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Al-Rubaie: Parliamentary efforts to reconsider the dollar exchange rate and include the student grant in the budget

Member of Parliament, Representative Ahmed Al-Rubaie confirmed, on Sunday, the existence of parliamentary efforts to include the student grant in the 2022 budget, and to reconsider the dollar exchange rate.

Al-Rubaie said, “After the significant improvement in crude oil prices and the availability of financial liquidity, which will positively reflect on Iraq’s budget in 2022, the government should plan appropriately for it, and invest this financial opportunity to change the difficult economic situation experienced by the citizen, such as creating job opportunities for thousands of graduates and the unemployed, and supporting Expand those covered by the social protection network.

Al-Rubaie added in an interview with the official news agency, which was followed by “Mawazine News”, that “there are parliamentary efforts to include the student scholarship in the 2022 budget, and to reconsider the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar.”  link

Al-Kazemi asks the political forces to take responsibility and form the government 

The obelisk publishes, on Sunday, March 20, 2022, the most important statement of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi during his inauguration of Al-Batool Teaching Hospital, with a capacity of 220 beds, on the right :side of the city of Mosul Today, we stand among our people in our beloved Mosul, Umm al-Rabeein, to inaugurate this health edifice, which was implemented by the Hussainiya Holy Shrine in Karbala Governorate in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and .the Governorate Health Department, which indicates the cooperation of Iraqis to build their country

We extend our thanks to the wise Supreme Reference and the Holy Shrine of Husseiniya, which achieved this health – edifice, in addition to all the good efforts that made the effort and giving to transform the hospital into a reality that .serves the people of the province

In order to build the state, we need to protect the dignity of citizens, and health care is part of the dignity of the – citizen, and there are many health projects that have been sluggish over the past years, but the government, despite the circumstances, has succeeded in reviving many lagging projects with regard to health in our governorates and in .general Iraq

From this site and from Nineveh Governorate, we send a message to all Iraqi political and patriotic forces, saying – that this city, which was destroyed by the conditions of the war against ISIS, is regaining its life and able to revive its .reality through the projects and workshop in the governorate

Six months after the elections, the political forces are required to assume their responsibilities and work to form a .government that will assume its responsibilities in serving the citizens

We say enough is indulgence and laziness, today we must work together to restore consideration for all of Iraq, and – .stop at all the stations that led us to this political blockage

We have to work together in the spirit of one team as Iraqis, we have no choice but Iraq, and we must serve it, and – today we are facing a model of cooperation between the Husseiniya Shrine, the Ministry of Health and the Nineveh .Governorate, a model that proves that Iraqis can overcome many crises in building their country

I remind the Iraqis that the world is going through difficult and complicated circumstances due to the Russian- – Ukrainian war, and the rise in food prices, which in some cases have risen by double rates, but despite the lack of a budget, the government has taken decisions to support the citizen, and to control prices, and we have stopped .customs, taxes and some fees so as not to be affected Citizens of the consequences of rising prices

It is imperative to work with all force to form a government that performs its duties and entitlements, as the next – phase is a phase of entitlements. This government has succeeded in protecting the Iraqi economy from collapse, .through several reform measures

We presented a vision for economic reform, and we hope that the next government will adopt the white paper, which – .all international economic organizations emphasized its importance and seriousness in reform

The political forces must be aware of the danger of inaction, and we must think about the people and their dignity; – .In order to serve them, I thank the people of the province for their patience in dealing with challenges

Happy New Year, tomorrow is the first day of spring and Nowruz, and to our people in Kurdistan I say once again .Happy New Year, to you and to all Iraqis

Media Office of the Prime Minister
March 2022 20  link

Great article! During the next two days… The rule of law reveals a meeting between the framework and the current and announces the name of the candidate for the Prime Minister of Iraq – Urgent

Good evening, Yada! I read that article earlier, very good news. From other articles I’ve read as well, it looks like a lot of pressure is being put on Iraq to get their govt formed.

LOL,,,the biggest pressure of having Parliament disbanded has a lot to do with it. They don’t want Kazhimi there any longer than he needs to be with the arrest orders ready to be released.

Maybe they’ll even get this done in Tuesday’s Parliament session!!

Annie, I hope you’re right! Makes our chances go up to see something by the end of the week.

Two dates for the election of the President of the Republic .. Will the Federal Court intervene to dissolve the House of Representatives?

Today, Saturday, legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi revealed two dates for electing the President of the Republic by the House of Representatives, while indicating the possibility that the Federal Court would intervene to dissolve the House of Representatives.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, that “the procedures for electing the new president of the republic are as follows:

1. According to the Federal Court’s decision to open the door for nomination for the position of President of the Republic for one time only No. 24 of 2022, the Presidency of Parliament has a period of 30 days in accordance with Article 72 II of the Iraqi Constitution from March 6 to April 6, during which the President of the Republic is elected in a binding manner..

After setting the date of March 26 to hold the session, in the event that the new President of the Republic is not chosen, the parliament presidency can postpone it until April 6 only.. It is solvable..and perhaps..the parliament will be dissolved at the request of a third of the members and the approval of the absolute majority of the number of members in accordance with Article 64 of the constitution or by a decision of the Federal Supreme Court if it is a referendum..and we will be..in both cases..in front of new early elections…and the government will continue Present day-to-day affairs..according to the same article above..  

2. In the case of starting to vote on choosing the new President of the Republic, who stipulated the Federal Court’s decision to open the session with a two-thirds majority of 220 deputies and to be present at the start of voting in accordance with the Federal Court’s decision to open the nomination door with this percentage in the first round and if none of the candidates obtained this In the ratio, we are facing a second round in which the competition is limited to the first and second highest winners, and either of them gets the majority of votes, meaning if the first gets 50 votes and the second gets 30, the owner of the 50 votes is the President of the Republic who is president and takes the constitutional oath before Parliament and in the presence of the President of the Federal Court in accordance with Article 70 Constitution and Law 8 of 2012.

3. After that, the President of the Republic assigns the candidate of the most numerous parliamentary bloc within 15 days of taking the oath, which has not yet been determined, assigning him to form the government and the government curriculum within 30 days of his assignment in accordance with Article 76 of the Constitution with all its details.  link

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