Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “The Russian are Coming” 3-20-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

03/20/2022 The Russian are Coming

Although it’s looking like another weekend of nada, the details are anything but. “Nada” as in “nothing” depleting the soul, is the lie being told by those without eyes to see or ears to hear. A better thought is, “All that is necessary to happen is happening right now. White Hats have this “Great Shift,” under control.”

The events of the past few weeks include USD to USN exchange in T1 accounts all over the world. These accounts are the very same accounts that fund government bonds in 190 participating nations listed in the IMF directory: along with their currency, and recorded assets.

The continuation of the drumbeat calling for war in Ukraine and in Taiwan, continues, along with calls for any kind of money. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has signed into law a bill that effectively legalizes cryptocurrency in Ukraine. The decision comes as Ukraine received cryptocurrency donations worth tens of millions of dollars from individuals and groups hoping to help the country’s war effort against Russia. It allows Ukrainian banks to open accounts for crypto firms; appoints the National Bank of Ukraine and the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market as financial watchdogs for the sector. Establishes the requirement for disclosure and oversight by the Ukraine National Government.

The total population of Ukraine is 40.2 Million. Does anyone wonder how much the nation of Ukraine has accumulated in donations? Certainly more than $1 M per national. Quite an amassed fortune for “poor Ukraine.” Wonder how much of this windfall will be distributed to the population? Today this shared wealth “for the People of Ukraine,” is questionable. Post RV GCR and NESARA / GESARA, this distribution of wealth will be another story. The innocent Ukraine population are being harmed by the same DS/MIC malefactors presently harming the innocents in US. We all will receive National Economic Restoration and Redemption.

Everyone has heard of “deep fake” CGI. Is it real or is it fake is a question we have to ask for each and every person we see in any public venue. Now that there’s “Deep Fake” everything, mask-wearing people, backgrounds, cities, warzones; we have to ask what’s real and what’s fake? It’s impossible to tell. Recent media and published articles paint a devastating picture of “The Death of a Great Nation,” describing US, in the last throes of life. The end of the fiat dollar is described as the spark for the crash of the stock market. Putting an end to all trade around the world in US dollars. This vision and impending doom shared by every gold and silver broker, and substantiated by media, is an example of fake news. Sure, gold and silver have and always have had merit. To buy today gold and silver today, following the doom and gloom scenario isn’t wise given the new USN. The cost of this gold and silver, is represented on the various exchanges, by the fiat USD and not the USN. Once the USN is announced the value of gold and silver will drop to pre-1971 prices. This is not because the value has changed. It’s because the inflated USD has changed and now represents its original value. The price of gold will also revert back to its value in 1971. The US Treasury Note will follow. This could be as much as 50% difference in cost today vs tomorrow, once the USN is announced. Under NESARA / GESARA, all assets will adjust in value around the world.

The path leading to and in evidence of NESARA / GESARA is unfolding exactly as planned and in perfect timing. Take the tit for tat of “sanctions” between Russia and US now underway. Every evil Nazi-Gestapo-bad-actor involved in crimes against humanity, has now had sanctions placed on every account and every asset they own. The Biden, Clinton, Obama cartels, all bank and trust accounts are frozen by sanctions and investigations underway (by Putin). Soros, and all of the Deep State/DNC corrupt U.S. government machine that built its base of operations in Ukraine is now locked down and under investigation by legitimate Agencies searching for crimes committed against the People – treasonous actions.

With the Quantum System, the bad actors/bad acts has already been found…, and now we’re ready to see the heads roll.

NESARA / GESARA is the elimination of all debt. It is an end to corrupt practices, payola, PACs, all laws that serve the few, all corrected. It is an end to double-speak, confusing judges and lawyers, in essence supporting only the few. Resulting arrests, claw-back and redistribution of stolen monies to the People, will shock the world. The demonstration of the Law of the Land will immediately commence simultaneously with the declaration of the New United States Notes, presently held in many of these “sanctioned” accounts.

NESARA / GESARA is the Redemption and Restoration of our Sovereign good standing according to the Law and protected by the Constitution.

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