the “least of the bondholders” will be paid out in the order from smallest to largest  – and I thought that might happen because they don’t want to overheat the economy with too much too fast – from the result of these bonds but that is the transition to that is happening now – and this may be – this is my theory – this may be why Reno is buzzing and things are really popping and large sums of money may be what is happening out of Reno – for the purpose of paying out these bond holders

Remember they tend to negotiate these and pay these out the paymasters out of New York – Reno – Miami – and also Zurich, Switzerland – as well as occasionally in another mid eastern – Far East destination – and they have 2-3 they have used over in the Far East –

So everything else that we know of especially regarding Iraq is an accomplished feat  – ok – I don’t really see a whole lot else but you know as well as I do by now that every time we turn around – oh there’s a Colombo moment – oh just one more thing – and I’m tired of it – know you’re tired of it – unless it’s something major – like a new currency for us – a new USN – digital currency and then a USTN currency – you know – it’s – unless it’s something major – that we don’t know about – which does not make sense – at this point – we kinda know a lot about most of the puzzle pieces and we know that the banking system is completely lined up with the QFS – with the StarLink Satellite  System – with the FenTech System – you know – everything –

Everything seems like it’s coming together and is ready to go – so I believe it probably has to do with getting more of the bond holders paid out before we get notified – maybe that’s what it is – something as simple as that

By the way – President Putin of Russia also has already announced the Gold Standard – for Russia and he’s already announced GESARA for Russia and so we are looking for NESARA and remember I told you about the retribution for the covid 19 virus?  And the money would be going to families and businesses that were affected by that -? That is also going to be handled under NESARA – which we believe we’re going to get more information about – and possibly more financial action still this month –

Remember Tuesday is the 22nd  – I know there were some things said and written about that – I don’t think we’re planning to go all the way to Easter Sunday although I do get the symbolism of it – but we thought we were going to get notified today or tomorrow – Now they are saying Monday or Tuesday – Now that is the most important thing that out of all of this of course  I am concerned about and looking for

So  that is primarily what we have and what I wanted to bring tonight – I think we get the gist and are probably waiting – I think for the USN digital currency to be finalized – I thinks that’s probably – because we heard it was going to take place after 4 PM Friday when the US Fiat Dollar was going to go away – so if that’s the case it may still take a day or two for globally – for the world to be ready for that transition – I bet you a dollar that is what it is – so maybe we’ll find out

Will we have a call next Tuesday? Don’t know – I hope not – I hope we’re all having our numbers and setting appointments and going in for an exchange – so let’s see what happens – obviously we’re going to be here if we don’t have our toll free numbers

Thanks everyone for listening –

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:21:41

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