The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 3-24-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 3-24-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – It is Thursday March 24th and you’re listening to the big call – all around this globe – many of you live and some of you on the replay – thanks for tuning in –

Let’s go into the intel portion – Let’s see what’s been going on – Now we always look into this thing in terms of delays – or it hasn’t gone yet – when is it going to go – Well I’ve changed my perspective on that recently because every time I look into and get more information about the process – I find there’s more to it than we thought – there’s more to it than I thought –

It’s not so much the delay – really at all – as it is more things need to be finished – more things to be done and then it can go – it’s really that simple – I think we have to change our perspective on it and look at this that way

I’m going to give you some good information – some good intel – so bear with me – First of all the bond holders – yeah – tier 3 – bond holders – they have been told they will be getting emails over the weekend – and probably have access to funds on Monday – or maybe Tuesday –ok so that’s good for them –

We’ve talked about the so called intermediate groups – these were CMKX – Fines & Penalties – Adjudicated Settlements – including Farm Claims & Prosperity Packages  – ok – they started to go out at 6 am and I believe that was on Monday –

Now – I find out that in terms of Prosperity Packages – those have started with phone calls from the donors to the individual recipient – those started today – as a way of pre verifying – pre authorizing the recipients of those prosperity Packages that they are in fact in process –

So at least the donors are beginning to call and they should finish those phone calls to those recipients by Sunday – maybe before but I think by Sunday – we think those will go out based on the calculations that I’ve got – those should go out Monday or Tuesday – we’ll track that and see how it goes

Now as far as the redemption centers go – we know that schedules – new schedules that have gone out that we believe will start on Tuesday – because we have heard that the notifications to tier 4B – internet group – are to start going out Tuesday – and that means that we more than likely would receive our notifications / 800 numbers  – call and set appointments on Tuesday for the appointments to start as far as exchanges go on Wednesday – So that’s giving  us a pretty heavy idea of what our time line really is –

So let’s cut to some information that deals with the voting machines – the Dominion voting machines – we know had a system in there that would allow the votes to be tampered with and for the votes to be corrupted – that occurred in that last 2020 election and they have overwhelming evidence they are calling the smoking gun as to what happened and they’ve got several states at least 6 states that have essentially I believe either have or will overturn the election results let’s see what happens

This I found to be very interesting today – we’ve talked about the USN – our new US dollar – USN is our new asset backed with gold and other resources backed dollar – now our USN is in the process NOW – of being put into the banking system – my understanding is that even the accounts that we currently have in our USD in the banks will convert to USN at the same amount 1 to 1  as what we have in the banks now – that will convert under the new system and this is to take place Saturday/Sunday /Monday – 2 days away

But then I heard another report later on this evening that said or it could be sooner –so they have given a 3 day time frame to change or convert our money from a fiat dollar USD to a gold backed – on the Gold Standard –  USN asset backed currency – which is perfect – what we want and that is part of NESARA – and also a part of GESARA – the Global Economic Strategic and Reform Act – ok I think that’s terrific

We are finally seeing something on that happening – now when will we actually “know” it I do not know exactly – we may know it Tuesday – who knows? 

It doesn’t really matter to me – it matters that its being changed and happening in the banking system starting Saturday – Sunday – or Monday –

I’ll tell you one thing – we have 7 countries so far that have been Gold backed for the last 3 days – 7 countries that are already gold backed over the last – 3 days and that would be Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday  or Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday – depending on how you look at it and where they are located on the globe –

Alright – China – Russia – India – Philippines – Iraq – Iran – possibly South Korea – there will be more coming on – everybody globally will be asset backed with some portion of their currency backed by gold – silver palladium – Platinum – who knows?  All kinds of assets –

In our country we’ve got intellectual property that hasn’t been stolen by China – Intellectual property has a value too and that’s part of what we have to secure our currency as well  but to be gold standard is HUGE and I hope that gets announced soon – really soon

Who knows when they are going to bring out our new physical currency – which is USTN – United States Treasury Note – ok – that’s going to replace the money we now have in our wallets – that is really good news

I can tell you that the redemption centers have had those USTN bundled for months and they’ve got them in the vaults – all set ready to go in the drawers when they get the to go signal to come out

Now what’s interesting to me is the schedules are already out to the redemption centers and we believe they will have a start probably on Tuesday – which we believe is going to be the day for notifications based on our best information right now and that would put us probably exchanging on Wednesday we believe – it seems to be the case –

Well a lot  of things that are happening in the Ukraine  – in the Ukraine they have actually gone after and found and prosecuted scientists that put these biolabs together – and the info that I’m receiving is saying that all of those biolabs everywhere around the globe have been handled-  basically destroyed and now the scientists involved in this last round over in Ukraine have been picked up – we talk about pick up on aisle 3 or clean up – there has been quite a bit of it and it will continue – it’s not going to stop in the next couple of days – it will continue – probably for months

We are looking forward to NESARA and GESARA coming out –we believe we are going to see something a little more concrete on that for us and that will be really good for us and even those not involved in the currencies –

So that is what I wanted to bring to everybody tonight remember it’s not like we are “delayed” they have got to do certain things and get certain things done especially with the currency – and you know we are not exactly the first one to say we’re gold backed – there are 7 other countries that have been gold backed for 3 days and involved in their trading –

I believe the USN will be complete on Sunday and on the screens and hopefully traded starting Sunday night as a USN – a new gold backed dollar with the Far East – we traded about 9 – 9:30 at night on Sunday  night which is Monday morning in the Far East – that’s when the markets open for trading –  I would think that would probably be the case this Sunday – so everybody hang in there- take a deep breath – and pray that the time line that we have – right now – do come true – Thank you for tuning in

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:21:31

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