“My Generic Note to Everyone” by Woof – 3.24.22


Entry Submitted by Woof at 1:49 AM ET on March 24, 2022

If the consecration of Russia is done correctly today the 23rd by the Pope and Bishops all over the planet simultaneously, then there will not be a WW3 as per the Fatima prophesy. A meteor may impact the planet and cause a lot of damage. The cabal will then say we need a shield to protect us but the real intention is to prevent E.T. from communicating with us and ask if we want their technological help to protect the Earth and for the advancement of humankind. The cabal have had shield technology for decades. Cabal who are not human who are only entities want to continue to control us at will in a New World Order communistic state. We must have the live TV interview with our E.T. brothers and sisters who will offer their help. It was only months ago that our E.T. brothers protected us from a massive solar storm that would have fried us by sending a ship of unimaginable size to the Sun to drain it’s energy. There are pictures on the net of that event. If you have been influenced to believe our E.T. human brothers are fallen angels then we are doomed for hell on Earth controlled by the cabal if you are the majority who believe that. Are your eyes open yet with the cabal fakedemic and now the threat of WW3, with financial doom and famine in the works just to control us. They are attacking Bukele of El Salvador because he has instituted using cryptos to break away from the cabals tight grip through their central banking and fiat currencies. They know crypto use will and has spread around the world as an alternative to the cabal’s central banking control. El Salvador, translated to “The Savior”, a little country is a BIG threat because the cabal were kicked out of power and the people are thriving, a shining  example to the world. There is a resistance and a plan to thwart the cabal’s plan of planet hell. Watch for the banks collapsing as loans are recalled around the world and when countries will be forced to revalue their currencies, debt forgiveness and the Restoration of the Republic under the Original Organic Constitution FOR not OF the United States of America and common law of “Do No Harm”, with eradication of the present Admiralty Law presently in use to complicate and confound us with lawyers and men in black robes sitting high above us requiring us to stand in reverence when they enter the court room. Actually, the judge represents the Captain of the ship and under the Constitution the cabal wrote stating OF the United States of America is for the United States of America, Inc., and you have no rights under that constitution worded for the incorporated USA. The cabal will lose in the end. We have God whom they fear. Be prepared.

Additional for you. The worldwide RV was set yesterday in motion cause the New Elite are calling in their loans to countries who will say they are broke and default forcing them to reveal their resources and RV their currencies as well as removing the use of further central bank use and promoting the use of cryptos destroying the cabal financial grip of fiat currency and central banks along with the BIS World Bank and IMF.


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