“You have been Tasked to Create Order out of the Chaos” by Jai Guru Dev – 3.22.22


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 6:08 PM ET on March 22, 2022

Out of Chaos comes Order.

There is so much chaos going on in the world right now and a reflection of that is the vast amount of misinformation permeating through the channels that truthers tune into. A pro GESARA guru now states that GESARA will never happen. One who claims to have successfully operated the med beds, now claims that med beds will only come out when we are in 5D as it does not work on 3D human instruments. Ukraine is really the beginning of WW3 as opposed to a surgical operation to remove negative cabal influence.

It amazes me that awakened truthers can fluctuate between opposite poles, based on a video that tells them their concept of truth is flawed. 

Why are you reading this post? It is because somewhere in your journey through the maya (illusion of reality greatly influenced buy the cabal), you saw through the maya. You connected with the truth of what is to come. You listened to that inner voice that incessantly guides you. Yet a video you have just watched tells you that you are wrong. Your head voice kicks in and takes control. Your inner voice is temporarily sent into exile. Confusion, chaos reigns supreme in your mental processes. Take a deep breath and bring your inner voice back from exile.

KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid! GESARA, a world of love, gratitude, peace, abundance, joy is inevitable. You know this in the deepest fibre of your being. Hold onto that and only that. You will then be able to surf through the choppy sea of chaos at the top of the wave, as easily as a hot knife cuts through butter. You need to do this as you have a role to play even if you are not consciously aware of this fact. You need to be centred as the planetary chaos is about to escalate to proportions never seen before by the man in the street. In your circle someone has to be strong and take control, to bring order out of the chaos. That is you. Own it!

A beautiful soul incarnate at this time, informed me that Simon Parks is going to be running clinics for his group to assist people if they are suicidal. Kudos to you Bruce for the work that you do without waiting for the funds to make you truly impactful, I can see why Simon has tasked you to run 5 countries in Africa for his group. Kudos to Simon for having the foresight to see the chaos and confusion that is coming to the man in the street and implementing systems to assist the man in the street when the chaos becomes unbearable, and they contemplate suicide.

Every Truther, Every Bond Holder, Every Digital Warrior, already has enough knowledge and insight to take the suicidal by the hand and lead them from darkness to light. I strongly suspect that you will be required to do so in the coming times. Prepare yourself!

The truth about suicide. – One takes their life when life becomes unbearable, and one wishes to escape the pain. The opposite happens, one’s pain is accentuated.

At the time of your birth one of the few certainties about your life written in indelible ink in the Akashic records is your time of death. Between birth and death, you have Free Will to journey through the maya based on your choices and decisions. Yes, Karma has an influence, but it is not cast in stone like the time of death is. So what happens when you use your Free Will unwisely and terminate your life before its due date?

You get caught in a time warp and continue to experience the pain that caused you to take you life in the first place. You relieve that experience, that pain. Over, and over again, until it is your predestined time to leave the human instrument. If one commits suicide at thirty earth years of age and your allotment was to pass over at sixty earth years, you experience that pain for the equivalent of another thirty earth years.

You may think that by taking your life that you are relieving the pain, you are in fact enhancing that pain, reliving it over and over, and over again. The truth is the Universe never gives you more pain than what you can cope with. Taking your life might seem like the easy option but it is the opposite. It is a magnification of the pain.

I do not make this post lightly. I write from experience. My younger brother committed suicide many years ago and I was fortunate to be under the tuition of a teacher who had the ability to commune with him after the event. My younger brother asked my teacher to give me a list of instructions to negate the harm that he had done and make reparation for his actions, a list that was totally unknown to me and the time of his living in his human instrument. A hard list. A list that caused me to interact with people I had never met and circumstances that I could not have even conceived of. In fulfilling his desire to correct the wrongs of his past, I was astounded with the accuracy of the hidden secrets that he had, as was the people that I interacted with as they could not believe that I had knowledge of such matters.

I say this only to verify the authenticity of my teachers’ ability to communicate with my deceased brother. When I asked my teacher if this negated his time warp of pain, he replied emphatically “NO”. He would have to continue this time loop of pain until his preordained passing. The positive was that in his next life his karma would be greatly lessened.

This is a hard post for me. I do it only so that you can step up to the plate. There is no doubt in my mind that the positive changes coming from GESARA will enhance the awakend’s lives tremendously. But this change is so radical that many of your circle will be thrown into chaos as their belief systems are about to be shattered. Suicide will be a consideration to some.

Your role is not only using your newfound abundance for humanitarian projects, but to inspire hope and faith in those whose minds are in absolute chaos. Be the leading light that inspires the uninformed.

Once again I give kudos to Simon Parks for having the foresight to institute a system within his group to assist those who will shortly need the assistance.

Jai Guru Dev


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