“To What Part of the DOD, do you Refer?” by Benjamin Franklin – 3.21.22


Entry Submitted by Benjamin Franklin at 5:43 PM ET on March 21, 2022

Yesterday’s News, or last week’s News, or this Week’s News, regarding the RV is total bullsh*t. On the surface it looks like good news, and let’s pop the champagne cork! Yay!!!!

However, there is NOT even a shread of proof, that it is occurring. Not even a scintilla of proof! It is All a LIE. The QFS has not been funded. NO ONE has been paid. And the 4B Tier, is us, and Humanitarians will be funded first and foremost. THAT has not occurred! Do you know HOW I know? The Alliance is utterly SILENT. No such appointments have been made to Redeem. It is IN CHARGE, Not Charlie Ward, Not Judy, Bruce, MarkZ or any of the FOOLS who have posted that the RV is occurring. SHOW ME the proof. Well, come to find out, there is NONE, just conjecture, wishful thinking, disinformation, call it what YOU want, but proof, there is NONE! Can’t make that up.

People like me, and others have been on this train, way too long, to be hoodwinked again. Been there, Done that, how many times??? And for those of us who know, the same story, yada, yada, yada, bullsh*t, more bullsh*t, and even more bullsh*t, everyday for years. It seems endless, and so far, it has been a Tale of many LIES, and Deception. Anytime you hear that banks, the IMF, better known as the International Mother F**kers, is involved in decisions for which they cannot make, and hearing that China is covered by a Law, for which, IF they are talking about Gesara Law, binds them and gives no speciality to the Yuan, than any other currency. But soft headed people will believe anything, for which they know nothing about, nor can think critically, nor be conscious, nor even awake. Last I checked, the CCP is a very, large part of the DS, an Enemy of All People of the World. Chinese Yuan, a World Currency Status, over all other currencies? It is simply, not believable. Gold or no Gold. And the Yuan is gonna be the World Currency? Oh, that’s right, by the way, Gesara Law tells me, and everyone else, that ALL currencies will be at parity, there will be NO World Currency, and the IMF is a defunct bank, at best, not some Big Dog, in Cow Town. It is Broke, because it cannot exist without DEBT. GESARA eliminates ALL World Debt. The IMF knows that, unequivocally. Friend or Foe? YOU decide. Hmmmm. Gonna have to think about that. Yeah, the Truth has a way of convincing folks, and just clearing up all those pesky, little, fine details. Do you believe What you are told, or do you believe in Facts, and How to think? Hmmmm. Good questions. 

In addition to this, they, meaning the Fools, have given a date for exchange. Historically, anytime a date is given, a red flag to any conscious being, NEVER, and I mean NEVER, has any such news been authentic, or approaching a modicum, of veracity. One other pesky, minor detail, the DOD, to which part, do you refer, the part of the DOD, that is still Chemtrailing us, and poisoning us, and shuttling illegals into your cities, from US Air Force bases, and manipulating the weather with DEWs, and HAARP, or the 13 BioLabs in Ukraine, or the 336 other biolabs scattered throughout the earth, for which they are responsible, and having Biden’s back, or do you refer to the WHITE HAT part of the DOD? They are NOT, the same. Did not know that. Hmmmm. Good questions.

Frankly, you’ve been hornswoggled, and boondoggled again. How many times has this occurred? I stopped counting after twenty, maybe YOU ought to do the same. Listen to the Alliance, they are IN CHARGE, not some Ex-Pat from Britain, living in Spain.

Wake UP, all you folks betting, on the banks, and hoping you too, can be that Fat Cat, depositing millions into your personal account, sauntering around, and feelin’ all important, and all, with wealth managers, and concierge benefits, of course. You are living in a Fantasy Land, Dream Illusion, World. Banks have NOTHING to do with the RV. Banks are Broke.

And You are betting the wrong Horse, in this race. You CAN count on one thing, from the Alliance, they will NEVER Lie to you, but will tell the Truth. Is that important to you, the truth, or do you just want to hear, what you want to hear? Hmmmmm? Truth vs Lies. Hmmmm. Gonna have to think about that…………………………………… I think, I better, bet, on the Truth. It’s NEVER steered me wrong, or anyone else, yet. Good Choice! Good Job! Way to go! So, what are you going to do?

Benjamin Franklin


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