The Nomad Economist: This is How to Profit from this Recession and Geopolitical Chaos


The Nomad Economist
Premiered Mar 27, 2022

According to statistics, the world will face a significant economic recession in the coming year. So are you planning ahead for it? I guess most people answer will be no. Recessions are going to happen; it’s apart of the business cycle. You need to face the world and the surprises it brings with the right approach. The tricky part is anticipating the recession.

My suggestion is to watch the Fed if the Fed buys bonds and lowers the reserve ratio a recession might be coming and they are crafting a soft landing. This Is How You Prepare for a Recession.

Welcome to The Atlantis Report.

For most, a recession is a nightmare, but for those with a nose for business, it can be a wholesale dream. A method some have used to make money is to buy a property. That sounds counter-intuitive, spending money during a recession, but its actually a great time to purchase real estate.

The reason being owners are not able to pay their bills or need to sell the property for cash in hand. However, would-be buyers are less likely to purchase the property for what it’s worth, so the owner is forced to sell for a much lower cost than the property is worth. That’s where you come in. By negotiating a lower price with the owner of the property, you could purchase a piece of property that may have cost you two to five times more before the recession.

This doesn’t just apply to residential homes, but business spaces, hotels, shopping centers, malls, etc. During a bad and lengthy recession, you could buy more property than you could have prior for pennies on the dollar (figuratively). After you’ve purchased a new property you still will not have made any money. That comes later.

If you are so inclined you could try to find occupants for your newly purchased buildings during the recession, but consistent payment from occupants might be a bit sketchy due to the financial climate. Its easier to do this with homes since buyers are more likely to find a way to pay to keep their homes rather than businesses.

The ideal way to make money from your real estate investment is to sell the properties when the economy picks back up and is no longer in a recession. At this point, buyers will have the money to afford your properties for the original price prior to the recession. You could either sell the building or home for a figure more significant than you paid for or start leasing out space and earn a monthly income.

Each method has its pros/cons and truly depends on the property and available buyers at the time. This may sound relatively easy, but there are things to consider.

First, traditional ways of buying a home or property may not be available to you. Banks during recessions are very selective of how and who they give loans to, thus failing to secure a loan to then purchase a property. For this strategy to work, you will need a large sum of cash on hand and depend little on banks to help.

This is why it’s hard for the average joe/jane to purchase property during a recession. This means you should be saving NOW for the next recession so you’ll have money to support yourself and possibly buy a property or two.


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