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Al-Adari reveals the “fruits” of the Saturday session

The head of the Sadrist Parliamentary bloc, Hassan Al-Adari, revealed, on Thursday, the “fruits” of next Saturday’s session scheduled to elect a new president of the republic

Al-Adhari said in a statement, “One of the fruits of the parliament session next Saturday is the formation of the Iraqi government by a free Iraqi decision and will for the first time, approving the 2022 budget, and getting the country out of an expected economic crisis

He added, “As well as speeding up the approval of service projects and infrastructure for the country, approving projects and laws that are submitted from the government to the House of Representatives, activating the oversight role of Parliament over the government, and the members of Parliament exercising their parliamentary role through the formation of committees and parliament sessions.

Al-Adari pointed out that one of the fruits of the session was “creating a democratic, competitive and representative atmosphere that is in the interest of the country, fulfilling the promises of the deputies to their constituents, and providing the service they deserve   link

Al-Sadr to Independents: Do not replace Saturday with a heavy table, as it may be the end of Parliament

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, renewed his call for independent deputies to participate in the presidential election session scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday.

Al-Sadr said in a publication, “On Saturday, we are waiting for the independent representatives, and we hope that they, and even the national opposition, will take an honorable stand for their people, as they are impatiently waiting for the formation of a reformist majority government.”

He added, “Let the loyalists and the opposition stand together to build a free, independent homeland with prestige,  sovereignty and dignity, without occupation, normalization, or terrorism. Do not replace the parliament session on Saturday with spoils or a banquet. Even if it is (the most rewarding), the attendance of the session is (completed).”

Al-Sadr continued, “Indeed, it is shameful for Iraq and its people to be left without a government.

reformist majority government. It is shameful to put in the balance (the quota government) and (the government of the national majority). Especially since the fields of resistance, the dire reform and the koskosah, testify to us that we did not and will not make peace with the occupier, tyrants, corrupt and subordinationists. Therefore, the next government will not be the same as before.”

And he said, “Whoever attended the session, even if he did not vote, was truly independent and honest. And whoever left  it is not like that, as it is clear; otherwise, it may be the end of the House of Representatives.”    link

The election of the President of the Republic… Leaks, with the purchase price of the voice reaching 3 million dollars

The independents are “the weight of the egg” in the presidential election session, and leaks indicate that the purchase price of the voice has reached 3 million dollars

The political and popular circles are teeming with news that transmits updates on the political happenings in the country… in light of conflicting expectations regarding what will happen in the voting session to choose the president of the republic.

The conflict is raging inside the dome of Parliament between the parties that seek to obtain the largest number of votes for their candidates..the purchase price of the independent vote, according to leaks, reaches nearly three million US dollars..or the promise of a sovereign position in the next government, according to observers.

And between the expectation that the session will be held or not..the dispute between the main political poles continues until now..so that the matter remains dependent on the coming hours, which will reveal the course of events and clarify the features of the new government.

At the time when he proposed to save the homeland of his candidate for prime minister..the coordination framework has not yet revealed his candidate who will push him to take over the position..in light of speculation that he will be proposed after the completion of the solution to the voting crisis on the President of the Republic link

I don’t know where the idea came from that nothing gets done during Ramadan! A country couldn’t function!!  IMO These people are not going to sit still , broke and hungry for another month!

Having the RV during Ramadan would be a beautiful thing.

Regarding opinions stated about Ramadan in here, I found a BBC article that states as follows:

“”The productivity of workers declines in the holy month by 35-50% as a result of shorter working hours and the change in behaviour during this month,” says Samer Sunnuqrot, an economist based in the Jordanian capital Amman. He points out that people become less efficient and that they might even become bad tempered. “Decisions and meetings will be postponed until the period of Ramadan is over, especially in governmental institutions.”

This is the quote that got my attention: “Decisions and meetings will be postponed until the period of Ramadan is over, especially in governmental institutions.”

Here it is: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-19281749 This article follows my experience with having to deal with Ramadan in financial matters in the 90s and @ 2000.

I lived in the general vicinity of Iraq and things don’t stop during Ramadan but they do slow down. At the beginning of Ramadan it’s pretty much business as usual, the middle is rough and towards the end it’s better. Get your meetings done first thing in AM and your good.

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