Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “Outrageous! Simply Outrageous!” 3-24-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

03/24/2022 Outrageous! Simply outrageous

Outrageous! Simply outrageous!

The overwhelming emotion shared in almost every conversation today was, here we are with another T, W, T, hype and, Nothing! No releases, NOTHING! This is not acceptable!

The comments expressing exasperation continued:

We’ve waited long enough for the fiat US Dollar to be removed! This was done by the end of February, so we’ve been told. The entire BRICS nations are all happily trading their gold-backed currency and not a peep about this in any mainstream media source! How is this possible? Nations all over the world are now converting to asset-backed currency as pushed by Russia and the (stupid!) US sanctions. What has the US Treasury done about this? Nothing!

Market (makers) are all talking Collapse in the Energy Sector – saying that these companies need the country to bail them out. Not needed! They can pound rocks like the criminals that they are! The should get nothing! They took the Federal Government handouts. They have been paid throughout the past several years with money they never had to repay – and no accountability! We have Tesla Free Energy anyway. Where is it? Nothing has been discussed on any mainstream news. Nothing.


Now the mainstream media’s economic pundits are all talking about the Billionaires that shorted gold on the London Metals Exchange (LME), saying these markets are all going under. These are the same criminals that have participated in the “rigged” markets for decades. The same Billionaires that have benefited from every bailout too. Why do they deserve to be rescued at all? Nothing, again, nothing deserved here.

The Military needs to step up and take care of We the People, as they are sworn to do under oath! NESARA will rescue We the People and Restore Financial Strength and Abundance to the rightful hands of The People and away from the Criminals that have held us captive for centuries.

We are politically united and all communicating with each other. We the People Intend to Stand together as a force to be reckoned with for the rest of the remainder of this ride to make sure that no further harm occurs. Enough is enough!

NESARA is: UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME – for every National-Born-American, REDEMPTION and RESTORATION – DEBT FORGIVENESS – all repaid – IRS MONEY REPAID – better be digitally, immediately facilitated, just like the stimulus money was handled. There’s no reason this can’t happen in a couple of days for everyone.

Treasury should be working on this – should have their heads together with Judge Anna right now based on her published letter.

The 1st of April through the 4th should see payouts FOR ALL start. Banks that are not BASEL 3 should be gone by the 31st of March.

April 7th through 17th should be disclosure! EBS with 10 days of disclosure leading to Easter. Easter is the launch to Healing. Yes, we’ve been here before and with high expectations. Does this mean it won’t happen? It certainly should happen!


Military, it’s time to step up!

Every BRICS country is now gold backed and working coherently on the QFS. Some have even started arrests. NETHERLANDS arrested the CABAL in government and took them to the Hague. They are not taking any further lies, murder of the people and harm to their future!

Austria and Germany, and smaller countries are now exchanging and receiving UBI.


Take a lesson from Prince William and Kate, freeing the islands from decades of slavery.

The UNITED STATES, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND – all countries under the control of the evil Cabal – let the People Go! We’ve been lied to over and over again and it’s got to stop.

All MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS – lying to the People about COVID while pocketing beaucoup dollars.

ALL INSURANCE INSTITUTIONS – lying to the People about COVID while plotting the end to coverage and indemnity against the deaths of millions – you’re going down! So, anyone that’s taken the experimental vax is not insurable? Because of the fact that it’s deemed, “experimental”? That includes REMDESIVIR? Forced on anyone that went to the hospital for Covid? All that are vaxed, dying of COVID now have no life insurance? Anyone with a vax can’t qualify for life insurance??? This is the biggest scam in history!
What about Funeral Homes, receiving $9000 for every person buried with a Covid death certificate? Who did this money go to? Who’s been responsible for delivering this to the Family of those that died from COVID – according to their DEATH CERTIFICATE? How many funeral homeowners have filed for this amount and been reimbursed, YET MADE NO ATTEMPT TO FIND THE FAMILY?

Judgment is coming to all malefactors – any and everyone profiting off of the pain and suffering of innocents – judgment is coming. That day might be here sooner than you think!

Iraq has joined up with Russia – their government is formed, and they will have this done (as stated today) on SATURDAY, March 26th! How long will it take for the CBI to join the BRICS nations in announcing new asset backed currency?


C’mon, Man!

MILITARY must step up and we aren’t talking about Lloyd Austin!

This weekend better start to show releases… that’s what we’re talking about!


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