“My Opinion is Based on Reality that People Suffer” by Miron – 3.27.22


Entry Submitted by Miron at 9:29 AM ET on March 27, 2022

Dear IDC family, 

To all who read my posts, know that I’m finger to the ground in SADC.

I see what Yosef/Alexander and show me vibrated as Elders …I see them running daily realities. 

I live elders here, what they actually doing, everyone is welcome to see SADC monarchy eg Swaziland Bafokeng Zulu Sotho etc 

Some guru talks to God and African mothers hearts, but here on the ground everyone knows British proxy USA including British Dutch Belgium Royalties….all a Cabal for Centuries, complete MIS REPRESENTATION OF FACTS ON THE GROUND.

How can a 1 percent Anglo Saxon Illuminati cause such suffering,  while professing HUMANITARIANS???

HOW IS 130BILLION USA FIAT DOLLARS,  monthly keep the BIS bankster afloat monthly will the Resource rich ppl without COLINIZER INTENT and profits, continually dies off starved , when the Corrupted are floating $400 gasoline cards of more thefts?

I respect MrC but arbitrage of stole crime of Humanity,  without intentions of reciprocal shared ness, while Everything USA UK Europeans is an Agenda of Crimes Against Humanity that is daily starving an Entire Continent, never mind the absent Education system to up lift the masses through Truth,  now blatantly disregard!

How can 2 Continents of Anglo Saxon beings of 1%, subsidized through time, now hold no empathy to the true Light of lesser beings called Humanity???

Without even an inkling of shared responsibility, while TAKE 90% OF the humanitarians CONTRACT RATE SPIOLS ??

ADD that more than 99% likely No Truth Transparency Justice 

I’m in dispute of a plan where White Hat and Black Hat only serves SELF.

Let’s ask an open question that I demand ASKED ! 

WHITE HATS are you receiving monthly salaries in the Highest denomination that was bankrupted years ago on will soon Be US dollars Euro ..do you have job security do you have pension plans do you have medical insurance WHAT ABOUT DEATH INSURANCE??

Why hasn’t your constitution fought for same for Humanity? Can you call yourselves HUMANITARIANS when you’ve only taken from the RESOURCE countries through GAMED ILLUMINATI SYSTEMS called debt slavery??

How do you voice and include yourselves in Shared Costs of Financial Terrorism and the Petro dollar of weapons?

Is there no honestly to the 7 billion enslaved??

Who can you win hearts and minds with so little Defense of the peoples??

Now some might understand MERCENARIES FOR ROME TO NOW, always must be paid for secrets of insiders. That is why no truth of yesterday will bring lessons today as most are bought first, then give cents, a transaction in business, knowing full well that TRUE COST ECONOMICS,  is also the game of Derivative subterfuge. 

I know exactly what is the suffering of the masses in SADC, I can send photos of people buying groceries carry money TODAY IN A WHEELBARROW…ZIMBABWE and it’s latest editions of paper.

Same same same 

Now are You going to ask for what Zim rate Sir ? What have you sacrificed to EARN YOUR RATE BROTHERS AND SISTERS???


Without Truth and judgment can heaven exist?? This I do have know as everyone I met , destroys souls for self called business…but LAWS HAVE BEEN USURPED BY WAR IN EFFECT but act Humanitarian…

I say I see you all, my judgment day will be a  place of liberty….God’s will through man, unfortunately man’s will of self


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