The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 3-29-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 3-29-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call again tonight – it’s Tuesday March 29th   and you’re listening to the Big Call – Welcome everybody for tuning in once again – all over the globe wherever you are tuning in from – we appreciate you coming in tonight and listening to what we have to share – we are in our 11th year of The Big Call

Let’s go into where we are now compared to where we thought we were last Thursday – Last Thursday on the Big Call we talked about how this information I was getting was pointing toward a Tuesday/Wednesday start  – I believe I told you that on the call that we were looking at something this week –

Fortunately we are still looking for something this week – however – I don’t think tomorrow is going to necessarily be our day to receive our notification and I’ll be able to tell you why –

What we have learned – another bank that gave us the information said – well – things are rolling out but a little slower than we thought – well of course that’s no great statement to any of us right now – we do believe this is rolling out slower than we thought –

However – as I said on Thursday – there are reasons why this is occurring – these aren’t just delays to delay – that’s not what they are – usually if we see something and we consider it delay it’s actually not a delay – it’s actually waiting for something else to be accomplished – and that’s what has happened here in the last several days –

For example – yesterday – Monday – we had heard p probably Friday/Saturday –  I heard that our current bank accounts that we have with our banks which are denominated in US dollars – USD –  fiat currency – would be converted Sat/Sun/Mon – and I believe I told you that on Thursday night – would be converted to USN denominated accounts

Now that occurred yesterday by 5 PM Eastern Time – our bank accounts were converted to an asset backed – we could call it gold backed – but it certainly is asset backed – and we use the term United States New for the digital version of our new dollar – USN –  or some call it US Note –

We know there is a corresponding currency that is physical – to correspond with our digital dollar – USN – the USTN – United States Treasury Note – I think that may be where the USN is coming from – United States Note

The USTN is the physical folding money in the same denominations that we had plus a couple new ones that we have not seen for a while – that are actually in the redemption centers in the banks – and have been for months

They have been printed for a long time – they are organized and have been reorganized in the boxes they came in by denomination – – we are not talking about a religious denomination – (chuckle) nor Christian denomination – we are talking about a currency like a $100 bill – a $50 – a $20 – a $10 – a $5 and a $1 – those are te denominations of our currency –

The USTN has all of those plus I believe we’re going to see a $500 – and maybe a $1,000 – we could even see a $5,000 and $10,000  USTN note – but these notes and these are from $100’s down to the $1 have all been organized at the redemption centers by those denominations – sorted out – and put in boxes so they can go directly into the teller drawers – whenever that day is come for that to happen – (I’ll talk about that in a second)  they will also go into the drawers of the desk of the redemption center’s staff that are doing our exchanges and redemption of zim – So they are positioned – positioned already in the banks and redemption centers for this to happen

So we have our current accounts with the banks already backed and changed from the USD to USN – that’s positive –  you know we did lose the USD fiat currency for international trading a few days ago- and we’re waiting for the USN to take its place and it is digitally ready to take its place  but here’s the timing –

I thought about this when I got the new timing up – this might be a few days longer – we are looking at maybe towards the end of the week – If we look at the calendar – we see that Friday is April 1st

Now let’s talk about that – April 1st – yes it is  April Fool’s Day –  but don’t be fooled by what should take place on April 1st – It should be the start of NESARA and GESARA – globally  – we should have our USN and USTN xurrency coming out at that time and actually I’ve heard yesterday that we would see – might not see it – but let’s put it this way – 

The USN would be on our bank screens at 12:01 am Friday morning – April 1st in other words 1 minute after midnight on Thursday night because that is when the USN would be in effect –

Now of course our banks are not open at that hour but when they open I think it’s quite possible to bring that currency out either that Friday or Saturday – we don’t know exactly – the day they are going to bring it out – but that should be the day at least that we have an official USN digital currency on our screen

Now with NESARA starting April 1st  we should get some benefits from that – remember how we said –  for months that we would be getting money from various things like – the trading of our birth certificates as a bond – and there are other certificates too –

We are going to get back our tax money – personal Federal Income taxes – we’re going to get back money from interest we paid on loans – (car loans – personal loans also with mortgage with interest – some mortgages may be totally forgiven but we know that the interest  at least will be refunded – we’ll see how that all comes together –

When is that going to happen? Those monies – and there’s substantial money –  they won’t mean as much to us after the zim is redeemed – however they’re meaningful monies  / dollars  – these monies will come to you starting the month of April and be paid out over the next 12 months

So for 1 year you should be getting some form of refunding of the taxes and all of those things I mentioned ok –

I’ve heard as late as this evening that we should start getting that money back somewhere in the April 4-6 range – ok – don’t hold me to this exactly – but this is what I’ve heard – that first installment  – let’s say – of this refunding to us could come back as early as April 4-6 –

Why I think that is important is – when we go in for our exchanges this allows that refunding to hydrate other people in the United States that aren’t part of the currencies that we’ve been part of – they are  not currency holders – they are not zim holders – they are just doing their own thing and were aware of it but decided not to do anything about it –

So in order to sort of begin the levelling of the playing field – I believe those moneies will come out early in April4-6 range – at least that’s what I’ve been told

 Now – what about us?? In terms of our exchanges and zim redemption –  to me – what really makes sense to me yesterday – in learning about the timing that was being put out there – was  for the first time sort of makes sense  – we’ve got NESARA started –  GESARA started and to be enacted on the 1st

We’ve got a new Restored Republic form of government –starting on the 1st of April –

These things are triggers as well – we have – one of the bankers told us – a lead bank –  when the USN and the USTN come out together we would be notified for our exchanges

Well the USTN is already in the banks and the redemption centers and has been for months – so it’s really going to take the USN – which we’re being told – at 1 minute after midnight on Friday morning –  or 1 minute after midnight Thursday night – we should have both of those USN and USTN paired together to be in place for  us to be notified –

 Now – we don’t know exactly when we will get notified but it’s quite possible we would receive that Friday and it’s also possible that we could start our exchanges Friday or Saturday – very conceivable –

I don’t know whether or not that is the exact plan but we know the physical schedules have been handed out at the redemption centers and that was done Monday – yesterday – so they have schedule that says they will get started as soon as those 2 things I just mentioned – USTN and USN are out – are OUT – So I think it looks like that should be on Friday the 1st  –

President Trump has a rally in Detroit on Saturday evening – I am hearing that the Emergency Alert System will be utilized to bring out some information to disclose things to us starting either right before the rally which could be Saturday – sounds like – or possibly after the rally which could be Sunday – they sort of sandwiched it around President Trump’s rally in Detroit on Saturday evening/night –

If it says it starts at 8 PM he never shows up on time and that is for a reason – for security purposes – on the last Saturday’s rally – he was an hr and 15 minutes late – he showed up 1 hr 15 mins after it was to have started – and there is a reason for all of that

It could be a very interesting weekend for us – obviously I am excited  about Friday – I think it is quite possible that we should have a call on Thursday night – it’s also quite possible it should be our very last call –

Before the call started I talked about the Eric Clapton concert Tshirt that I bought when he was in Tulsa – that is a hint for after midnight – cause after Thursday night is when we really think this is going to all come to fruition in terms of USN and USTN there together

Also one other thing – the bonds – if you have bonds and you have not been to a bank trader or bond trader to trade those yet and you have found that you have some – railroad bonds – German Bonds – whatever type – and they are legitimate  – you can bring them with you for the redemption center appointment and they can work with you on those bonds – Wells Fargo can do that for you and I understand Bank America is actually doing the German bonds – your zim bonds are bearer bonds – the currency from the zim is payable to the bearer – it is on the note

Thank  you everyone for listening

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:15:55

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