Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “Don’t Believe the Fear” 3-28-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

03/28/2022 Don’t believe the Fear P***

The Media’s Agenda is clearly World War III. This constant drumbeat is difficult to turn off since it’s coming from every direction, loud and incessant. Putin Bad. Zelenskyy Good. The lines are easily planted in the subconscious while the angst is percolating. This is another crisis lurking out there ready to drop the worst possible outcome on the heads of One and All at any moment. Whew! What a load of emotional darkness to take on. Is it true though?

US’ Congress is at loggerheads, unable to agree on an international policy. To make war or not to make war is the question of the hour and the only thing both parties can agree about is that whatever they do, it better be profitable for their cache. But wait, there’s an election coming up in November and if the Republicans win that will totally fix everything, making it possible for a sweeping impeachment/Article 25 served for both Biden and Harris, killing two bad apples with one shot. Maybe Trump would even run for Speaker replacing Pelosi? Is it true though?

The entire world is ending the hegemony of OPEC’s control of trade with the US Dollar, following Russia’s move to launch a new asset backed currency, safe from the piracy of the US Federal Government, the US Treasury and the Central Banking Cartel. After Biden’s Administration arbitrarily “sanctioned” Russia and its ruble all over the world, expecting inflation to hit Russia and devastate its economy, the reverse happened. BRICS nations began trading all over the world and leaving US out of their negotiations – and out of their pockets. The reality of Russia’s logical position, with its ability to sell oil and gas for a reasonable price, was lost on the genius analyst’s working for Biden/Harris Administration. The ability of the BRICS nations and all other nations to give the US the cold shoulder, was completely ignored. Now what will they do? Make war in Ukraine? Is it true though.

The evidence that BRICS has moved to prominence, trading in a gold-backed currency is verified. The Central Bank of Russia has officially announced that, as of March 28, 2022, the Russian Ruble currency is BOUND to Gold. The rate is 5,000 Rubles per gram of gold bullion. The exchange rate today for RUB/USD is 5000/$52.22 USD. The Spot Price for 1 ounce of gold today is $1,922.80. The KITCO gold price for 1 gram is $61.85. It would be wise to use rubles to buy gold with this kind of a discount. Rubles are definitely attractive for lucrative trading these days.

Now the entire market in China has announced that it has to “rethink China’s monetary policy until April 5th.” April 5th is the beginning of the first full week in April. The 1st of April is this Friday. It’s the beginning of the first quarter. The 31st is Thursday, and the last day of business for any banks that are not BASEL 3 compliant. This is the last day of the FEDERAL RESERVE too. The Fed was absorbed into the Treasury 1 year ago – given 1 year to close down shop. The end is this month. Next month, April 1st starts all new books – integrating Quantum Computer and new digital currency using blockchain. China has shut because they had tied trade to the EURO and to the DOLLAR and were only waiting for the disconnect. This has now happened.

Europe has depegged from the dollar starting this week. Indonesia depegged last week. The 27-country EU relies on Russia for 40% of its gas. The Russian central bank, the government and Gazprom, which accounts for 40% of European gas imports, have to present their proposals for ruble gas payments to President Vladimir Putin by March 31. April 1st has a different approach. Although the “Energy ministers from the Group of Seven” have rejected the ruble payment demands, they don’t have much choice. NATO is outsmarted and outbid; the OPEC Dollar has run its course. They’re all going back to their own currency vs trading in the US Dollar.

April 1st is the culminating point for every trade deal around the world, when all will be trading with new asset-backed currency under a new QFS. China is taking five days to allow the System to Shift everywhere to new currencies. This is what “platforms” all over the world wait on, true asset-backed currency, with a solid value determined by the gold that backs it, not some fake paper created by fake governments run by duplicitous, self-serving politicians, proven to be guilty of corrupt and violent, criminal acts by every standard, all over the world.

The term “platform” is used for everyone of the master trusts, streaming money downline – for every Prosperity Package, Farm Claims, CMKX, etc., and for all SKR – safe keeping receipts, assigned for any asset that has been traded. All government bonds that were traded have been traded on a “platform” which for purposes of this discussion hold the infrastructure and guarantees to make this paper valuable. These guarantees have always been gold. This is also why the “gold-backed-currency” is so important. The Agreement provided by this guarantee on every trade, required repayment for their lien of asset, to always and only be with GOLD. This is what has held up the world. This little fact is the reason no money has been released anywhere. The fiat dollar – the Euro, both had to go and legitimate, irrevocable, verified hard assets, had to be delivered in kind or no proceeds released anywhere.

With the full release of USN, these “Accounts on Hold” and “Assets on Account,” that number in the tens of thousands, are finally able to be released and spendable. The distribution and notifications going out to all of the named principals (in Fines and Penalties), to any that participated in lawsuits brought against the US Treasury and other Tier 1 banks involved in withholding lawfully earned “money,” will begin in earnest. Contact for F&P will not be sent by email. Notifications for Fines and Penalties will be delivered by Special Courier. Although these deliveries started this weekend no money has been released – not until Tier 4 notifications start. It’s reasonable then, to believe that by Thursday, 3/31, everything has to be done.

Email notifications with invitations to exchange/redeem are expected by Wednesday.

The Fear P*** is predicting if it’s not war, it’s a cyber-attack that ends it all…. That’s just p***, and unsavory in any form. Best to recognize the demon-attack for exactly what it is, Fake News and nobody’s buying it. The last few days of this week are the last few days for markets everywhere to reallocate real money to the fiat – to prop up US Dollars to be able to exchange 1-1 USD-USN.


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