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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 3:11 AM ET on March 21, 2022

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Today is the 20th of March 2022 and I am filled with a strange sadness all day long. In addition there is an unwillingness to do anything at all in this world, which seems to me like a computer simulation. It doesn’t matter if it’s gardening (most of the time the creator makes it rain when I want to get going) or if it’s other things in this dying system. I just don’t feel like doing anything here and now anymore.

Even what I like to do, running a channel, writing articles, trying to keep motivating the people who subscribed and read to keep trusting, even that is somehow not fun anymore in the last two days. Maybe this sadness is the reason or the feeling of talking in front of walls is the reason for sadness, I don’t know. It’s also hard to muster up the strength every day to build others up or keep them on track or in line. I don’t know how I do it, but I succeed every day. And I’m not going to give up and stop doing it either. If I did, I would have already lost. I know there are people who rely on me to stick with it, to keep motivating. Who basically feel the way I feel yesterday and today.

I feel tired and exhausted, sleep as often and as long as I can, then the strength comes back. And I try to analyze the grief, to observe where it comes from, what triggered it. It seems to me more and more that it is consciously there because I have to let go of something.

It is the sadness that there is still so much misery in the world, that even in the last two years children and people have been trafficked. It is the sadness that there are still so many people who believe in a pandemic, who run around with masks and are proud of it. I am sad that people would rather fight the messenger of the news than take the news and ask questions themselves. I am sad that people still believe the media and fight media enemy images. I get real tears in my eyes when I see how everything Russian is now being dragged through the mud. By people who want to be tolerant, loving and good, the so-called do-gooders. I feel sad because they are not, but are rock-solidly convinced of it. What has happened to fellow human beings that they are still so manipulable. I have already quoted Napoleon several times, or rather his alleged quote about the Germans. But today something else comes to my mind:

“Bound my heart with monotonous languor”.

That sums up better what I am feeling at the moment. And now it comes. With this line from the poem by Paul Marie Verlaine, a French lyricist, the Resistance was called to cut all ties during World War II and D-Day began. So could it be that I subconsciously feel something that is coming? Is the sadness there for a reason? I don’t want to interpret it, I always just wanted to observe, but that’s how it makes sense to me.

Mourning is a mood after a loss, the loss of a partner, ideal loss or physical loss. The loss is not yet there, the matrix is still running, so it is a bit inexplicable. I can’t foresee (would be nice, but also full responsibility….), and even interpretations and analyses are difficult for me. So there are only other solutions. One solution is to continue observing. The second solution is to deal with the future. And now I have arrived at the title (well, finally!).

I’ve already put a lot of what I want to have in the new world on paper. Some of it I’ve written in articles, especially as it relates to new technologies. In our project description we also wrote down a lot of what we want to have in our new world. There are already three areas, technology, dealing with finances and living together, that we have covered. But there are still some things missing. Above all, I’m missing something because I don’t follow my own advice. I deal far too rarely with what I want to have TOMORROW. For me! And I also didn’t put a lot of positive feelings, emotions into these texts. Rebuke me, for I am like the doctor who tells his patients to drink little, but drinks a bottle of red wine every night. Ashes on my head.

So, starting today, let’s do it together. Let’s write down what we want to have in the new world, what we want to do, what we want it to look like. Let’s simply make a big, written wish list. And best of all, let’s also write down how we would feel if we already had that. And let’s not worry about how it’s all going to come, how much it’s going to cost, who’s going to pay for it, but first write down everything we want. There should be only a few small “rules”: First, we should not harm anything or anyone by our desires, neither nature, nor animals, nor fellow human beings. Secondly, we should consider new technologies, because with free energy (which will definitely come back) we don’t need photovoltaic, wind and water power anymore. And thirdly, we should always think in terms of WE, that is, communities. That is what we will get back.

In the beginning there are our wishes, goals, dreams written down. If we read through this document every day, tweak it every day, correct it as soon as there is new knowledge, it will take more and more shape, because by doing so we also accelerate the plan and its points. So every day, supported by positive feelings, we send our “orders” to the universe again and again. Our positive feelings cancel doubts, which, as we all know, cancel an order. Especially when we think big, think impossible, think unimaginable. A thought fixed in writing will manifest even faster, again supported by the feelings. Especially in these times. Let’s face it, don’t you feel the same way that every day when the RV launch is announced again, you think that it can’t be true? What do we do at that moment? We order off! PERIOD!

Why don’t we just take this announcement and imagine, all together, that we are invited to the appointment? Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? We imagine that we will go there, sit across from a man or woman, hand in our currencies, present our binder, and then go home satisfied and happy with a new QFS account. Ready to get started with our dreams. Or we Germans imagine every day that the occupation construct has finally been removed, that the military will take over the government on a transitional basis, and that in 120 days we will be able to decide for ourselves how to proceed in our country. The HOW doesn’t matter at all, the main thing is to have the feeling of FREEDOM when we imagine it. The more that do that, the better it is. And most importantly, we must not think about what others are doing. Whether they do it or can do it or want to do it at all is totally irrelevant. To think of that would also cancel an “order”. It is said that we are creators, so we must also realize that we are doing it. We already create. Only not the right thing, because we make mistakes. We wish for something, and cancel it the next moment due to doubts. The universe delivers! Namely nothing! End!

Inquiring or questioning is also based on doubts. If someone tells us, there comes a new financial system, then we do not have to know actually like that works. Something new comes and ends the old. When old currencies are destroyed, there are new currencies. It doesn’t matter how that is implemented. But if I question everything, I send out doubts and cancel. If I concentrate on myself, my family, my environment and my future community, on what I want to have and do there, I am in my community. I don’t care if it’s on a flat disc, on a curved disc, or on a hollow sphere, do I? The main thing is that all my wishes come true. And the communities will exist, because I am certainly not the only person who would like to live in wooden houses. Or who wants to contribute to the community by doing what he likes to do. I complement myself with someone who likes to do something else. And there we are. That’s how members of communities will find each other.

And if some want to smoke and others do not, then THAT IS ALSO SO! And if some like to drink milk or eat cheese, and others prefer to eat raw vegetables, then that’s just the way it is! And if I like to eat meat, then that’s just the way it is. I don’t waste a single thought on such things anymore (yet, sorry, now….), because I know that no animal has to die anymore for me to eat meat. That will be the most difficult thing we have to learn and also already have to consider in our desires: No one will be above anyone else anymore and no one will tell anyone else how to live. That is at the top of my list. Tolerant interaction with each other, with each other.

So, what do you think? Do we get started? How do we envision our new world? How do we put it into words? How do we bring emotions into it? How do we prevent cancellations of our order?

I’m confident we can make this work. Then the sadness is justified, because the old world is leaving. A quick tear is shed and then we move on to the new world.

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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