Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “What is Supposed to Happen in the RV?” 3-22-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

03/22/2022 What is supposed to happen in the RV?

Over the years many pundits and “authorities” have posited their understanding of the RV and the roll-out of the Exchange Process – and the control and delivery of money. Most of these people were basing their discussion on hearsay, or second-hand discussion from others, who had it second-hand from their “high-level-insider.” It’s all just hype and fluff, until it’s proven true. That goes for everyone that’s ever described, “The RV Process.”

For the record, every Private Exchange – where currency is handed to another party (often unknown), to manage the exchange on the original owner’s behalf; ends up with a broker-daisy-chain. Lots of tall tales told and no one’s been proven right. Many will be proven wrong though. Especially those who committed to a specific value for currency that was not theirs to take and improperly represented.

The discussion about rates is all fluff, until we have it directly from the UST. The New United States Treasury, following the Laws of 1776, under a RESTORED CONSTITUTION, with a lawful government; will have a totally different look than what has been discussed to date.

The discussion about “Rates, Fees, Terms & Conditions” is all conjecture today. Even if coming from wise people, presently involved in a financial advisory capacity; because they aren’t taking into account POST NESARA. Most of these (educated) individuals don’t believe in NESARA anyway. They do believe in a “New Monetary System,” because it’s widely accepted that fiat USD is now dead. The Golden Ruble, Golden Yuan, the soon to be Golden Dinar, is putting the kibosh on the happy, fiat Ponzi, USD scheme happily running the world for 50 years. This death of the USD is validated.

There’s been lots of talk by these (educated) individuals foisted on We the People, regarding post NESARA, (that’s been discussed for over a decade). What’s often repeated is that, We the People can’t handle sudden wealth. Well, this is the lie that’s been told. This is also the reason used to stop RV GCR – because of the belief that this will create too many sudden millionaires and billionaires and that can’t be allowed to happen.

“They,” (including all bankers, brokers, attorneys, etc., etc.), can’t stop this from happening. N.C.S.W.I.C. The greatest distribution of wealth – a great showering of wealth from Heaven Above, is about to rain on every person in the world. Such that Money has No Power Over Anyone. This is the Great Shift. We here are launching into this Great Shift with eyes wide open. We know where to look and we’re prepared for every eventuality.

Bring it on.


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